There's always a bigger fish.

The plan is to ramp into Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle + Traverse the Outlands. If you haven't cantripped into Traverse by then, tutor it up with Personal Tutor or Mystical Tutor which in turn can be grabbed with Merchant Scroll. Also, the first can be grabbed by Dizzy Spell and the latter by Muddle the Mixture. Cast Traverse on the turn you clear 'rix of counters and now you have all the mana in the world to have some fun. Like drawing cards with Life's Legacy.

Phyrexian Dreadnought is our quicker, cheaper 'rix. Greater Good and Momentous Fall work with it great and we also pack Quicken, Stifle, Tale's End, and Disallow to make sorceries work off it. The secondary recipient is a cheeky Wormfang Manta.

True victory comes via oneshotting fools with Pemmin's Aura or Grafted Exoskeleton, cowards may resort to Mind Over Matter fueled Aetherflux Reservoir. Ominous Seas with Greater Good can also churn through your entire deck.


  • Only big fish allowed. In our case that's Krakens, Leviathans, Whales, Fish, Sharks, and a Dreadnought. Dreadnoughts are big ships, ships are inanimate fish, Phyrexian Dreadnought is a living ship and therefore just a big fish, really. And Marit Lage is like a giant octopus or something.
  • And as always, ceterum censeo planeswalkers delendos esse.


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