Cast Berserk only before the combat damage step.

Target creature gains trample and gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is its power. At the beginning of the next end step, destroy that creature if it attacked this turn.

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Berserk Discussion

AstroAA on Selvala CEDH V8.4

2 weeks ago

Scytec I'm not the maker of this deck, but I do have a Selvala deck that is very similar. Selvala, Heart of the Wilds wins by essentially playing an undercosted high-power creature such as Phyrexian Dreadnought or Phyrexian Soulgorger to quickly generate a ton of mana, get cards like Quirion Ranger or Wirewood Symbiote into play with Temur Sabertooth to generate infinite mana through blinking the Wirewood Symbiote to use it's ability multiple times, and then tapping and untapping Selvala, and then either with through a Walking Ballista for infinite or infinitely bouncing something like Great Oak Guardian to give all your creatures +infinite/+infinite and swing for game.

As for this deck, I would highly recommend adding Concordant Crossroads, Craterhoof Behemoth, or even cards like Berserk. Concordant Crossroads is essential in decks like Selvala, where you can repeatedly bounce your own mana dorks to generate infinite mana, or even flood the board with creatures and quickly swing for game that turn. Deserted Temple is also nice for untapping things like Gaea's Cradle or Wirewood Lodge. Sylvan Tutor is also really nice as it adds more consistency.

MTGesus90X on What is your pet tech …

3 weeks ago

Berserk. use it when opponent A attacks opponent B with a huge creature. opponent B takes a ton of damage, opponent A loses a big creature. 2 birds, 1 stone.

Commander_Olim on Volo's Historia Animalium [PRIMER]

1 month ago

Yeah, you're right. Berserk scales good but not great in commander as far as my experience goes, hence it being a pet card. It works better if you're playing a deck where commander damage matters, although playing it on an opponent's creature as removal also feels great when you pull it off.

DavidBray on Volo's Historia Animalium [PRIMER]

1 month ago

Commander_Olim, aw man, I've loved Berserk for the longest time, since I couldn't rationalise paying for the FTV version. How does it scale to Commander?

I think Apex Devastator is still impactful enough, but Recluse could get swapped out without much change

Commander_Olim on Volo's Historia Animalium [PRIMER]

1 month ago

You can honestly run any beefy dorks in their place. there are a million good hydras, (Kalonian Hydra jumps to mind) but there aren't a ton of good spiders, so I'd suggest just using a different creature type. I'm partial to Wandering Archaic  Flip, which gives you copies of your opponents spells if you have extra mana, and also has a symmetrical hand refill mode if you need it. I'm also running Berserk, but that's just a pet card and not strategy specific.

SueMe on Hogaak: My Favorite (Infinite) Combo Deck

1 month ago

Hey AwesomeDude2471!

I took out Life from the Loam because it seemed sooomewhat narrow (has an infinite combo with Bone Miser + Discard Outlet), but it's still playable. I've found that Rishkar's Expertise is just too slow, and has the downside of being green (can't be easily cast off Bone Miser or Sacrifice). Ad Nauseam costs less, is black, and can be cast at instant speed (a virtue that I have been neglecting for too long).

Just took out a Buried Alive for K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth; turns out, casting Hogaak for delve + life makes things a lot easier.

Hmm. Would you enlighten me on combos that Fain provides?

Daemogoth Titan is definitely a good Berserk/Greater Good target. I'm not so sure it's necessary though, Hogaak being our commander (in fact, I'm might take out Rotting Regisaur).

Incarnation Technique seems like good tech, especially for the slower metas. I'd probably add Reanimate first, though.

Necrotic Wound might be good in other builds, but I find that my particular build doesn't have a lot of cards in the yard at any moment in time (unless I'm going off).

Thanks for stopping by!

BrassLord on He Protecc and He Attacc, Competitive Scion Combo

3 months ago

Looks like a cool brew! I agree and think that the new dragons are a perfect fit in here, as many of them are just win cons by themselves!

If you're looking for more combo redundancy, Dragon Tyrant could be another line of play to go for a commander damage win, in which case Berserk would turn into another win condition!

I've seen Cauldron Dance and Dragon Tempest put in some work as well in some other Scion decks, though not sure if it'd fit your current combo build!

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Double Trouble EDH ⫸PRIMER⫷

3 months ago

Hi there,

some suggestions based on your comments in the commander help page:

1) Add more lands: If you aren't hitting land drops, simply running more lands will fix this. 31 is very low, even for such a low mana curve. I'd up the number to 34-35.

2) Issues with lack of interaction, can't get the pump spells or unblockable spells that you need: I think this issue could be resolved by cutting most of your pump and unblockable spells and replacing them with more card draw (you only run 5 actual card advantage spells) and interaction. Card draw allows you to draw into your pump spells, which means you can run fewer of those and play more interaction/ramp/lands etc. Card selection (i.e. scrying, Mirri's Guile , and other top-deck manipulation effects) and tutors are great and all, but you aren't actually drawing the cards and gaining resource advantage.

3) Running better pump spells: I'd suggest cutting most of your narrow pump/unblockable spells in favor of more flexible options. For example, the Sword of X/Y cycle. They make Rafiq bigger, give him protection (unblockable) and provide extra effects. In my experience, if you are running a single use pump spells in commander then you want it to have a big effect. Berserk , which you run, is a good example of such a spell. It is single use, but it is also can outright remove someone from the game. Outside of those big effects, you want your pump spells to provide more consistent buffs or additional value. I find equipment to do this quite well since they often give additional boons like trample and stay around if Rafiq dies, but auras also can do this if that is more your cup-of-tea. And, if you move to a more equipment or aura focus, you can tailor your card advantage choices to feed off that strategy (i.e. equipment and Puresteel Paladin or auras and Enchantress's Presence , or both and Sram, Senior Edificer ).

Happy deck building!

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