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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal



Cast Berserk only before the combat damage step.

Target creature gains trample and gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is its power. At the beginning of the next end step, destroy that creature if it attacked this turn.

amarthaler on EDH Arcades, the Strategist

6 months ago


Out: Wall of Mist and Berserk

In: Vedalken Orrery and Towering Titan

Berserk can often be a dead card in hand due to the amount of attention this deck gets at the table. Its original intent was to buff up an opponent's attacking creature (towards another opponent) and cause some additional damage or loss of a few creatures. Also, I would like a way to be a bit more sneaky with holding up mana (in case I don't need to counterspell anything). Ergo, since Wall of Mist is pretty vanilla I replaced it with Vedalken Orrery. The deck also needs another finisher and a form of trample, so we'll test play Towering Titan for a few games.

Sterling0528 on The Song of Phyresis

7 months ago

Thank you for the detailed response! I used to have an Atraxa infect deck that also aimed to be maximally ideal within the infect gameplan. I lost the list a long time ago, but it utilized a lot of combat spells like Berserk, Might of Old Krosa, etc. to try to eliminate people as fast as possible. It didn't have a very good win rate, and I think your list is much better!

Scriptures is great if you're gameplan centers on one creature, but I think you need Atraxa and at least 1 creature with infect to start taking people out. You could consider adding Phyresis and/or Grafted Exoskeleton to make Atraxa both your source of infect and proliferation, which makes Scriptures much better. Both also allow you to give your praetors infect if needed. Since you're introducing a new source of infect, you could probably cut Priests of Norn for one. Otherwise, I can't think of anything that could need replacing. Love the list!

McToters on Kah-rahbo

9 months ago

Fantastic brew, I've never seen an Arahbo deck with Kaheera in the loop so this is really neat. I have some card suggestions but you may have thought of these before. I typically don't play Selesnya either, but there are some real bangers that change games IMO. It just depends on how specific you want the direction of the deck to be, since I see you like running enchantments and instants as your pump instead of equipment.

Defense of the Heart a creature tutor, that yeah, depends on the opponents board but completely changes the tempo of a game.

Hunting Grounds filthy if you find yourself with the Threshold trigger early.

Heroic Intervention solid protection

Arachnogenesis more solid protection

Akroma's Will provides indestructible and more--a flexible card

Return of the Wildspeaker is pump or card draw

Congregation at Dawn nifty tutor?

Berserk nasty pump

Other pumps:

Unflinching Courage basically a second Armadillo Cloak

Unquestioned Authority pro-creatures!

Shield of the Oversoul filthy

Again, I'm not saying all of these should go in--just suggestions that popped in my head while looking at your list and cards you may have very well thought if already. Great job with this--I think Arahbo in particular is a great commander!

grimcase21 on Varolz, the Scar-Striped EDH - Competitive

10 months ago

If you are still looking to improve the deck, I've also been working on this deck for a long long time (when the card came out). I've always like the voltron big swing style as it was unique to commander, but my deck is solely for 1v1 and does not work very well in multiplayer. Here is a list of cards that I would recommend that have worked wonders for me.

Budget options

Tainted Strike - 2nd berserk (if you're ok with infect)

Belt of Giant Strength - after you scavenge, 2 mana equipment, free equip for another 8 power

Not of This World - my secret tech, after you make it big it's free

Veil of Summer - with this style of deck protection is very important

Sylvan Safekeeper - free protection that they constantly have to respect Wild Shape - flexible, mostly used for hexproof or trample

Jarad's Orders - the 2nd best tutor after buried alive, because there will be 2 creatures you always search for and it's on curve. you always look for Elvish Spirit Guide and Phyrexian Dreadnought. Phyrexian Dreadnought goes to graveyard and Elvish Spirit Guide goes to hand, exile, scavenge, swing with 14 power on turn 3-4.

Unmarked Grave - entomb #2

Demonic Embrace - you can entomb this and give you commander evasion and +3/+1.

Bramblewood Paragon - play this turn 2, minor buff counter, and gives trample because Varolz, the Scar-Striped is a warrior

Rancor - buff and trample, you need to get through

Destiny Spinner - one of the few ways green has to fight counters

Solidarity of Heroes - 2 mana double the 12/13 counters

Wild Growth - it may not be a creature, but it does get our commander out on turn 2

Mausoleum Secrets - 2 mana instant demonic tutor, you sac a dork in response, go find Phyrexian Dreadnought/Death's Shadow, protection spell, or in 99% of cases that I use this one is Berserk

Non-budget additions

Elvish Spirit Guide - serves 2 purposes, the Jarad's Orders trick and making all your turn 2 plays turn 1 (like Sylvan Library), you can also end the Survival of the Fittest chain with elvish spirit guide to do the same trick

Sylvan Safekeeper - free protection that they must always respect, it's very good

Collective Brutality - I value discard highly in 1v1. It also allows you to ditch your scavenge target from your hand to the graveyard while seeing the coast is clear. But in multiplayer, less useful.

Lightning Greaves - haste and protection, yes plz

Dismember - takes care of many of the early problematic targets

super non-budget

Hatred - 1 card win with commander

Necropotence - sculpt your hand for next turn kill

Cards that I would recommend reconsidering/taking out

Harmonize - a bit too slow imo

Arbor Elf - the amount of targets you actually have isn't enough to make it consistent

Asceticism - a bit too slow, you only care about the creature you scavenge on so in terms of mana efficiency something like Sylvan Safekeeper or Lightning Greaves

Quirion Elves/Devoted Druid - we want to go 1->3 mana, so we get our commander out on turn 2, this doesn't help to do that

Coward_Token on Secret Lair: Street Fighter

11 months ago

IGN link

Wizards link

My (EDH-centered) thoughts Show

Profet93 on KRAMPUS

1 year ago

What is your budget per card? Intended power level? Meta?

Godo, Bandit Warlord - Strong synergy with embercleave, not sure why cleave is here without Godo

Your deck needs a bit more ramp given it's Avg cmc is on the high end of Xenagos decks near 5. As such...

Somberwald Sage - Mana dork

Shaman of Forgotten Ways - Mana dork + potential wincon

Cultivate - Another Kodama's reach, the redundancy is needed in this build

Sakura-Tribe Elder - Blocking ramp

Wood Elves - Ramp that can fetch duals

Inferno Titan - Removal + Beater. Works on ETB which is nice given how people hold removal for Xenagos decks

Skyshroud Claim - Ramp that gets duals

Now onto draw. You have about 7 sources, most of them coming from burst draw which makes sense for a Xenagos deck. Not sure if you want to consider some other options to help you maintain gas in the late game. If you feel your draw lacking or rather as in most cases with Xenagos, hit or miss, you might want to try some of the following....

Harmonize - Simple yet effective. No need for creatures on board to fuel your draw or rely on unreliable combat damage

Momentous Fall - One of my favorite cards in Xenagos. While this works best in more ramp based, cheating in fatties deck, this can still pull it's weight if your meta is more casual (which seems to be the case based on your decklist). You use this in response to removal so your fatty can provide you benefits upon death. Do be wary of the blue player

Life's Legacy - Similar to above, but easier to cast, despite sorcerry speed, I have found this to be as useful if not more useful than the above.


Heroic Intervention - Prevent removal by making your board almost untouchable. Very useful

Decimate - 4 for 1, the value!

Berserk - Very fun! Use on Malignus, another big beater, or on an opponent's commander/creature attacking another opponent. Puts in some serious work for 1 green. Allows you to bluff for future interactions as well.

Deflecting Swat - SUCH a good card for Xenagos. Redirect their targetted removal, draw, extra turns and more! All for free? Sign me up!

I have some other ideas but I feel this should suffice for now. Be sure to let me know what you think of each suggestion.

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