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Niv-Mizzet is reborn and ready for some grindy midrange Kwaimander! Combos and wincons are for drakes and hatchlings, real dragons love only value!

Power level-wise, we can start playing actual spells around turn 4, so avoid competitive tables and settle for being the lategame raidboss of a casual playgroup. Our role is to keep early frontrunners in check with frequent board wipes, earning us some time to drop more lands on the table. Eventually, everyone else should be low on gas and very angry with you for breaking all their stuff so leverage your instants and X spells to avoid dying out of nowhere. You could certainly add a tried and tested splashy finisher like Debt to the Deathless but we came to durdle, mercy kill them one by one with a Baleful Strix or something.


  • No library search. Josh Lee Kwai be praised
  • Dualcolored only. Every non-land card must be a hit
  • No other legendaries. Niv likes to be the star of his show
  • $250 budget.
  • And as always, ceterum censeo planeswalkers delendos esse.

Bench: These often come back to the deck based on the mood


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+1 Klauth's Will maybe
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