Buyback (3) (You may pay an additional (3) as you play this spell. If you do, put this card into your hand as it resolves.)

Choose a counter on target permanent or suspended card. Remove that counter from that permanent or card or put another of those counters on it.

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Clockspinning Discussion

ladypickleton on Oloro's Gambit

1 week ago

There are some great possibilities here I never considered and others that just remind me what is out there and need to get.

Archaeomancer's Map would be a game changer in these colors and top of my list to modify my own haha.

When initially learning to brew a deck I went for higher CMC cards but now I focus on 1-4 CMC especially when editing and taking out things that don't seem to be working. Other things on my list to use from here: Karlov of the Ghost Council Cleric Class Lone Rider  Flip "don't mind this 2 drop haha" Voice of the Blessed Crested Sunmare (would be fun; probably also a target but omg if they leave it alone...) Paradise Plume (i think this would work especially well if there is a lot of overlap in the colors of your playgroup or playing 1v1)

Suggests: Bolas's Citadel (only because it's fun; it's also a huge target and the price of those cards can add up quickly) & Divinity of Pride (big hits, many lifegain) & Evil Twin or any other copy effect can be useful tactically taking out threats with it's ability but if they let you have Oloro out, you can copy it, sacrifice the real one and send it to the command zone and get double life-gain triggers. On that last note I have seen people instead of building towards pillowfort going for effects to abuse upkeep triggers ala: Paradox Haze with Golden Urn and Copy Enchantment and creatures like Deep-Sea Kraken and Indulgent Tormentor and Jhoira's Timebug and other supports like Clockspinning and can abuse it even more with Strionic Resonator or Mirrormade and similar effects. I like that idea because a lot of those pieces are useful just on their own but synergize quite well.

Good luck!! Thank you for the tag (:

wallisface on Cthulhu Fhtagn

2 weeks ago

TheBl0b personally i’d ditch all of the Clockspinning for a playset of Subtlety. Clockspinning only ever helps you if its in your opening hand - if it’s in-deck it's liable to be unhelpful as it won’t trigger the Quest. Alternatively, Street Wraith could also be ditched (its not blue so isn’t as useful if you’re running Subtlety).

I think your sideboard needs more answers for dealing with Prismatic Ending also - that card is everywhere at the moment and is very liable to give you problems… if they can exile your Quest, it’s game over.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Need a good card that …

3 weeks ago

Clockspinning is what you're looking for.

Also, I assume Battlefield Thaumaturge and Launch the Fleet are already set? Artisan of Forms is another easily overlooked card.

Polaris on rousing refrain repeat??

3 weeks ago

Yes, Rousing Refrain is designed to loop every third turn once cast. It's a callback to a cycle from Future Sight of spells that would loop after being cast (Arc Blade, Reality Strobe, etc). As long as a card that has suspend is in exile with time counters on it, it will remove one at the beginning of your upkeep and cast for free when the last is removed.

Normally, though, there's no way to pay to remove time counters earlier. The only cards I can think of that do it are Paradox Haze, which gives you an extra upkeep a turn to trigger abilities including suspend, and cards like Clockspinning, Jhoira's Timebug, and Dust of Moments that are expressly made to adjust suspend counts. A normal card with suspend has no way to get cast faster on its own.

lagotripha on Omniform

2 months ago

This looks fine - commander is a more casual format, so there is a lot less pressure on what you must play. I'd look at only spending money on commander staples and filling out the rest from magic history. You've got 25 spots or so left, and some bigger spells and mana rocks will fill most of that.

Sol Ring, Clockspinning, Mind Games and mana rocks is the only thing I look and think 'must include'- being able to clone rocks with Orvar and reuse spells makes them a lot more important in a format they already like. Capsize is a neat option, but here the 1 mana stuff that leaves it on the board is better, so its not essential.

The higher mana curve is important to remember - the expectation to pay 6+ mana creatures and spells means that there are a lot of sweet options - most of them budget.

Its all about what feels best to play with your playgroup. Not everyone likes abrupt mono blue 'I win the game' setups, but orvar lets you mess around with stuff like AEtherling in a far more casual way too. Use judgement.

Its important to remember that while a lot of clone effects revolve around creatures, Orvar can make The Mirari Conjecture or similar enchantments/artifacts/planswalkers/lands go pretty wild. This means if you want to do the silliest of combos, stuff like Arcane Melee,Cowardice or Dismiss into Dream lets you massively misuse a spells-and-permanents matter deck.

Grenaderbrad on Noyan Dar Commander

2 months ago

I have a Noyan Dar deck and it is my absolute favorite. My deck is more of a hard control build (14 counterspells, 7 board wipes, etc), but I think I've still got a couple pieces of advice that could be helpful for the way you've built yours.

First, if it's not too much of a hassle, I'd recommend changing your basic lands to snow-covered basic lands. There are two cards that I have in my deck that have performed really well so far because I have snow lands: Avalanche Caller is a really good way to protect your animated lands from removal and the +4/+4 isn't bad either. Graven Lore is a powerhouse. Scry 5 and draw 3 at instant speed is most excellent.

Some other suggestions:

Clockspinning is a cheap and easy way to repeatedly trigger Noyan Dar. Adding an extra counter to your lands is nice as well.

I don't have this card in my deck since I usually just make 1 land creature VERY big rather than making multiple land creatures, but Energy Arc is another spell similar to some of the "untap all creatures" effects.

Hope this helps!

Madcookie on Midnight Clock Strikes "Emblem" Time

2 months ago

Vessiliana I like it, feels like it can produce nice value on doubling the commander's power or help emblem a walker as a back-up to Clockspinning. Thanks!

Coward_Token on Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

3 months ago

Satsuki, the Living Lore: Yeah yeah, saga tribal, but is it just me who finds death triggers on legendary creatures kinda jarring? And I wish the bounce option worked for all enchantments. (Also, no Thrull Parasite, Hex Parasite or Clockspinning for her.)

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