Muddle the Mixture


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Common

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Muddle the Mixture


Counter target instant or sorcery spell.

Transmute (1)(Blue)(Blue) ((1)(Blue)(Blue), Discard this card: Search your library for a card with the same converted mana cost as this card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library. Play only as a sorcery.)

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Muddle the Mixture Discussion

DarkStarStorm on Midnight Comb

13 hours ago

"Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal + Zhur-Taa Druid = unlimited damage"

It's not infinite unless you have two Zhur-Taa Druids.

"Leyline of Sanctity to be secure against Burn/Counter/mill"

Leyline of Sanctity does not stop counterspells as you said.

Benefaction of Rhonas is fantastic at helping you dig for your combo. It's probably better than Muddle the Mixture. Overall you need more cantrips if you want your combo do go off anything close to consistently. Opt, Serum Visions, or Sleight of Hand are good choices. The deck is also a bit scatterbrained in terms of what win condition it's going for. They're all easily shut down, so maybe you should go all-in on one combo and use the rest of the deck to support that ONE or TWO combos.

Funkydiscogod on Custom Ability Question

1 week ago

I've been thinking about this problem...I think that the issue lies in the fact that there are different types of extra cost abilities...allow me to explain...

  1. "The mana cost of spells and abilities you control can’t change." counters Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, but not Leonin Arbiter or Mana Tithe.

  2. "If a spell or ability an opponent controls would cause you to pay any amount of mana, you instead pay ." counters Mana Tithe, but not Thalia, Guardian of Thraben or Leonin Arbiter.

  3. ": Add . Spend this mana only on effects you don't control." counters Mana Tithe and Leonin Arbiter but not Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (and has potential issues in Modern).

The closest I think we can get to the desired effect is by combining effects 1 and 3, and trying to make combos with it unplayable in modern. Mostly, it can't be 2CMC, otherwise we could use Muddle the Mixture to find missing combo pieces and a finisher, and protect the combo. It also can't be colorless, otherwise Tron decks risk having sideboards that are too good.

As far as Legacy, I see no issues with this countering Minds Aglow(and similar cards), since that card would need to be cast by an opponent, unless someone used Hive Mind(or Harmless Offering. In that case, it's a 3-card combo and I don't care.

goblinguiderevealpls on brago the whitewalker: winter orb is coming

2 weeks ago

mortilus, no, and heres why;

although ph does synergize with a large majority of the deck, it becomes a dead card very fast and although redundancy is powerful in edh, its almost never necessary in the game plan,its also 4 mana and that is a high cost for a deck with avg cmc 2.5

i have one and it was previously in the list,if you look at the revisions i took it or 2 or so ago,and it is in my sideboard already if you refer there.

the reason its not good, though,is once i have Strionic Resonator in play, all artifact and creature etbs go infinite, and its already stupidly simple to get and protect resonator, for example:

Muddle the Mixture,Fabricate, Whir of Invention and Enlightened Tutor fetch it, and if it gets countered or destroyed it can be replayed with Sun Titan

there are a lot of ways to tutor for any of the above 3 tutors, such as Mystical Tutor, Spellseeker, and i can easily recast all of these tutors with Archeomancer, and most of these tutors also fetch Swan Song and Mana Drain to protect the resonator cast. both archeomancer and spellseeker become redundant after only a few triggers since i only run a total of like 12 instants and sorcery and most of them tutor for resonator

with all these crazy tutor loops,the Karmic Guide/Reveillark combo, and the fact i run an absolute fuckload of etb "draw a card" abilities, i can usually draw my whole deck on a surprisingly consistent basis, which again has shown that between the tutors and card draw that Panharmonicon becomes a dead card around the same time i have a spare 4 mana to cast it

also,this is a competitive style of deck, so its as optimized as i can afford it to be (sorry Tundra and Timetwister.. one day.) that being said in a non-infinite or more casual "flicker goodstuff" deck, it would be an acceptable slot choice

keegomas on Ezuri, Taker of Turns

2 weeks ago

Dum321, I hadn't even thought of Muddle the Mixture! Thanks for that. As for the others I've already accepted a few suggestions but now I need to find cuts for them. So I'll hold off on the others until I find cuts.

Believe it or not, I cut Mycoloth for a pair of Swiftfoot Boots today. Mycoloth just doesn't get there honestly. In the long game if I don't combo I have other beat sticks that work just fine (see Craterhoof Behemoth) and in the short game it is WAY too slow. In short, it doesn't really work and is almost always a dead draw.

dum321 on Ezuri, Taker of Turns

2 weeks ago

Hi Keegomas. For protecting the combo, I recommend Muddle the Mixture. Not only can it counter a pesky spell trying to stop your combo, you can also use it's transmute ability to tutor up Sage of Hours. Swan Song and Negate are also some good mana and budget friendly options. For ramp, there are a bunch of great elves at your disposal like Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves and my personal favorite Priest of Titania. Gyre Sage, Viridian Joiner and Marwyn, the Nurturer are a little bit slower, but work great with Ezuri's +1/+1 counters. I run Ezuri myself so feel free to take a peak at my list if you're interested.

SynergyBuild on Tatyova Landball

2 weeks ago

Here's a list of real cards I suggested:

Autumn's Veil

Oboro Breezecaller

Altar of the Brood

Green Creature Tutors

Blue Artifact Tutors

Here is a list of cards I also think would do well:


Muddle the Mixture (Fetches Lotus Cobra, Null Rod, Summer Bloom, Cyclonic Rift, etc. and is a counterspell)

Thwart (I think it is really strange, but read it, it is kind of cool, like a giant Daze)

Life from the Loam (Replace Tatyova triggers with this, and you get a very... weird game, I suggest you run Buried Ruin, Haunted Fengraf, etc. for a more desired effect.) I honestly am unsure if this is worth it, but it is an effect I would like you to see if you want or not.

Walk the Aeons This is the only extra turn spell I really like, though Nexus of Fate might be worth it. I don't really know.

raborj on Flip Yourself

3 weeks ago

Telepathy and Deep-Sea Kraken I do not see helping the deck have a better chance to win the game. Telepathy is sure to slow down a game and bring you some strong table hate in my opinion.

Laboratory Maniac as another win con with Frenetic Efreet

Fabricate , Muddle the Mixture or to go find your Thumb?

Fling , Warp World and Disrupt Decorum I would think would be a better fit than Telepathy and Deep-Sea Kraken. They keep up the Chaos theme.

Orcish Captain . Thieves' Auction are filler options as well.

Rootwater Diver , Argivian Restoration, Reconstruction , Junk Diver to return Krark's Thumb. Recoup for sorcery Body Double and remove about 7 lands.

GoingConcealed on Leader of the Plaque

3 weeks ago

i use Muddle the Mixture mostly for its transmute ability. I can tutor an Isochron Scepter or a two CMC spell that i need with it. I can also bring up a Snapcaster Mage if need be.

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