As Foretold

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

As Foretold


At the beginning of your upkeep, put a time counter on As Foretold.

Once each turn, you may pay rather than pay the mana cost for a spell you cast with converted mana cost/mana value X or less, where X is the number of time counters on As Foretold.

plakjekaas on What is the Difference Between …

3 weeks ago

If something is not a trigger, like an activated ability (boast on Axgard Braggart) or an alternate way of casting a spell (like with As Foretold), then it would not make sense to say it triggers once per turn. Then you activate it once per turn, or use it once per turn. It's more of a language issue than a card mechanic issue.

golgarigirl on The best card game system, …

2 months ago

A few mentioned being burned out by the concept of 'only engaging in product you like' and the Universes Beyond. I am still slowly coming to terms with Dr. Who and LOTR sliding up alongside my Magic at the table. I am not engaging myself...but I honestly kind of glaze over when they sit down at a table with me. Does anyone else do that? Someone plays a Samwise Gamgee or The Tenth Doctor and my brain does not register them as anything relevant to me until they interact with my things or a name I recognize in a meaningful way. Like, until The Tenth Doctor put three time counters on As Foretold I really could not care that he was present at all until he did that. I know the player read off his abilities when she cast him...I asked because I was unfamiliar with that entire commander set...but I kind of brushed it off for no reason I could discern. I don't think the neighboring players were doing anything more threatening at that point, but it just didn't matter. It was not part of my gameplay experience at that point. Magic is actively making me fatigued and apathetic about games I'm actively playing by adding all these extras and in realizing this I'm a little distressed about that?

Rhadamanthus on Dream Devourer and 0 Cost …

5 months ago

Dream Devourer doesn't work but As Foretold does.

Ancestral Vision and friends have empty/nonexistent mana costs, and these kinds of costs can't be paid. The only way to cast a spell with an unpayable cost is to use an alternative cost that's payable or an effect that casts it "without paying its mana cost" (this is why suspend works for the Vision). Dream Devourer gives the card a foretell cost that's still unpayable, [empty cost] - = [empty cost], but As Foretold gives an alternative cost of , which is payable.

Whoodini on As Foretold and Buybacks

5 months ago

Can i pay buybacks such as Clockspinning with As Foretold? Or can i atleast pay remove the 1 converted mana cost and then pay 3 for buyback separately?

legendofa on UR Food

5 months ago

scotchtapedsleeves If I may make a guess on draftdump69's behalf, you don't. The Ovalchase Daredevils are supposed to be discard fodder for The Underworld Cookbook, helping reach delirium for Dragon's Rage Channeler and recurring with a stream of food tokens. If a 4/2 body is needed for some extra pressure, you can bring it out with Electrodominance or As Foretold.

plakjekaas on Wilds of Eldraine Pre-Release

6 months ago

Opened The Goose Mother as my promo, looked at all my green and blue to see if they're was something there. Got a nice deck with lots of green food cards, and blue flyers and control spells. A bit of ramp too. Notable synergy of Gingerbrute and Welcome to Sweettooth worked really well, especially if you put down an additional food token during the second chapter turn.

Splashing white for both Threadbind Clique and Twining Twins's adventures was easy, with Evolving Wilds, Return from the Wilds and As Foretold and a single plains, I was never struggling to find the colors.

I ended up going 5-1, only losing the game where I didn't draw my first Island until turn 7. It's was enough for 2nd place out of 24. It was a good day.

Almios on Blessed Perfection [1.3/MOM] - Suggestions Wanted!

9 months ago

My suggestions are based on not spending an arm and a leg to make improvements but maybe a finger or toe.

At a quick glance the first comment I have is lands seem a little low. I personally lean towards 36 if the deck isn't mono colored.

I know they are a bit slower but I would suggest using the tri colored lands as you are already using fetches. These lands add some real good color fixing early on and if they do become dead in hand cycle them away. Spara's Headquarters, Zagoth Triome, Indatha Triome and Raffine's Tower. I would replace your lands that reference the opponent count to come in untapped.

A land that goes on theme is Mirrex since it can get you mites as the game drags on. A second land I recommend since your land base is so varied is Field of the Dead, the zombies can add up and are nice little chumps if need be.

With the above changes I would say Crucible of Worlds but if you find sometimes you struggle to have something to play Conduit of Worlds is an extra mana but has the ability to give you the chance to cast something when you might not have anything else to work with.

I would personally go full Praetor and run each variation if possible for the big flavor. The added benefit is each one of them is practically game warping, but be warned it can attract a lot of attention. The newest Vorinclex is probably the odd man out though since he only finds basic forests and Dominaria Sheoldred simply because of price. Added benefits of the new praetors is you can accelrate their saga. Realmbreaker, the Invasion Tree would then make a very nice inclusion if you go that way.

Cards to consider dumping for them from what I can at a first glance are Flesh-Eater Imp, Plague Stinger, Septic Rats and Slaughter Singer. I chose these because I don't feel once they hit the board they are something that people say "this needs to die".

Norn's Choirmaster is a recent card that gives your commander even more of a presence on the board.

On the sorcery since the only card that I don't like the look of is Nature's Lore, sure it is a cheap way to get you your colors especially if you have dual typed lands but if we are upping the land count I would switch it to a Skyshroud Claim since it can find you the same lands but untapped if the land can come in untapped for mana efficiency.

The biggest suggestion on the instant side would be to add Krosan Grip over Infectious Bite. Sure the bite is a form of removal and poison generation but I find having one of the best artifact/enchantment removals is the better option.

I understand the suggestion fromm KongMing as a strong one but I don't think it works the way he intended it Temporal Distortion does put counters on their lands but it removes ALL of them not just one so even if you proliferate it doesn't keep the lands tapped down longer unless you destroy your own enchantment.

Astral Cornucopia is nice with since you can keep building it but getting only one color out of it can be problematic at times. I suggest replacing with a Crystalline Crawler if you are find being a little off theme.

I would find a home for Chromatic Lantern, having one artifact to fix all of your mana problems is very nice especially when in more than two colors.

Overall there are a couple of other cards I would recommend to consider but unsure of an exact home without taking apart every step. Grafted Exoskeleton, Tainted Strike, if you go the praetor route Geth's Summons is a great reanimation spell of you have the corrupted. Yawgmoth's Vile Offering is also a very strong spell for reanimation and removal. Inexorable Tide should probably have a home somewhere, it is a bit high CMC but it gets the job done. As Foretold also helps a lot of mana problems, do keep in mind it can also be used off turns if you have instant speed spells.

wallisface on Time is of the Essence

10 months ago

Some examples of As Foretold decks are here : example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4. You'll note that the common theme is that As Foretold is only useful for cheating out cards like Ancestral Vision, Crashing Footfalls, and Restore Balance. These decks also use stuff like Electrodominance and Finale of Promise to ensure they're able to cast those no-mana spells reliably.

I don't think there are many Oracle's Vault decks out there because the card is just bad, and requires a lot of support to even remotely do anything - on top of that it's super-slow and super-easy to disrupt. I found this deck that plays it, though the deck itself looks pretty janky, and i'm not convinced it would be any good, especially for the amount of $$$ it costs.

There won't be any decks out there that use both of those cards together, as they're both trying to achieve very different goals (and on top of that Oracle's Vault isn't really very playable).

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