Dream Halls

Dream Halls


Rather than pay the mana cost for a spell, its controller may discard a card that shares a color with that spell.

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Mythic Rare
Stronghold (STH) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Dream Halls Discussion

kpres on Richard Garfield Ph.D

2 months ago

Hi Friends,

I built an EDH deck a couple of years ago with Richard Garfield, Ph.D. as the commander. My deckbuilding challenge was to use the worst blue cards and artifacts -- cards as irrelevant as Balduvian Shaman and Delif's Cone. The idea is that when he is not in play, the deck is completely useless, but as soon as you get him onto the battlefield, suddenly your Dark Sphere becomes Pact of Negation and your Air Elemental becomes Dream Halls.

In theory, the deck was absolutely nuts, but I ended up playing it once, getting frustrated, and taking it apart. The reason was that I wasted too much time during the game on looking up cards in Gatherer and writing things down on sticky notes. It was terrible! No fun for anyone.

Just recently, I had an idea that I could prepare for any game by printing proxies on cards I planned to play. I could have little slips of paper that go in front of the card so that everyone knows my Ornithopter has become a Black Lotus.

Has anyone else built a deck with Richard Garfield and has some thoughts to share? I'm looking forward to putting it back together and getting a proxy-board together.

Thank you,


By the way, I recently learned how to search Gatherer for specific mana costs. This is highly relevant for deck building with this commander. In the "Mana Cost" field, you can type m/3uu/ to search for ; e.g. https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&mana=+=[m/3uu/]

mtgApprentice21 on Game staling Chaos

3 months ago

I recommend Jhoira of the Ghitu, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Knowledge Pool,Dream Halls, Pyxis of Pandemonium, and Paradox Haze. They seem like they would like to meet your deck. Also, maybe Goblin Test Pilot?

The only card I WOULDN'T recommend is Scrambleverse. Other cards like that are fine, but Scrambleverse is definitely NOT OKAY. XD

CarefulStudy_SweetOlBob on G Y R U D A

3 months ago

These suggestions are going to be 1-for-1 replacements as far as mana cost is concerned:

Dredge the Mire for Wall of Stolen Identity?

Blood for Bones for Notion Thief?

These suggestions are more or less "maybe-board-esque" includes that I don't know why they aren't in the deck:

Phantasmal Image is a 2-CMC copy a creature so you can hit it with Gyruda and keep it moving. Dies to any kind of removal, so it might be an okay reanimate target.

Torgaar, Famine Incarnate can save you if your own life total gets too low, or put someone else in striking range. In the same vein, Eternity Vessel can preserve your life if you run fetch lands.

Voidwalk a flyer after Gyruda is out.

Victimize is kind of clutch since you'll be milling all sorts of stuff.

Bitter Ordeal keeps looking better. Like every time I read it, especially if you are recurring clones.

I don't like this card, but why not Dream Halls? Keep jamming stuff out. I hate to think that Vilis would be a dead card in your hand because you're only running 31 lands.

Stitch Together because good cards are good.

Mirror Mockery because ETBs exist in your deck amongst a few cards.

So not as much replacement. It's pretty good as it is. I think if you were to lean in to what I'm suggesting, it'd be more ETB focused. I don't think that's quite as neat, but ya know, it's stuff with reasons.

Ted talk for how do you can tribe, thank?

Sanguinolency on Hand Hate Marchesa

4 months ago

My first commander deck I ever built was Marchesa in 2016. It was hot garbage. I revisited the deck in 2019 and tweaked it. I made an entire strategy around the card Sneak Attack and I loved it because why pay casting costs when you can just pay , glad to see it in other decks. I also really enjoy Dream Halls. It has a similar effect that lets you cheat stuff in, but it also lets opponents do the same. I think you might be able to benefit off of a Phyrexian Altar. Another card that was fun in the deck I made was Insurrection, because hitting someone with their own creatures, giving them +1/+1 counters, then saccing them to keep them is just degenerate and fun.

As far as hand hate, Sire Of Insanity, Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Magus of the Wheel are good creatures to make sure people dont get hands. Other cards are Winds of Change, Windfall, and Wheel of Fortune. Throw in a properly timed Notion Thief and look ma' no hands!

Sanguinolency on

4 months ago

Definitely think about Dream Halls, Hive Mind, Consecrated Sphinx. These cards bring chaos and fun to the table, but also have really powerful effects. Wound Reflection also has flavor in a lot of Nekusar decks, along with Pain Magnification, Painful Quandary, Fate Unraveler. If you're looking for more wheel effects, then Magus of the Wheel, Echo of Eons, and Winds of Change could help. Not sure of your budget here, but Wheel of Fortune is very powerful and useful. If your mana is feeling a bit off, you could try Chromatic Lantern to help get the colors you need. Hope this helps!

Mortlocke on The Science of Suffering - Nin, EDH

5 months ago

Oh, and one more thing. Paradox Engine has been banned for sometime...I know...i'm sad too. But a viable alternative could be Intruder Alarm if your deck was more creature based. Have you considered Dream Halls?

Maizena on Nekusar, the Friendship Destroyer [[PRIMER]]

6 months ago
  • mistborn314 I'm aware of the primer problem, but I'm short on time to fix it right now.

Dream Halls is basically a double edged sword (a high risk high reward play). When you cast it, be prepared to kill or die this turn. The way I usually play it is setting the board first (1 or 2 cards that deal damage on discard/draw) and having a wheel in hand to cast after the DH. I run a lot of wheels in this deck, most of the times I'm able to chain 3+ wheels and win the game, but if you want a more "safe" way to interact with DM, try adding more counters and cards like Grand Abolisher.

I used to run Temple Bell and Geier Reach Sanitarium, but I decided to cut off all cards that give my opponents "small draws" (the trade off wasn't worth most of the time).

Duskmantle Guildmage cost more to activate than Bloodchief Ascension and is easier to remove. Jace's Archivist is here because of Mind Over Matter, but i'm thinking about cutting both cards off.

I'll test Burning Inquiry and you're absolutely right about Narset, Parter of Veils, it's a MUST.

I used to run Kess, Dissident Mage but people always shut her down pretty fast. I've been thinking about Yawgmoth's Will for some time , but I don't have the money for it right now. Underworld Breach is a nice substitute, thogh.

Bone Miser is worse than Waste Not in all aspects, I don't like it. I never thought about Shadow of the Grave before, I'll test it!

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllyy like Hive Mind, Omniscience + Show and Tell , Torment of Hailfire, Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter (won some fun games with these cards), but it is quite understandable for someone to cut them off (I even recommend it in the primer, before the code start trolling me lol).

For last, Wheel and Deal will be cutted, don't know yet about Mizzix's Mastery.

Thank you a lot for the info exchange and sorry it took me some time to reply! o/

mistborn314 on Nekusar, the Friendship Destroyer [[PRIMER]]

6 months ago

@ Maizena, just a heads up, but still having trouble with the link to the primer.

On a different note, I am looking at building a wheel deck around Dream Halls, (WUBR, Tymna the Weaver and Kraum, Ludevic's Opus as the commanders). I am curious how you break parity once you wheel with Halls out since you basically refill your opponent's hands and turn all interaction into pseudo-Force of Will. I really want to build around Halls, but it seems foolhardy to go full archenemy and give your opponents god-hands. What's the line the of play here? How has Halls worked out for you? Is it worth it?

Overall, it seems like a really awesome deck. As a fellow wheel player, here are some cards worth considering:

Temple Bell and Geier Reach Sanitarium are sweet and simple repeatable effects that are pure gold in this deck. Additionally, Bell goes infinite with Mind Over Matter and Library of Leng--cards you already run. (Tap Bell to have the table draw, discard with Mind to the top of your library with Leng and untap Bell--rinse and repeat--deck the table but never yourself since your just redrawing the same card). Could be nice since it works independent of your commander in case he gets hated out of the game.

Duskmantle Guildmage is an insta-win with Mindcrank, can add redundancy for Bloodchief Ascension. Burning Inquiry is pretty good (better than Jace's Archivist IMO). Narset, Parter of Veils is a MUST--wheel and you are the only one with a hand. Plus, it's only $2 or something...

You run more shuffle wheels than I do, so take this with a grain of salt. I love Underworld Breach and Yawgmoth's Will to replay key cards--especially Breach, since you can cast Wheel of Fortune as many time as you can afford since it's not exiled. Mission Briefing, Snapcaster Mage, and Kess, Dissident Mage are pretty dandy utility single spell flashbackers. Bone Miser and Shadow of the Grave are hidden gems (don't appear on most lists). They go crazy with the discard wheels, Library of Leng, Mind Over Matter, and Dream Halls.

In closing, I haven't seen the deck play, but Hive Mind, Omniscience, Torment of Hailfire, Isochron Scepter/Dramatic Reversal, Mizzix's Mastery, and Wheel and Deal are fun, but they don't seem to fit the game plan of a Nekusar pain train. There seems to be plenty of wincons without jamming all of these amazing, but unrelated cards in there. They feel like "win-more" cards that deflects the focus of the deck. In the case of Wheel and Deal, it you don't net cards off of it but you give your opponents a full grip. You already run the best wheels aside from Timetwister, it seems like an extra "meh" wheel. Maybe cut some of these cards and go for low CMC interaction or cantrips. Just food for thought.

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