Dream Halls

Dream Halls


Rather than pay the mana cost for a spell, its controller may discard a card that shares a color with that spell.

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Dream Halls Discussion

1empyrean on The Dungeon Master | Sefris Reanimator

2 months ago

It was actually the only triggers once part that was at issue.

I just checked and it turns out the question was answered on this site a while back for the card Dramatic Finale , and the ruling was that it doesn't work. I guess it's good you had decided not to run the card. Anyways, I feel like I just added confusion here, so I wanted to get that trigger issue figured out.

Fair reason for Dream Halls . I've got no other ideas at the moment, and your deck looks pretty solid.

Abzkaban on The Dungeon Master | Sefris Reanimator

2 months ago


Yes because "dying" is a creature hitting the graveyard from the battlefield. Hitting the graveyard triggers Sefris, so it works.

I thought about flicker, but there's really no cheap and consistent way to do it well. The effective ones cost more mana than I'd want to spend on the ability, and the cheap ones are cantrips. I feel it's easiest just to clone and then trigger on opponents' turns as well.

The only thing I don't like about Dream Halls is that it doesn't properly go infinite. It has good synergy, for sure, but it won't enable infinite dungeons with Acererak.

1empyrean on The Dungeon Master | Sefris Reanimator

2 months ago

Really? I wasn't sure based on the rulings for Teysa. I might need to dig deeper.

Yeah, I've been planning a clones heavy Sefris, maybe with some flickers thrown in for my list.

One thing I wasn't planning was the Acererak loop. Maybe Dream Halls as a back up or alternate for Omniscience , Especially if you discard a creature card.

Pastlebox on Varina's Zombie Knights! - 2021-05-21

4 months ago

"Replaced Merciless Eviction with Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant Reason: The instant speed removal potential of Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant and the several sacrifice outlets in the deck, plus being free with Rooftop Storm , makes this a better include. While the deck can recover from having it's perminants exiled, it isn't something I'm overly keen on rebuilding through.

Replaced Animate Dead with Necromancy Reason: Necromancy lets me return and sacrifice Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant during my oppponents' turns, which is awesome. It also gives Nev more flexibility at creating tapped 2/2 zombies following any of their own board wipes.

Replaced Liliana's Standard Bearer with Rhystic Study Reason: Liliana's Standard Bearer is just too situational. I've kept it in my sideboard to help depower the deck depending on the playgroup. I really like it and it does work well with Haakon.

Replaced Gilded Lotus with Ancient Tomb Reason: Having the fast land is better than a 5CMC artifact.

Replaced Mystical Tutor with Leyline of Anticipation Reason: There are too few instant and sorceries for me to be able to justify this. I've found that having the ability to generate infinite mana with Gravecrawler and Phyrexian Altar is much better. Or instant speed wraths with Damnation .

Replaced Scheming Symmetry with Intuition Reason: I wanted to reduce the number of tutor effects in the deck, though I've had a spare Intuition for some time and really wanted to find a home for it. It seems to work really well, especially with Sevinne's Reclamation

Replaced Silence with Trickbind Reason: Silence was there to help me secure the win if I need to go through the Dream Halls but the majority of the time, if I've managed to get down Notion Thief first and wheel, then it does the same effect. Trickbind does also give me protection against planeswalker abilities and most graveyard exile effects.

Replaced Dramatic Reversal with Mind Over Matter Reason: I had looked to play online, with one discord channel advising that I would need to remove the Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter combo, as it would be too strong. They also told me to remove Mana Crypt , though this is partly a deck designed to use some of my more expensive cards and make Varina as optimized as possible while still keeping the zombie theme. Adding in Mind Over Matter was a lucky find. In order for the infinite loop, I need to discard my deck to my graveyard. I enjoy the 4 blue mana cost, as it's harder to reach that devotion. Thankfully, with the treasure tokens from Smothering Tithe and Replenish to cheat it back into play.

Replaced Isochron Scepter with Emergency Powers Reason: Removing the Scepter makes sense as it's not required for the infinite loop anymore. But I've found that adding a 3rd Timetwister effect means a higher chance of drawing into one following a previous instance, like Echo of Eons + Time Spiral . These work really nicely with Narset's Reversal and God-Eternal Kefnet , as both bypass the exile clause on a lot of these cards - in addition to Teferi's Protection . Being instant speed also gives me a layer of protection against graveyard exile effects."

slayerjr on Kinnan

6 months ago

you may want to think of adding Dream Halls instead of Omniscience

proterran98 on Priority

7 months ago

It’s my main phase and I have a Nekusar, the Mindrazer and a Dream Halls in play. I cast Echo of Eons through dream halls, it resolves. Me and my opponents draw 7 cards and they get dealt 7 damage. Now, is it possible to cast all at once without passing priority Torbran, Thane of Red Fell and Day's Undoing through dream halls before my opponent cast Return to Dust through dream halls and thus doing 21 damage (7 new cards drawn)

Side note: with nekusar and days undoing, do you deal damage before you end the turn or does day’s undoing not work with nekusar?

RambIe on New Combo Of sorts

9 months ago

Props! the transmute value was a nice find
Dream Halls Seems like an auto include
Note: Necropotence first effect prevents discarding

personaly i feel dredge would be amazing with this as a commander.

kpres on Richard Garfield Ph.D

1 year ago

Hi Friends,

I built an EDH deck a couple of years ago with Richard Garfield, Ph.D. as the commander. My deckbuilding challenge was to use the worst blue cards and artifacts -- cards as irrelevant as Balduvian Shaman and Delif's Cone. The idea is that when he is not in play, the deck is completely useless, but as soon as you get him onto the battlefield, suddenly your Dark Sphere becomes Pact of Negation and your Air Elemental becomes Dream Halls.

In theory, the deck was absolutely nuts, but I ended up playing it once, getting frustrated, and taking it apart. The reason was that I wasted too much time during the game on looking up cards in Gatherer and writing things down on sticky notes. It was terrible! No fun for anyone.

Just recently, I had an idea that I could prepare for any game by printing proxies on cards I planned to play. I could have little slips of paper that go in front of the card so that everyone knows my Ornithopter has become a Black Lotus.

Has anyone else built a deck with Richard Garfield and has some thoughts to share? I'm looking forward to putting it back together and getting a proxy-board together.

Thank you,


By the way, I recently learned how to search Gatherer for specific mana costs. This is highly relevant for deck building with this commander. In the "Mana Cost" field, you can type m/3uu/ to search for ; e.g. https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&mana=+=[m/3uu/]

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