Doubling Cube

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Doubling Cube


, : Double the amount of each type of unspent mana you have.

freddiefrick on

8 months ago

indieinside I'm glad you found my suggestions helpful! Those two cards are very strong and will certainly speed up the game, if not win it outright. Here are some cards I might cut if I were you:

  • Brash Taunter: not a Dragon and rarely will be dealt damage. All your Dragons are scary enough blockers, too.

  • Dragon Egg: again, you have far more powerful blockers and a 2/2 that you can pump is just not good enough for 3 mana. It would be better to spend that mana in early turns getting ramp on the board.

  • Dragon Hatchling: same rationale as Dragon Egg.

  • Dragonmaster Outcast: OK in the late game, but it triggers on your upkeep so the Dragons you get will have summoning sickness. It takes a long time for this card to get going.

  • Doubling Cube: a very good card, but I'm not sure if you need it in this deck. Other ramp and cost reducers will probably achieve the same effect. Plus, playing this card may signal to other players that you're going to do a big combo, potentially putting a target on your head.

  • Worldslayer: probably don't need this. Your main wincon here is sending burn at opp face and turning your cards sideways.

Also, you might want to add cards like Ancestral Anger that give your Dragons trample. That card is especially good because it cantrips too. Hope this helps -- I'm eager to see the final version of the deck!

Azoth2099 on The Iron Giant

9 months ago

Have you considered Emergence Zone, Crystal Vein, City of Traitors or Urza's Saga for your land base? A few Tutors and choice card draw pieces like Ring of Three Wishes, The One Ring, Planar Bridge, Planar Portal & Citanul Flute could help you quickly outvalue your opponents with your Commander's ability, as could Ramp pieces like Ashnod's Altar & Doubling Cube. Portal to Phyrexia & Grimoire of the Dead could potentially win some games here as well, depending on the pod!

DreadKhan on Grey Matter

9 months ago

I think something that gives Deathtouch might be fun in here, I'm thinking something like Basilisk Collar on an Endbringer, each ping can kill something, that's 4 creatures a cycle potentially. It's also a source of life gain, which is not generally a bad thing.

Not sure if you need it or not in your meta, but Tower of the Magistrate is sneaky-good vs anyone using equipment, it can also protect a creature from an opponent's Transmogrifying Wand or similar card.

Not sure if you really need it, but I love Doubling Cube in a deck like this, you need quite a bit of mana to make it relevant, but if you can hit 12, it'll turn it into 18.

Journeytodiscoverychannel on Omnath locus of mana (opinions needed)

1 year ago


I really appreciate all the Feed back, I know the synergy needs work but at that point I might as well copy someone’s deck. The goal is to ramp the artifacts help always tutor for Nyxbloom Ancient and then Doubling Cube becomes 3x more effective. Lithoform Engine can copy that effect and compile it more so, often creating well into the hundreds of mama, so 4 cost to draw a card with Diviner's Wand something I can repeat as I want is negligible. At that point you get to a card where you get a card that allows you to place majority of your deck into your hand and do mostly as you please. Along with that Genesis Wave places all the land and permanents you need and usually by turn 5 there’s enough mana that it’s worth the drop setting the following turn up for huge mana and usually can end game sacing omnath to Altar of Dementia or just simply attacking. Or even Squall Line

Still plenty of play testing needed, but this also isn’t a full on competitive build just for my play group. I will definitely take a deeper look and playtest some of the changes.

KibaAlpha on Dance Beneath the Moon

1 year ago

Given your CMDR isn't human and will likely grow large Return of the Wildspeaker comes to mind. With your life gain I'm a little surprised to not see Sylvan Library or Aetherflux Reservoir.

Other card draw suggestions, Wedding Ring, Dawn of Hope and Archivist of Oghma.

I would consider replacing Zendikar Resurgent with Doubling Cube.

AstralKingKazma on Omnath, Locus of All EDH

1 year ago

Use the The All Spark from SL i.e Doubling Cube

DreadKhan on Ulamog, the ceaseless hunger

1 year ago

I went with a Gruul Commander for my Eldrazi deck, but I think there might be a few cards that make sense for you to consider. I found a few cards that I'm going to look into for my deck that you were running, so thanks!

It's a bit of a slower card, but Ugin, the Ineffable is pretty nuts in an Eldrazi deck, it shaves mana costs while making chump blockers (that you eventually get in hand), and you can also remove the odd annoying permanent in a pinch. Another slow card that might do enough work is Conqueror's Galleon  Flip, if you can flip it it's ramp that can draw cards or recur them, both are very useful. Another slowish card to consider might be Bonders' Enclave, this does have a hoop to jump through, but once you're through it it's pretty good for a land slot. Does Doubling Cube fit in here, I don't think you do a lot at instant speed, so it's just big dumb ramp, you pretty much need to burn through all of it at once each time you activate. If you actually expect to do a bunch of fighting with Ulamog itself, maybe Witch's Clinic for the lifelink?

A less slow card that I think is an auto-include is War Room, you don't even have colours so you don't have to pay life, it's just card draw for mana with no hoops. Not sure if I'm missing something, but Forsaken Monument seems like huge synergy.

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