Alchemist's Refuge

Alchemist's Refuge


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, : Until end of turn, you may cast nonland cards as though they had flash.

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Alchemist's Refuge Discussion

Mana_Mythic_Legendary on Personal Play moments you are …

3 days ago

I had full mana and Alchemist's Refuge up when an opponent turning his entire superfreinds board into dragons with Sarkhan the Masterless. Wasn’t even swinging at me, but I took the shot anyway. Years later, I can still ruin his day with only four words: Curse of the Swine.

Liszt on Do cards know of events …

4 weeks ago

First of: The title is a bit misleading, since I assume a card like Oath of Liliana also triggers if it entered the battlefield after the planeswalker.

But does it also work in the following scenario: In my upkeep I use Alchemist's Refuge to flash in a Sylvan Library and in response to that I cast a Brainstorm. What happens now in my Draw Step if I choose to draw 2 cards off Library? Does the Library know of the cards I drew off Brainstorm (which resolved before the Library)? In other words, would I be able to choose 2 cards I drew off the Brainstorm to put back for the Sylvan Library? Which rule is applied here?

d_iros on Crouching Kadena, Hidden Phage [Primer]

1 month ago


As far as adding in more boardwipe protection I'm leaning towards Mana Drain for it's versatility. What I would cut for it I'm not sure. I'm gonna mull it over and see how the current iteration of the deck performs before adjusting anything.

For Alchemist's Refuge I'm don't think my mana base can handle it unless I replace a utility land. I'm already dangerously low on basics and high on colorless only lands. My first instinct is to replace Reliquary Tower and I will for now. It's possible I may revert the change as I just amped up the card draw and Reliquary Tower may turn out to be more useful than it used to be. I also realized Alchemist's Refuge and Seedborn Muse make a pretty nice synergy too.

Unlife on Crouching Kadena, Hidden Phage [Primer]

1 month ago

d_iros I'm sure there plenty of people who would argue one way or another, but I think it depends on your playstyle. Countermagic can be used to stop other things beyond board wipes, which makes them a bit more flexible. On the other hand, indestructible/phase effects can help keep your board safe while making sure your other opponents lose at least a bit of their board. In the end, I think it'll just be what you would rather have available.

Also, if your mana base can handle it, Alchemist's Refuge lets you cast any nonland with flash over just creatures with Winding Canyons for the cost of 2 colored mana vs 2 colorless.

Scytec on Femme_Fatale

1 month ago

Hey, I am trying to add Alchemist's Refuge, Intruder Alarm, and Not of This World to my binder. Each are from the mystery booster set, which the code I looked up was (MB1). Tappedout is kicking them back saying that it cant find it, when I went to figure out how to add the cards myself, I can not interact with the page at all. It mentioned needing to be an upgraded member, which I am, but do you also need to be a supporter to submit cards? Sorry if I am asking the wrong person, just every time I see anyone on this site asking about adding cards, you always respond. Haha. I am also fairly certain you wrote the tutorial yes?

Pheardemons on Kumena, Just Tap It In

3 months ago

I like your build man. I definitely have some questions for a couple cards I did not consider for mine.

How has Defense of the Heart played? Does it get to go off often enough? Do you have specific creatures you get every time or is it more situation based?

Do you feel like Cauldron of Souls and Herald's Horn have earned their place? Are they things your usually happy to see?

Realmwalker is one that I keep trying to add in but keep "not finding" a slot for it. How has it worked for you?

Do you feel like you need the removal in Pongify , Rapid Hybridization , and Curse of the Swine ? I always felt like I wanted to try them but never wanted to take out counterspells or anything for them. Also, I suggest to take out either Pongify or Rapid Hybridization for Reality Shift since it exiles instead of destroys. Personal preference.

Why are you playing Darting Merfolk ? It seems...weird to me. I believe there are plenty of other two drop merfolk that might have more efficient abilities if you're looking for more than a body. Is there something I'm missing with him?

Are the colorless lands ( Winding Canyons , Yavimaya Hollow , and Alchemist's Refuge ) worthwhile because of their utility? Have you run into any color problems because of them?

One card I STRONGLY recommend is Genesis Wave . You don't play as many counterspells and other non-permanents so this card would benefit you in a powerful way. Getting this where X is 10+ (especially at instant speed) can drastically change the game.

You asked me about a lot of the one drop merfolk that turns lands into islands. I don't run them because I am going combo instead of aggro. Aggressive merfolk decks that play all of the lords and want to keep swinging in unhindered will definitely love those merfolk. My build kept one Lord of Atlantis as a backup, but it is rare that I'm swinging in when I finally get three Merfolk because I want to draw as much as possible. In saying that, playing them to increase the chance of three merfolk on turn three when you cast Kumena is something noteworthy.

Lastly, the biggest advice I can give (since you're looking to change yours) is just to playtest. No matter how much you may like a card or want a card, just playtest to see if it does what you want/need it to do. I can't tell you how many times I tried a card just to see what it did and it became an all-star. While others I "knew" it was a necessity of the deck to have it be subpar and I've switched it out for other things. For my Kumena deck it was Surgespanner . I thought it was too expensive for what I wanted but I needed more removal so I told myself "eh, let's try it." It has became one of the most powerful cards in the deck that my friends know to kill immediately or I've probably won. Your list looks solid so at this point it seems to be more about tuning than revamping.

Let me know if you have any more questions or anything. I'm always happy to help.

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