Counter target activated or triggered ability. (Mana abilities can't be targeted.)

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Polaris on Flashback and extra turns.

6 days ago

For your first question, casting Final Fortune and then flashing it back will give you two extra turns in a row. Flashing it back on your first extra turn will give you a second.

However, a trigger to make you lose the game will go on the stack at the end of any extra turn created by Final Fortune. Regardless of how you flash it back, you need some way to survive the end of the first extra turn (like Platinum Angel, Stifle, or Sundial of the Infinite) to get any benefit from the second.

Wolffang988 on Emrakul Hate Deck

2 months ago

I have plenty of memories with Emrakul, both as the user and being the target lol. To counter her cast trigger of taking your turn, you’ll want to run spells like Stifle, Trickbind and Summary Dismissal (and Summary dismissal comes with the added bonus of exiling Emrakul), these can stop the cast trigger to keep her from seizing the advantage. As far as getting rid of her once she’s on field sorcery removal spells and boardwipes should handle her as well as any other creature!

DemonDragonJ on What is Your Opinion of …

2 months ago

Omniscience_is_life, Grubbernaut, I would very much like to see a white version of Spell Pierce, or even a white version of Mana Leak, although the latter would likely be too powerful. I also think that a white version of Stifle would be properly narrow to work within white's philosophy, as well.

QuestionMarc on Vadrik's Discount Spell Emporium

3 months ago

It's not really fair to suggest a bunch of additions to a deck without suggesting some cuts, so the ones I am seeing so far are:

  1. Clone Legion This is a huge spell but not necessarily a game ender when for 9 mana it probably should be. If it doesn't end the game, it will create a bookkeeping nightmare of tokens that are copies of a variety of creatures that don't have haste and are permanent. Seems the most straight across replacement would be Insurrection which for 1 mana less steals ALL creatures (not just one player's), gives them haste, and guarantees you have all the power and your opponents have no blockers. You should be able to end most games that way or at least take out a player or two, or just wait a little longer until that is the case.
  2. Diluvian Primordial A very expensive creature with no cost reduction, no tribal support, no flash or anything to keep it flexible, and it allows you to cast one spell from each opponent's graveyard? Your spells should be better than theirs. you don't need their spells. Certainly not at this cost. My straight across replacement recommendation? Spark Double! If you have your commander out, this seems like the best creature you could possibly cast!
  3. Double Vision 5 mana is a lot to spend on an enchantment that does nothing on its own, and when it is really good it is kind of a win more card. What this card needs more from an enchantment is more stuff to do early game and more repeatable card draw, so it may be cliche but you could put Mystic Remora or Rhystic Study here and I'm sure they would prove useful to keeping the deck fueled.
  4. Foil Seems like the worst of your counterspells, and you already have a lot! You want one you can cast for free? Force of Will, Fierce Guardianship, and Deflecting Swat are all likely better but expensive. Mana Drain too. But IMO, you already have plenty of counterspells and could use more stuff to trigger day/night so I recommend Leyline of Anticipation here so you can make it night on your turn easy and keep all your tools available at all time. Not to mention dropping creatures and artifacts and stuff right before your turn to protect them!
  5. Galecaster Colossus I'm not sure what another 7 mana creature is doing in this spell slinger deck. You wanna tap out for this on turn 8? No. I found a few other Wizard synergies that would probably work better like Sage of Fables or Metallic Mimic, but probably the Wizard that I would hate seeing the most here and is therefor probably correct is Fatespinner. This will also encourage a lot more day/night flipping I imagine when some people have to skip their main phase!
  6. Homeward Path Are you worried about your commander being stolen? That doesn't seem like a likely occurrence in our meta, and even less likely with all the counterspells and protection equipment you are playing. Instead how about Tyrite Sanctum? You can put a counter on Vadrik at instant speed repeatably for a low price, and when the time comes you can make him Indestructible permanently!
  7. Stifle I find this effect is often too small to be worth running defensively. You could replace it with a slightly bigger version like Disallow, Trickbind, Interdict, or Squelch. You could also replace this with kind of anything proactive and I have a lot of suggestions that could go here with Commander's Plate probably being the safest and Galazeth Prismari being the wildest! (He allows you to tap your equipment for mana!)
  8. Theoretical Duplication I just don't think copying your opponent's creatures for the turn (or more likely creature, singular) is that strong. And the bookkeeping again. You know what IS frustratingly strong? Capsize. Oof. I kinda hate myself for recommending it though. Alternatively if you wanna buyback something fun how about Seething Anger, Haze of Rage, or Lunar Frenzy to build up a huge Vadrik turn!

And a few basic lands for some of the nonbasics I recommended. Also we probably have too many Mountains given that 73% of your mana costs are blue. That's a good start I think at tweaking this deck!

enpc on Can I retarget / neutralize …

5 months ago

For the first question, Leveler doesn't actually target, so you cannot retarget the ability. If it was worded as "When Leveler enters the battlefield, target player exiles their library" then you could, but as it currently stands it's not a targeted ability (and for good reason). You can however Stifle it and use Mystic Reflection in response to your opponent casting a creature spell.

As for the second question, yes. Because Phyrexian Dreadnought's ability is a triggered one, Stifle allows you to counter it. Similarly, cards like Torpor Orb would prevent it from activating at all. In their case however, the ability just doesn't happen rather than go on the stack and then getting countered.

Droolz on Can I retarget / neutralize …

5 months ago


there are not many cards that retarget or neutralize creature abilities. but there are a few. Can I retarget Leveler triggered ability with Willbender so that my opponent mills his deck? Also can I neutralize Phyrexian Dreadnought ability with Stifle when it comes to play?


PurePwnage on The effects of countering a …

6 months ago

Hello everyone,

Let's say my opponents taps thier fetch land (ex. Polluted Delta , Flooded Strand , Misty Rainforest , etc.), and in response I cast Stifle or Tale's End . What happens to the fetch land? I assume it goes to the graveyard?

Coward_Token on Adventures in the Forgotten Realms …

6 months ago

Not super innovative but I'd like to point out that for Tomb of Annihilation, a fairly cheap and quick way of reaching the end is to choose the Oubliette and then Stifle the rather harsh trigger. Might matter if there's a card with a powerful reward for having completing a dungeon.

(Also, Atropal should probably be Zombie Gods right?)

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