Defense of the Heart

Defense of the Heart


At the beginning of your upkeep, if an opponent controls three or more creatures, sacrifice Defense of the Heart. If you do, search your library for up to two creature cards and put those creatures into play. Then shuffle your library.

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Defense of the Heart Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Very Large Hamburgers (with cheese)

2 days ago

Cool idea, but I think you might have overloaded on fatties. See Beyond is a great addition for this type of effect to shuffle a creature back in that you don't want in your hand. Also, how about some copies of Gaea's Blessing and/or Clear the Mind to reload your deck?

With these additions, you could focus on your best fatties and play more control cards such as Stubborn Denial. You could even include Commune with the Gods or Benefaction of Rhonas to dig for Defense of the Heart.

metalflame on Equivalent Exchange (Willowdusk)

5 days ago

Plague of Vermin both gives you creatures and takes down your life and Royal Assassin seems like good includes for your deck. Id say you got more creatures than you need, and you could put that into enchantments that give you more consistency and flexibility. Say Hibernation's End, or Defense of the Heart, and Wild Pair

ClockworkSwordfish on X less to cast

3 weeks ago

Another great way to hand your opponent a bunch of tokens is Hunted Troll, who has an incredible 8 power for only four mana. Even if your opponent had no other creatures, he can singlehandedly make Avatar of Might just two mana. Another great payoff for giving your opponent lots of creatures is Defense of the Heart - how does grabbing both Ghalta and Sproutback Trudge directly into play for four mana sound?

Of course, giving your opponent a small army can also backfire. It might be wise to include an easy way to deal with such upstarts. One option that might interest you is Juntu Stakes, which switches all those pesky 1/1 twerps off after they've attacked once. Once they're locked down, they only help you out!

Epicurus on Big Dumb Dragon, Big Dumb Spells

4 weeks ago

But the Summoner's Pact only fetches green creatures. How can you use it to grab Omnispell Adept? Is there something I'm missing?

In either case, I'd say you're better suited with Defense of the Heart than the Pact. It's pricey, but not overtly so. And worth every penny.

discipleofgary73 on Yurlok, Enchantress Group Slug

2 months ago

What a great approach to slug! It's always great to see the return of mana burn haha.
If you're feeling like adding a real sucker punch, Spreading Plague + Darkest Hour could be fun, especially with elephant grass already in your mainboard. Shiny Impetus might also be worthwhile, depending on the group. Even more defense-focused could be Chaosphere. Decimate is decent spot removal. Defense of the Heart has never done me wrong, and can be helpful getting some creature-based ramp or card draw out. I could also see a place for Seizan, Perverter of Truth and Mirage Mirror, but maybe not more than what you already have in. And one final suggestion - Mirri's Guile is always nice

Gidgetimer on Hapatra EDH

3 months ago

I disagree with those last three cuts. Personally I feel like you need at least another 3-4 ramp, not less. If you are adding Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, you might as well also add in Triskelion and leave Defense of the Heart in as a tutor for exactly the Mike/Trike combo.

Grasshoppeh1 on Lost and Afraid

3 months ago

Did a bit of Brainstorming last night

Potentially Temur Sabertooth might be good in my playgroup due to the amount of removal and ability to setup.

Rude Awakening + Temur Sabertooth + Eternal Witness + 11 mana == infinite mana and bounce/infinite ETB. Temur Sabertooth, plus any of my ETB or cast cards gives a lot of utility including extra draw, recurrence, removal, spot protection from removal.

I think this card is worth a shot with the amount of mana I have available most times. For the sake of theorycrafting we have to try it!! Who knows maybe if I wanted to go the jank route this would make Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger, Helix Pinnacle or Aetherflux Reservoir viable as a non-attack wincon. Testing needed,, wanted to vorinclex in my collection anyways.

For classic wincons,

For creatures, I feel like I could hold a sideboard of 15 fatties on me and swap them in and they would all feel equally viable. That said Kozilek, Butcher of Truth felt irreplaceable and thus is getting a perm mainboard. Prevents milling, draws cards, threat/wincon, resets my deck, nice with Life from the Loam.

Vorinclex like I've mentioned before accelerates the deck and give me more time. It's more of enabler than a combo piece itself. Potentially Defense of the Heart might work here too if I hadd him. It would also open up potentially a new archtype if I went with Aetherflux Reservoir + Temur Sabertooth.

As for the draw situation, we could build around it or just go with the classics.

Adding Guardian Project to the maybe board along with Beast Whisperer. They're not as "fast" as the other options, but guardian often times is a Harmonize or better and beast whisperer is tutorable draw!

Some classics are: Garruk, Primal Hunter which is a "5 mana draw spell", Shamanic Revelation is another Regal Force that works with tokens! Rishkar's Expertise is another garruk that has a ~70% chance to hit another spell. That percentile is potentially amazing due to the composition of the current deck.

On the fringe for: Zendikar Resurgent, vorinclex slowing down opponent's in that slot feels better as a mana doubler, and I could just play Guardian Project earlier if I was after the draw. This card feels like it's in a weird place. Might turn out to be just an expensive harmonize. Momentous Fall, I don't know how I feel about this yet. Generally it says, 4 mana sac a creature draw 2-6 cards. Feels like a card I would play when I'm ahead, not to get ahead. That said I could say the same for anything else that is not an etb draw, regal, or harmonize.

Next step I guess is to make a couple "Packages" and see how they fit the deck.

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