Vedalken Orrery

Vedalken Orrery


You may play nonland cards as though they had flash.

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy (CNS) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
2019-10-04 Legal

Vedalken Orrery occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.12%

Vedalken Orrery Discussion

DeinoStinkus on Is there a Lore behind ...

1 day ago

In case anyone was wondering, the Power 9 are Black Lotus, Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, Mox Emerald, Time Walk, Timetwister, and Ancestral Recall.

I was simply wondering if there is any Lore behind the Power 9 (Lotus and Moxen specifically?) It appears other artifacts are starting to become phenomenons as well (such as Chromatic Orrery referencing Vedalken Orrery from Mirrodin), so I was wondering if there is any information on where the Moxen are and what they are doing. The Mox Opal and Chrome Mox are currently on New Phyrexia, and Mox Amber is on Dominaria, but I believe the rest of the locations are in the air because they can be moved from plane to plane.

DeinoStinkus on The End of all Things

5 days ago

Vedalken Orrery is the only suggestion I can make, for surprise Sliver abilities, but your deck is very well-tuned. Good work, +1

RNR_Gaming on Combo Golos EDH

6 days ago

So, the best way to determine what to cut is always trial and error. What performs well in some metagames may not perform well in others; so what I would cut doesn't mean the card is bad, I just don't view it as optimal.

Arcane Denial - yes it's an easy to cast counter but it comes with the downside of giving your opponent resources.

Contingency Plan - this card helps you dig but you'll find Impulse to be an upgrade.

Leyline of Anticipation/Vedalken Orrery - these cards are traps. Heavy mana investment with a low return.

All the ramp sorceries - its safe ramp but when you're playing at higher level tables the focus will be on who can be more explosive. 0 mana rocks/positive rocks are the way to go.

mtgApprentice21 on H͟E̤̜̓̓ͬ͟ ̟̯͟C̸̙̻̙͂O͓̻͓̹̱Mͦ̾ͫ҉̬̘͕E͔͐͗̋͊̓̚S̮͖ͨ͌ͭ̏̃͊

1 week ago

Woah... just imagine if Karn, Silver Golem was in the deck. Chunky artifacts + Darksteel Forge with creature-Karn becomes "I have blockers for days." Mycosynth Lattice turns him into an Armageddon, it turns Forge into "Vandalblast? What Vandalblast?" Lattice also turns Unwinding Clock into a creatureless Seedborn Muse, turns Clock of Omens into "Tap any 2 things: untap a thing," lets Sculpting Steel copy anything, lets Mirage Mirror copy planeswalkers (which Rings of Brighthearth combos will let you abuse completely), lets KCI turn your whole board into a resource, and lets you use Nevy's Disk to hold everyone's board state hostage. Disk and forge are also ridiculous. Drop the Lattice on top of that two-card combo and everyone gets up and walks away.

Other cards I would highly reccomend: Cloud Key, Crucible of Worlds, Temple of the False God, Ghirapur Orrery, Vedalken Orrery, Helm of the Host, Prowler's Helm, Whispersilk Cloak, Library of Leng, Venser's Journal, Aetherflux Reservoir, Staff of Domination, Thran Temporal Gateway, Aetherworks Marvel, Arch of Orazca.

SimicVisionRy on Card creation challenge

1 week ago

That really kinda breaks the mold, doesn't it? A non-creature commander? Hmm, well, here's an idea:

Path of Loyalty

Legendary Path - Soldiers

(Paths act as cast-able permanents that act like planeswalker emblems. They can be affected by cards that exclusively mention them as a target. They are effective in the Command Zone, yet can be cast normally like any other spell. Instead, any player may cast their Path at sorcery speed, unless an effect similar to Vedalken Orrery is in play, they still follow casting rules. In addition, they may be cast multiple times, and do stack cumulatively. In summary, it is very similar to Oathbreaker's signature spell, but act as both the Commander and signature spell in one! Commander tax effects still affect the casting cost of the spell. Typically, they can either give bonuses to a tribe, and archetypes like life gain, discard, tokens, or draw.)

While ~ is in your Command Zone or on the battlefield, Soldier creatures you control have +1/+1, and gain first strike.

When you cast ~, create three 0/0 Soldier tokens, then gain life equal to the number of Soldiers on the battlefield.

Hopefully that explains the idea a little more! For the next challenge, create either another colored Path tribe, archetype, or removal/interaction!

DemonDragonJ on Double Masters Speculation

2 weeks ago

Now that the entire set has been revealed, the lack of reprints of Imperial Seal, Worldly Tutor, Akroma's Memorial, Vedalken Orrery, and Cabal Coffers are some very glaring exclusions, but I shall maintain hope for them being reprinted in Commander Legends, later, this year. On the other side, another reprint of Imperial Recruiter is always welcome, and I got my wish for Riku of Two Reflections being reprinted! He looks so awesome in the new card frame! Also, on that subject, the alternate artwork by Richard Kane Ferguson on Toxic Deluge is wonderful, as it is that old-school fantasy art that this game had in its early days, but has not seen in quite some time; the fact that WotC was able to get both Ferguson and Baxa to illustrate new artwork was quite impressive; if only the could have convinced Rebecca Guay to draw something new for them. Having said that, I noticed that Todd Lockwood, Ron Spencer, and Steve Argyle have not illustrated any new artwork for this game in some time; I hope that they have not lost interest in doing that. Also, I am rather sad that Riku did not have alternate artwork, but at least he was reprinted.

Overall, I am very pleased and impressed with this set; it did not contain every card that I desired, but I did not expect it to. Some players have been complaining about it, but I feel that the positive traits of this set outweigh its negative traits. The price of the sealed product is definitely a very major problem, but the only way to protest that is to not purchase it and instead purchase singles only. Hopefully, WotC shall realize that blatantly overpricing products is a poor business practice, and shall cease doing that in the future.

gamingnow on Pako Partner

2 weeks ago

I would consider switching out cards like Curiosity and Keen Sense for things like Hunter's Insight, Return of the Wildspeaker, Hunter's Prowess, or Rishkar's Expertise. My guess is that you'll get a lot more value out of 1-time large draw effects as Pako will be a prime target for removal. Rishkar's/Return of the Wildspeaker are insane value if you're able to attack just once and keep Pako around.

Thought Scour seems like an inefficient cantrip, if you want to keep the curve low maybe Ponder would be better suited for the slot?

Wilderness Reclamation, Seedborn Muse, Leyline of Anticipation, and Vedalken Orrery all seem like great ways to further utilize Halden's ability during everyone else's turns which could be very powerful.

Dakra Mystic seems odd given that no matter what the card on top either goes into your opponents hands or their graveyard, removing your ability to choose whether or not you want cards to remain on top of their library.

Wizened Snitches seems expensive for this effect

Given that you can play lands with Halden I think the Dryad/Oracle effects are very strong and a great inclusion. Same with Song of Creation in this deck. Perhaps consider playing Azusa, Lost but Seeking as well?

Maybe swap one of your removal spells for Beast Within, card is so good given it's flexibility.

DemonDragonJ on Double Masters Speculation

2 weeks ago

Braids, Conjurer Adept has never been reprinted, before, so I shall be glad to have a version of her with the newer wording and card frame, and, perhaps now, I shall be able to afford a foil version of her.

At this point, it does not seem likely that Akroma's Memorial, Vedalken Orrery, or Riku of Two Reflections shall be reprinted in this set, which is unfortunate, since they all are expensive, but I shall remain hopeful that they may be reprinted in Commander Legends, later, this year.

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