Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Might vs Mind Rare
Magic 2014
Guildpact Rare

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The next sorcery card you cast this turn can be played as though it had flash.

Draw a card.

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Quicken Discussion

tschiller on Dimir mill, like where's my library?

2 weeks ago

Removed / Added:

Skryv on Dimir mill, like where's my library?

2 weeks ago

Hey there! If you'd like to check our my mill deck, it can be found on my profile.

Similar to what was said above, I believe Consuming Aberration and Quicken aren't exactly the most useful cards for your build. Similarly, from my experience with the main mill sources in your deck, those that require "X" mana to do anything are way more costly than you can afford in Modern. You can even see in your own deck, Mind Funeral does for 3 mana what Mind Grind requires 6 mana to do. Instead, I recommend cards like Breaking and Archive Trap for maximum efficiency.

In contrast, your combo is really fun and I would definitely keep that.

Best of luck!

Neotrup on Will casting a Storm spell ...

2 weeks ago

sonnet666 was looking at if you cast Mind's Desire on your turn (as it's a sorcery) into an opponent's Eye of the Storm (as it looks at all instant and sorcery cards, not just those cast by it's controller). The only thing this really effects is which trigger hits the stack first, which is less relevant here than in a lot of situations. If you Quicken Mind's Desire (which has a lot of implications just because it would go into the Eye of the Storm(, the triggers will reverse order. If you control both the enchantment and spell, you choose the order the triggers go on the stack regardless of whose turn it is. If you copy the storm trigger with Strionic Resonator you get double the copies, but if you copy the Eye of the Storm trigger you get double the spells out (even though you can't put double the spells in). You also never need to cast Mind's Desire out of the storm, or cast spells off it, so you woudldn't need to Stifle any triggers, unless you need to stop your opponent from using Eye of the Storm, but you should win fast enough that they don't get a chance. Eye of the Storm is very powerful.

dotytron on Yidris' Weirdmageddon

3 weeks ago

ah i see, well might suggest Manamorphose or some Quicken and the like

cantripsandbrahms on Aggressive Firestorm

1 month ago

Muushuu. The main purpose, besides adding a redundancy to give my giants haste, was to have a useful cantrip. If I'm going to replace it, then it has to be with another cantrip. If you can think of any others (maybe Quicken or something) then that would be wonderful.

WhisperingBlade on Ubw control

2 months ago

How vital to the list do you feel Quicken is? It's a redraw, but I personally don't see anything too crazy that you could consistently do as a large portion of your cards are already instant speed. Instead I'd consider more hand discard and change the numbers to the following: 3 Inquisition of Kozilek, 2 Thoughtseize, and 1 Collective Brutality. I think it would really help get your deck running in the early turns of the game. If you aren't a fan of a heavy hand discard package, I believe that Serum Visions could also be pretty sweet in this build as a redraw that improves your card quality as the game goes on. I'm not sure how high your budget is either, but using fetchlands like Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, and Marsh Flats could make your manabase go from decent to great, and as an added bonus they would make Fatal Push a superb option for additional spot removal! Another potential include for the manabase is checklands such as Isolated Chapel, Glacial Fortress, and Drowned Catacomb. Because you typically want to keep your cards in your graveyard with your gravehate, I'd recommend using Nihil Spellbomb over Relic of Progenitus in the sideboard. Nets you a card like Relic, but it targets the library so you can keep your goodies for your Snapcasters. Also, I really think that using all these different planeswalkers as various wincons is really cool! One swap I'd consider though is running 1 Dovin Baan over your single Jace, Architect of Thought or your Jace, Unraveler of Secrets.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope I could be helpful and that you can maybe mull over some of the feedback. Good luck with your brew!

lagotripha on Jankrakul, the Combo's torn

2 months ago

This is one of those decks where I'm really feeling Quicken. It can cantrip tokens or polymorph at instant speed- super strong. You considered sideboarding a single Inkwell Leviathan for those pesky Lost Legacy coming in from the sideboard?

Panzerforge on Future Sight and lands on ...

2 months ago

Can't even cast Quicken then Summer Bloom. (Wouldn't work.)


It's looking like this is becoming a 100% "no."

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