Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) Common
Conspiracy (CNS) Rare
Scourge (SCG) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Counter target activated or triggered ability. (Mana abilities can't be targeted.)

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Stifle Discussion

x12721 on berryjon

1 week ago

Yes sir, I have a custom card I'd like to submit here please. This card was conceived after reading your article on Spellshapers (Article #5).

Creature - Human Spellshaper (2/2) , , Discard a card: Counter target activated or triggered ability. (Mana abilities can't be targeted.) , , Discard a card: Target player discards two cards at random. , , Discard a card: Target opponent reveals cards from the top of his or her library until four land cards are revealed. That player puts all cards revealed this way into his or her graveyard.

So yes, the spells this fellow knows are as follows: Stifle, Hymn to Tourach, and Mind Funeral.

IAmTheWraith on The Fat Blue Weirdo

2 weeks ago

Well hello there...

bushido_man96: Thanks man! Don't forget to upvote!


So I've never heard of Tidal Force, seems pretty good, but I don't think it's what I'm really looking for, I will probably put it in the maybeboard, just in case.

Arcane Laboratory Is not going in the deck. I feel like it hinders me too much.

Damping Sphere is fun. Maybeboard for now.

Stifle and Disallow seem decent. Again, Maybeboard for now until I can find the slots.

Teferi, Temporal Archmage Seems like it may be decent. Maybeboard??

Been considering adding Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir+Knowledge Pool so my opponents can't cast spells...

Daedalus19876 on The Fat Blue Weirdo

2 weeks ago

I disagree that Arcane Laboratory makes it difficult for you to establish your lock. Sure, it hinders you, but you're running a gigantic number of counterspells - it limits how your opponents use the extra cards you give them, and means you only have to hold up one counterspell per opponent to fully lock down the game. It's a vicious, vicious control card, especially since you're giving your opponent more resources with Kami. I'd also consider Damping Sphere for a similar reason.

I'd personally run Stifle and/or Disallow here, because they shut off enemy fetch lands and are an unexpected form of control (since many people see their triggers as inviolable).

Have you considered Teferi, Temporal Archmage as additional an way to maintain a lock with Stasis? Or Teferi's Realm to perma-phase things out of existence? If you're willing to control into the long-game, Tidal Force also does wonders to keep the flowing for Stasis.

JohnnyCRO on I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse...

3 weeks ago


Well, first thank you for taking the time to look over my list a bit and I'm sorry for taking this long to answer. I'm currently quite busy and I'm the last person who has a say in tailoring my schedule at least for a weeks or so.

Now, onto the matter at hand!

  • cycle lands - I'm glad we're on the same page with these. The Loam cycling engine isn't always online, but when it is it's quite awesome. I'm never sorry to see these because at best they are cantrips for my engine, usually they're just cantrips, and in a pinch they're my t1/2 land drop.

  • fetches - those are already on my list. Misty Rainforest being the highest priority because I'd play it in all 3 of my active decks (people let me proxy a card in a deck if I own a copy, so cards like this are a solid buy for me). After that it will be either a Scalding Tarn or Verdant Catacombs, depending on which one I find first for a good price (Tarn would be playable in all 3 of my decks, but Catacombs would work better in Tas while not being playable in my Kefnet deck). I'm hesitant to plan beyond that because I'm a student and my budget surely won't allow me to buy a marginally useful card like BW fetch or, for me, useless RW fetch.

  • cycling duals - I can only play one in here, though I'd love to test more. I tested one that I can play and it was meh. It costs twice as many to cycle compared to other cyclabe lands and its 2c identity was only marginally useful. I replaced it with a better land. But I could be persuaded to give it another shot, but instead of a nonland card, because it's more of a cantrip in my eyes than it is a land.

  • Urborg & RTower - both have insane ceilings, but share a common problem; they don't help my early game. My manabase is kinda tight right now and even though it currently does what I want it to do for the most part, I'm scared that these might imbalance it. Although I would play urborg if I played Palinchron, which I actually do own. And I have a friend who can "borrow" me Urborg (he won't sell it to me, but he would lend it to me long-term so yep...). More on the Urborg matter a bit later.

  • reanimator package - it's one of the things I'm strongly considering. My 75%-ish meta demands more investments and these might be just the thing. However here comes another issue, that subtheme is in no way related to my wincon or to the rest of the deck. How do I fix that? Well obviously I simply kick out Dramatic Reversal and Isochron Scepter for Palinchron and Urborg! These have much better synergy with the reanimator package and if I were to go that way, I'd do it like this. One of the reasons your list appeals to me is that you're playing quite a few good control cards and a tight and, seemingly, effective reanimator package. So one fo the things I'm looking to deduct from this correspondence is a set of changes that would turn my scepter Tasigur into a Reanimator Tasigur if I ever wanted to pull the trigger. Getting the cards is no problem honestly, maybe Reanimate itself will be a bit tough to find, but the real problem lies in finding a good set of one for one changes to make the transformation.

  • Tolaria West - I like the effect. As a matter of fact I love the card in my Kefnet deck. However in here I prefer to play Crop Rotation for its instant speed and lower mana cost, enabling me to hold up open mana and stop shenanigans instant speed. Bonus points if I pull the trigger and add Reanimator/Palinchron package! It has an upside if one is playing Pact of Negation tho. You are, I am not. More on that later.

  • Force of Will/Pact of Negation - I just got myself a Force couple of months ago for my Kefnet deck. The only reason I didn't include it here is that I'm afraid my blue cards density is too low. It might be a silly prejudice though. How does it work for you? What blue density would you say is the minimal requirement for it to be online often enough to be relevant? And pact I don't currently have. If I come across a cheap copy, I will purchase one. ATM it's one of those cards that wouldn't chase or overpay even by a cent because even though it's neat, there are more relevant buys I'd like to make.

  • Phyrexian Arena - honestly, the card has been good to me. I get the point many people raise about it, but for me it works because my meta is often slow enough. Although I admit it's floor is far lower than one might expect at the first glance and I'd be willing to remove it for a better card.

  • Time Warp - it's cute but works fine for me, it saved my butt a considerable number of times because I can spin it a few times preparing for a combo turn. I could see it removed, none of my remaining 2 decks would complain. Not unlike PArena; the card has been good to me, but admittedly its floor is awful and if I get presented with a better card, it can go.

  • Go for the Throat - a solid piece of creature removal, but likely the worst one I currently have. It can go for something better.

  • Memory's Journey - this is a flex spot honestly and this one hasn't been good so far. Either it's too narrow or I'm incapable of using it right; it might be a combination of the two. And the fact that I'm struggling to find an English copy more than I thought I would doesn't help. SO this is the easiest cut to make IMHO.

  • Notion Thief - ... I can't believe I forgot about this guy, how did that happen? Ok, admittedly it's floor is low, especially in my meta where crazy draws aren't really a usual thing, but it's probably flexible enough for me to give it a shot.

  • Languish/Yahenni's Expertise - I myself thought Expertise would be better. But in testing there were two significant problems; 1) that 4th point of toughness mattered a lot more than I thought. Maybe it was a few bad days at the LGS but man did it hose me a few times. I can't remember the exact situations, but it was a recurring issue. 2) a large chunk of my cheap spells are interaction cards I'd like to hold onto. Dream casts with it casting Search for Azcanta  Flip or Rhystic Study did happen, but more often than not it was just a dork (just to help me recover from it), a rock or...sometimes nothing. It ended up being much less of a factor than it seemed. My sample size wasn't even significant, maybe half a dozen-10 games, but the results were consistent and when I recently got a hold of Damnation, instead of Languish Expertise got out. However I'm still not that confident on this change and it's one I could easily reverse to have another round of testing to double-check how it does.

Again, I'm glad you looked it over. It means a lot to me to discuss this deck with pilots at the same power level but with more experience with the deck.

So I have 2 more direct questions for you;

1) could you recommend a set of changes for "transformation" of this build into a reanimator one? Using Scepter, Reversal and as many of the cards we agreed that could go out as you deem necessary?

2) why did you take out Disallow? Admittedly, I haven't used its Stifle mode for months now in neither of my 2 deck playing it, but though Kefnet can pay for that utility, I'm starting to doubt its value in here. Could Trickbind or Stifle be better because of their simple cost that was paid for by the loss of utility or should I exclude it altogether? I know this isn't a simple single decision, but I'm interested in your insight since you made the jump in one direction.

Nathan_Spencer on The Locust God Commandeth

4 weeks ago

I also run Kindred Discovery in my deck as well. You might want to consider adding Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast and Stifle to get rid of the Kindred Discovery in case you can’t win by the time you have no more cards or Laboratory Maniac eats removal. Simian Spirit Guide will also allow you to stop the combo with no other mana sources in case you have to go off sooner.

Cloudius on Bolt the Bird

1 month ago

You're welcomed.

There's also Mirari and Swarm Intelligence if you want more copy effects from permanents.

Geistblast is actually quite good cause the copy effect is an ability, so it can't be dealt with by counterspells, except for Stifle, Disallow and the likes.

JoeNathan37 on Loser (WIP)

1 month ago

kefisher2 Only one of the lose cards (Slaughter Pact) targets creatures, but yeah theoretically if I had Hive Mind out and cast Slaughter Pact when there aren’t any other creatures out it could give each of my opponents three copies of the spell to deal with, which would almost certainly guarantee death, but that requires a very specific set of circumstances that are unlikely to ever happen. Good thought but I don’t think it would really work for me.

Rushsilver Stifle and Disallow are perfect, thank you! Unfortunately Nimble Obstructionist can only target abilities I don’t control so I couldn’t use it to stop a lose trigger. Still could be worth running anyway, I’ll keep it in mind.

Rushsilver on Loser (WIP)

1 month ago

Stifle and Disallow to counter the "lose the game" triggers sounds dope.

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