Tired of losing to companions in bo1 Standard? Harness the power of clawing for Unmoored Ego to consistently rip apart their gameplan by turn 4! After all, companions allow you to flex your metagame knowledge right out of the gate (sponsored by London mulligan). Lukka Yorion? Ego their Agents! Boros Lurrus? Ego their Zenith Flare! Kaheera Gruul? Ego their Fires! Rakdos Lurrus? Ego... actually, this is where we claw for Cry of the Carnarium instead but still, yay Claw!

"The claw chooses who will go and who will stay."

Beak & Claw is a natural evolution of THE CLAW, an unholy mashup of Esper Doom/Manse and Jeskai Fires/Bae decks that was all just an excuse to play the Claw to tutor up Ego and snipe Field of the Dead. Several bans and set releases later and this spirit of hating on meta decks while feeling smugly smart about it prevails (as does the fact that you lose every game where you miss your 4th land drop).

But wait, I hear you say, the opponent gets to use the Claw too! True, but their deck isn't built to use it. Aggro decks can only really use the Claw to immediately kill you, since the activation mana cost messes up their curve and whatever threat they tutor for, you simply tutor up an answer for on the next turn. Big mana decks don't really play any disruption so they will go get a high value play, but that usually entails playing into the board - into the waiting arms of our sweepers, Planar Cleansing and Ruinous Ultimatum.

Speaking of these reset buttons, they also combo extremely well with a more cautious use of the Claw since they blow it up after you use it to tutor for them. This basically means we play 6 maindeck copies of a spell that blows up everything this side of Nissalands - being behind on board against a midrange deck can be handled pretty swiftly. Also, while Yorion popularised the insane mana plays enabled by flickering Fires (which we can also do), our OG way of abusing Fires is to play the Claw, tutor for a missing piece of the Planar Cleansing + Dance of the Manse, Cleanse the world and then Manse back your whole board (including the Fires). This changes Cleansing from a reset button that still requires you to play catch up on the following turn to a Ruinous Ultimatum that comes down a turn sooner and can even generate massive value from ETB triggers.

The final way to mitigate the risks associated with clawing springs from good old and definitely balanced T3feri. Simply claw for T3f and bounce the Claw back to your hand. This acts like a sorcery-speed Whispers of the Muse, except now there's a T3f in play, which puts a lot of pressure on slower decks (and murders the bane of this deck - flash decks with heavy permission) or buys you life against aggressive decks because leaving T3f around leads to fair lines of play with instant-speed Wraths and Baeing. And of course, if you already have T3f waiting in your hand when you claw, you're just straight up Diabolic Tutoring while again leaving T3f behind. If you already have a spent T3f in play, you can even claw for your bae, get Nikky B and copy T3fs bounce with it on the claw. Also worth noting is that against hellbent opponents with no non-land permanents, Doom Foretold restricts their ability to use the Claw themselves to instants - if they don't claw, it gets sacrificed; if they do claw, the card will get discarded to Doom Foretold if it's not immediately cast. What usually follows this scenario is a shame scoop and that's just gravy.

In addition to aforementioned Ego and the Sweepers, the Claw also allows easy access to silver bullets like Nice Graveyard You Have There, Nice Card You Wished For There, Nice Fires You Have There, and This Game Has Gone On For Far Too Long Button.

But what about our birb boi Beak? Nothing groundbreaking to see here, just good honest ETB value train like in any other Yorion deck. Of course, while Lukka Yorion fools around with a paltry 81 card deck, our brew boasts an effective thiccness of 95 thanks to the inclusion of a full playset of baes. Apart from throwing their unreasonably-great-at-blocking 1/4 flying bodies into the line of fire, your baes can get you a variety of useful spells. There is actually quite a dearth of great 5 drops in Standard so you'll usually get Elspeth Conquers Death to preempt any notion of opponent getting ahed on the board - Nicky Bobo seldom gets more than 1 activation. At 6, we have Ethereal Absolution to shut the game down on aggro, Thought Distortion to make sure Azorius never comes back, Lili as the best thing when the opponent is at exactly two creatures, and Casualties of War which, while made largely obsolete by the Ultimatum, can still pull some good work with it's land destruction part. We also boast some extra copies of maindeck cards like Unmoored Ego (take Lukka's Sharknado to really make them unable to do anything to you), Dance of the Manse, Planar Cleansing, and Ruinous Ultimatum for backup and when wishing is easier than clawing. Note that with T3feri's +1, you can wish at instant speed and wishing for and casting Thought Distortion in their draw step feels pretty skilled again. And don't let haters fool you, having T3f in play is pure skill, NOT an easy mode. On the flip side, the inclusion of baes turned our wholesome Magic deck pure of any creature nonsense is into a harem anime which means we're going straight to hell where weeb sinners belong.

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