Aetherflux Reservoir


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Aetherflux Reservoir


Whenever you cast a spell, you gain 1 life for each spell you've cast this turn.

Pay 50 life: Aetherfux Reservoir deals 50 damage to target creature or player.

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Aetherflux Reservoir Discussion

Chandrian on Help building a deck around, ...

1 day ago

When I look at the cards you mention I think (as mentioned in the post before me) that all these cards together make for a very taxing manabase, because you need double green mana and double white mana AND double black mana... which will be difficult to get even with a tuned manabase.

I suggest maybe breaking your ideas into 2 decks. The first would be a White-Green combo deck around Spike Feeder and Archangel of Thune (a possible wincon could be Aetherflux Reservoir, it's colorless and allows you to shoot down your opponent once you get a high life total)

The other deck would be a lifedrain deck where you could use Archangel of Thune and Sanguine Bond together. The very first deck I ever built was a BW Lifedrain deck (but suuuuper budgetish), which you can find here ... maybe it will give you ideas for this type of deck.

aragorne32 on Kess's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

3 days ago

Very interesting list, and as for the wincons, one of the big problem, or bonus depending of how much money you have, is that Kess likes to go storm and/or infinite with big flashy combos like Hightide combos. You'll hardly find any casual decklist of Kess here, most of them are over 2 000$ because of the counterspells and some other really expensive cards. If you want something thats a bit more budget, you can try Doomsday + Laboratory Maniac combo or even Isochron Scepter + Copy Artifact + Dramatic Reversal + Swan Song. These are way less expensive and give you a decent wincon, but if you wanna go with something a bit more storm, you'll need cards like Mind's Desire, Yawgmoth's Will (but this card is kinda expensive and not necessary, so feel free to not use it, even though it's really strong) and Aetherflux Reservoir as a wincon to smash all your opponents down to 0. Heck, you can even go with some more classic combos of blue like the Palinchron + Deadeye Navigator combo for infinite mana! Kess also likes cards like the Increasing spells from the Dark Ascension block, so you could add Increasing Vengeance which is really good and maybe another ritual like Cabal Ritual. Or, you could also decide to go with the extra turn strategy, but this one doesn't have any specific wincons to it, just helps setup the other ones or finish games. In the end, if you don't like combo based strategy, maybe this commander isn't really for you as you can see, most of her shenanigans are based around instant win combos, which is why she's highly loved by competitive players.

Hope this helped!

Jimothy_III on Tasigur Control

4 days ago

Where is the wincon? I know you are a control deck, but how do you use your infinite mana? I don't see an Aetherflux Reservoir to storm off with infinite mana or a Tendrils of Agony. What do you normally do in this case?

Pinewoodboy0324 on Casual Budget Storm copy

6 days ago

playtesting that, i had one problem that I dont know how to address. I kept getting mana flooded and won with 3 Aetherflux Reservoir in play and the guildmage/rite of flame combo.

What other draw could be included because I was bouncing a phropetic prism to draw and I had like 9 lands on turn 15, similar on your end?

Minihorror227 on Can you even call this storm

6 days ago

to me, i think the Izzet Guildmage is good here. i've actually copied your deck on here and have been making my own changes to it. right now i've found a way to storm off with him that is quite interesting. the Rite of Flame could possibly be replaced with one of the cards from above. each time i playtest the deck i never get that combo to go off, so most of the time it may be a dead draw. however, early game being able to cast 1 of them gets the Aetherflux Reservoir out a turn early.

it could be replaced with more card draw as well such as Opt as well.

as for the deck i've been working with, here is a link to it so you can check it out and playtest it:

Minihorror227 on Can you even call this storm

6 days ago

with the Prophetic Prism, you have many more ways to go with it then just with a mana producer. for example, the Worn Powerstone can do quite well at giving you more mana to work with, but it enters tapped making it so the mana cant be used as soon as it enters. next, theres the problem with needing and as soon as possible. if you get a hand with only islands, the Prism is good at filtering into red. lastly, when using the Retraction Helix combo, you will be drawing cards every time you play it. this gives you a large advantage when you can draw your entire deck and play everything since you will be able to filter the mana into certain colors. you could possibly add in 1 of Blaze as a second win con.

you may even go as far as to use the Prophetic Prism as a way to play cards out of your main colors. possibly a 1 of Approach of the Second Sun. this is a win con, and with the prism drawing you cards, you can continue to draw until you draw into it again, then all this infinite mana can be used for something. or possibly you may add in a large creature no one would suspect thats in a different color. maybe even Apocalypse Hydra. i bet your play group would be surprised seeing this come out with over 30 counters on it, just to see it ping them for 1 damage over and over.

anyways, this is just my opinion on this. sorry for any rambling or parts where its confusing to read. i love the Aetherflux Reservoir so i'm gonna try what i cna to help haha

NV_1980 on Grixis Storm

1 week ago


I think you may have focussed too hard on achieving your combo's in this deck. It looks like a sort of 'all or nothing' deal. How are you going to win if your opponents manage to destroy/exile both Aetherflux Reservoir and Laboratory Maniac? It is not implausible that opponents (especially when you're playing against more than one) can achieve that. You cannot summon your commander to the battlefield (unless you sacrifice a combo piece (may I recommend Kess, dissident mage instead?) to compensate, you do not have any damage spells or ways to mill opponents to death. Also, if your opponents do manage to get some creatures out, you have nothing in here to stop them; no barriers (like Propaganda or No Mercy) or any creature wipes (like Blasphemous Act or Damnation).

Sorry to have to rain on your parade like this...

Rythven-Fang on A Cat's 9 Lives

1 week ago

at least include Aetherflux Reservoir as an alternate win condition over Felidar Sovereign. It's cheaper to play, doesn't require a upkeep phase to give you victory, and artifact hate is usually sideboard, while creature hate is a mainboard threat in most decks

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