Traverse the Outlands


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Traverse the Outlands


Search your library for up to X basic land cards, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control. Put those lands onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

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Traverse the Outlands Discussion

Beebles on Mina and Denn's Supermassive Landmass

1 week ago

Hey savagetrooper,

Thanks for your comments! Glad it helped you get excited to create your own take on Mina and Denn! Let me know when your list is up then Ill have a look.

Then, about your questions:

I did consider Boundless Realms and played it at the start. I experiences some issues with the card in my build, which is why I no longer run it.

  • It is not a ramp spell that helps with the consistency of the deck. It does not help to go from 3-ish lands to many so it cant be counted as a ramp spell in that sense. If I'd run it I would probably run it in addition to enough other cards that take us to the 7-ish lands consistently.
  • Another issue is that it requires a high level of basics to work reliably. In my build I only run 12 basics (and will go to 11 if I ever get my hands on a Taiga). Lets say we play Boundless Realms when having 9 lands in play and 4 of those lands in play are basics; then Boundless Realms can only grab the remaining 8 from the deck which (is still awesome for 7 mana, don't get me wrong, but it) is making the spell less powerful. This gets worse as the game progresses. This means there is a narrow moment in the game (around 7-8 lands) that the card reliably delivers on its potential when running 12 basics. Afterwards it also makes other spells that search for basics completely useless, so youll have to balance the amount of basic-land-search spells with your basic land count. That did not match well for my build.
  • A third consideration is that I think other similar cards that compete for the spot are simply better, i.e. Genesis Wave, Scapeshift and Traverse the Outlands.

Tempt with Discovery is a lot of fun, and will create memorable moments, but isnt going to get you what you want reliably. In some scenarios, no one will join you and you pay 4 mana for something that Crop Rotation does at instant speed. In most other situations, the whole table joins. The issue with that scenario is that there will be a few players smart enough to search for Strip Mine or something similar and destroy the one land you actually wanted to get (usually Gaea's Cradle or Glacial Chasm). So, definitely play that card if you enjoy that type of effect and the interaction it creates at the table. It surely is a fun and potentially powerful card. I preferred to use cards that get me the lands I want reliably.

Hope this helped a bit clarifying my thoughts on the cards you mentioned ;).



ZendikariWol on Pinball Wizard - Karona, False God EDH

1 week ago

Explain to me in greater detail why and how that Starfield of Nyx/Enchanted Evening lock is a thing. I am confusion.

Also a neat idea for card advantage: Rishkar's Expertise, Soul's Majesty, and Hunter's Prowess. Traverse the Outlands is also fantastic.

Gleeock on Last Voyage of the Weatherlight

1 week ago

Gleeock on Last Voyage of the Weatherlight

1 week ago

ThinkJank on The Gall Ta Play Artifacts in Green!

2 weeks ago

TheRedGoat, thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughts, plentiful as they are. You raise a lot of good points, so I'll try to share my thinking on all of them.

First of all, you're right about Mycosynth Lattice and Mycosynth Golem, and it's a big part of why I haven't decided to included them in the deck or not (aside from the cost, of course; 15 is a bit more than I'm willing to spend.) Inspiring Statuary is less good in this deck than it could be, but I think it's still worth an inclusion for now.

I should probably go back into the primer and reword the section about building the deck around Ghalta. I tried to strike a happy medium between the artifact side of the deck and the powering out my commander half. Metalwork Colossus is the epicenter of these two halves, and it's basically the only reason I went the artifact route in the first place. That being said, I agree with your analysis on various types of artifact decks in EDH, and I think moving forward, I'll be placing a stronger emphasis on the Value Town aspect of artifacts. I've already got a bit of a sacrifice subtheme, with Krark-Clan Ironworks and Trading Post, so it probably wouldn't take too much reworking. I may bolster that a bit as I move forward with the deck. Part of my reasoning is that Metalwork Colossus also lends itself to sacrifice engines very nicely as well.

I think that a voltron artifact deck would suit Ghalta pretty well, and to be honest a decent part of why I'm reluctant to go that route is because I'd need to rework the deck so heavily. I'm already suited more to a value game than an aggro, even if my commander can end things quickly. You mentioned removing Triumph of the Hordes for more consistent infect enablers as a way to lean into aggro, and I agree that it's one of the weaker cards in the deck. On the list of potential removals, it's pretty high, but it's mostly in here as a "gotcha" to take out an opponent or two out of nowhere. The amount of hate that Infect gets makes me reluctant to run a more potent effect, though. It'll probably be removed whether I focus more on aggro or value, to be honest.

I like the idea of some power/toughness value cards, and I do think this deck is slightly lacking in card advantage. Life's Legacy could be a nice effect, but since I already have Rishkar's Expertise I don't know if I'd want more than two mega-draw cards. Traverse the Outlands is cute, but it only has tons of value after I've cast my commander, at which point I probably don't need much more mana.

Moving away from artifact discussion,Pump spells are kind of neat as rituals. I'd never considered that idea before, and I think Primal Bellow at the very least deserves testing. I think that Bellow is the only one I'd be interested in testing, since it has the additional potential of being used to give Ghalta +9/+9 and turn him into a one-shotter (lands willing, of course.) Token generators are another way I could generate some extra power, and it's a big part of the reason Myr Turbine is in the deck right now. You mentioned Avatar of Might as well, and it's funny - when I first started drafting the deck, I originally toyed with the idea of a deck based around cost reduction, rather than artifacts. As the focus shifted, I dropped it in favor of other things, but I'll test it to see if it might be worth an inclusion. (Best case scenario, it ends up being Ezuri's Brigade part 2.)

Once again, thanks a million for taking the time to share your thoughts. There's a lot of great ideas here, and I'll be taking some time over the next few days to test them. You really went above and beyond discussing options for Ghalta acceleration and Artifact synergy, and I appreciate the time and effort that went into this. Happy brewing!

Gleeock on Nensou's Knight Tribal

2 weeks ago

Regardless of the merits of Flagstones of Trokair (I have effectively gained small advantage with flagstones, Hurray for me!! :) ).. or perceived drawbacks of; I cannot agree, conceptually that deck thinning is a myth. Seems more like a mathematical theory (almost law) that pulling a specific card type from your deck leaves you with a high probability of a desirable spell/plays.

  • I have a couple of decks that actually significantly benefit from thinning. Examples:
  • In my Sisay deck I have early-played Traverse the Outlands when I had Multani, Maro-Sorcerer out. With a massive early mana base all proceeding draws were spells.
  • In my Sram deck I frequently use Sword of the Animist or, more impactfully, Land Tax to grab more lands than I need, discard extras, & augment my chances of impact draws instead of dead land draws.
  • Now if you are saying that something like flagstones in UNLIKELY to significantly thin a deck impactfully that could be a legitimate argument.

TheRedGoat on The Gall Ta Play Artifacts in Green!

2 weeks ago

So I love your concept here, but I notice how you say you started out wanting to build around Ghalta, and so now I'm conflicted with wanting to add support to your artifact theme OR your commander's game-plan of "fatty tribal", cause I'm not so sure they work well with each other. Let me do a not-so-short breakdown of what I'm thinking.

I'd first point out that Mycosynth Lattice and Mycosynth Golem do not work together like people are saying. The lattice doesn't make cards in your hand into artifacts, so the golem doesn't reduce the cost of creatures that are not already artifacts in your hand. However the Golem would still help you cheat things like Colossus of Akros into play if you've got a ton of artifacts and the Lattice is great with Inspiring Statuary (good call on dropping Titania's Song first btw, that would just blow up your lands with the lattice out). Oddly enough, the Statuary is kinda bad in your current build because it doesn't reduce the cost of your artifact creatures, but I presume this without having tested the build.

Now, to do a light step on actually figuring out artifact support, there's the inherent issue of being green, and I'm not talking about the fact that green usually hates on artifacts. No, my point is that if you are "playing an artifact deck" normally that means one of three things (to me at least): You're aggro/volron with equipment and tokens; you're combo/control with tutors and protection for pieces; or you're playing value engines with your grave as another place to just get your artifacts from. The fact that green can't provide anything past the recursion and maybe the protection effects and tokens is why most people don't play mono-green artifacts. The support isn't necessarily there for the artifacts themselves. This is why Oviya isn't even a great artifact commander as all she does is make artifact tokens and otherwise doesn't care about artifacts at all. No if green does do any artifact strategy the only one it can pull off effectively, in my mind, is the voltron aggro one. Which Ghalta is well suited for, but if you really want to hammer down on building it that way, you'd need to really alter your build from its current point. For one Triumph of the Hordes, while a little sneakier than having Grafted Exoskeleton out, isn't as effective in the long run. Nissa, Vital Force for instance would also be very powerful as a value engine, but your build doesn't have a good slot for it yet.

For building around Ghalta more directly though, and taking the fatty tribal theme focus over artifacts, you've got a ton of options for cards to improve the build without breaking your budget. For card advantage alone you could be playing Life's Legacy. Hunter's Insight, Hunter's Prowess, Momentous Fall, even Traverse the Outlands if that isn't too high (I don't claim to know what your budget is). You also do not seem to have explored the idea of using pump spells as ritual effects for your commander. Aspect of Hydra and Primal Bellow when timed right, and in regards to your commander at least, could be like paying 1 mana to gain 7+. This is not to mention some of the undercosted creatures out there that may not be free to cast but certainly have ways to be far more powerful than they appear. Avatar of Might is one cheap fatty option, but did if you're willing to look at tokens you should also remember that Saber Ants, Broodhatch Nantuko, and Ant Queen are all solid options as well (if completely off flavor)

Anyway, that's some of what I'm thinking about your build and I'm not sure where to delve further unless you've already got it in mind of where you'd want to sit on those extremes. If you don't want to settle for one that's an option too of course, but it is the most challenging as well.

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