When a player casts a spell, sacrifice Standstill. If you do, each of that player's opponents draws three cards.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Standstill Discussion

Jack32226 on Rot and Ruin (Muldrotha EDH)

1 month ago

Thank you for the comment, aznb01777.

Hesitation runs into a similar problem to Lunar Force . You shouldn't think of it as a "counter" necessarily, because it never counters something you want it to. In that case, the card is more like a two mana stax piece that forces one opponent to waste some small amount of mana and a card from their hand: not particularly powerful. Unlike Lunar Force, however, if your opponents choose not to cast spells, this stax piece could hinder you as well. Because of this, along with the fact that you must have Muldrotha on the board to make good use of this card, I personally do not recommend the card for most Muldrotha lists.

Additionally, the card falls into a category of cards in which the average impact is less than the amount of hate directed towards you. In other words, the card draws too much attention to yourself for its own good. If you like the effect of Hesitation and want to still play a good political game, I would recommend Standstill instead. The card is much more unlikely to make enemies, and can still achieve a solid stax effect.

BrassLord on Ninjutsu

2 months ago

@ theninjaedge I think it's looking a lot better! Adding in just a little interaction I think will allow you to solidify the late game! I understand the constraints that budget can bring. With your current supporting creature package (and if budget wasn't an issue) , Retrofitter Foundry fits perfectly, as you can sac any of the thopters for 4/4 constructs, and any of your changelings for any of the modes on the cards. I've seen a few interesting options in other legacy lists online. Most of the lists have some big CMC card to capitalize on a Yuriko trigger, something like a Gurmag Angler . Also playng an enabler creature turn one and Standstill turn two seems like a good line of play, as cheating in a ninja is not considered casting a spell!

Outside of general comments, I think that you're right around the sweet spot for supporting creatures! Previous lists ran things like Mothdust Changeling Thalakos Seer and Baleful Strix , but I like your aggressive list! In terms of changes I would double down on the card draw engine of Ingenious Infiltrator and Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow and maybe look into cutting some of the higher cmc ninjitsu targets like the obaki-gang shenobi. Only downside I can see is the deck could struggle against Plague Engineer , but you still have a solid portion of your creatures that get around it!

Depending on how far you lean into the Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow plan, Brainstorm and Ponder are cheap ways of filtering your top card for the deck. Another fun option is Discovery / Dispersal , as the discovery portion can filter the top card of your library as well as being considered a 7cmc from a Yuriko trigger. A burst 7 damage out of nowhere can be extremely aggressive and puts a considerable clock on your opponent!

But your current build seems fine, leaning into more creature disruption for consistent ping damage! Just some different directions to approach the deck! Hope it works out well, looks like a really fun list!

sylvannos on Simic Choke Control Needs Help

5 months ago

I've been toying around with this idea for a while in Modern:

Root Maze Choke Hold

Modern* sylvannos


Note, this deck isn't really well optimized and some of the card choices are out of date. The main idea is to use Root Maze and Choke to deprive your opponent of mana. You can also use Mind Bend to transform additional copies of Choke into more problems for your opponent.

I'd consider cutting Drake Haven and Stormtide Leviathan for some additional man lands or planeswalkers. Since you're playing casual, Standstill does really stupid things to your opponent in this kind of deck, since they end up getting smacked by man lands or out-valued by planeswalkers. But it punishes them for tapping out to cast cards by making Choke stronger. You might want to try this over your cycling cards.

Hybrow on Xyris but You are the Snake

6 months ago

I love my Xyris, the Writhing Storm.. One of my favorite decks right now.

I put Altar of the Brood in for fun, and its surprisingly good.. I managed to mill the entire table.

Standstill is also very nice if played at the end of your turn, you get to draw three along with any other opponents.

I also went heavy counter spells in my version, Arcane Denial and Dream Fracture are both good options.

Hybrow on Snakes on a Planeswalker - Xyris EDH swarm

8 months ago

Hello Pikobyte. Thanks for the view,

My group generally plays 3-4 player games. I have found that Teferi's Puzzle Box was phenomenal in the games I have played. It generates snakes every round.

Although I only have a few cards that so a classic wheel, there are a lot of cards that make players draw. Temple Bell, Howling Mine, Dictate of Kruphix, Fevered Visions, Rites of Flourishing, Standstill, Arcane Denial, Dream Fracture, Minds Aglow, Molten Psyche, Windfall, Vision Skeins, Words of Wisdom, Jace's Archivist, Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist. Most of these end up generating snakes on other players turns, so that on my turn they do not have sickness.

I do have one Wheel of Fortune, but its currently in another deck. May end up adding a proxy into this one and swapping it back and forth. I do also want to get a Windfall. Those two will definately find a place in this deck, probably replacing Lhurgoyf and Frantic Search

Are there any in particular you would suggest?

Gidgetimer on New Casual Play Deck Ideas???

10 months ago

That is why I tried to point you toward looking at lists. The deck itself is well rounded and has things to take care of them trying to remove Confinement. King Durdle is the version that I have played, and it routinely has a softlock turn 3 that lasts until I can win. The deck winning after 3-4 turns of lock may contribute to this and it is sounding like you want more 10+ turns of lock, so it may not be ideal. But I hope it can offer inspiration.

There are other versions of Enchantress available, MTGGoldfish has a modern Maze's Endchantress that you could combine with the legacy one if you wanted a more Ghostly Prison style lock. There are also many Stax decks that just keep people from playing at all instead of just building yourself a pillow fort so that they can not touch you. Landstill is another of these "delaying tactics" style decks though I am unfamiliar with how it works beyond playing Standstill and man-lands.

I am just trying to point you toward decks that may give you inspiration. Many of these style of decks are vast interconnected interactions and it is easier to look at the decks and take what you like than to try and fully explain the deck in a post.

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