Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle

Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle

Legendary Creature — Kraken

Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle enters the battlefield tapped with 5 slumber counters on it.

As long as Arixmethes has a slumber counter on it, it's a land. (It's not a creature.)

Whenever you cast a spell, you may remove a slumber counter from Arixmethes.

: Gain

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

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Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle Discussion

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

5 days ago

Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle kinda already covers that pretty well, but here's another take...

(front face)

Hicthus, the Lonely Peak

Legendary Land - Plains Mountain

(: add or )

~ enters the battlefield tapped

~ may be assigned as a blocker. If so, it neither deals nor receives combat damage.


(back face)

Hicthus, Ageless Charger

Legendary Creature - Rhino

Haste, Trample, Indestructible

Whenever ~ attacks and isn't blocked, exile it at end of combat, then return this card to the battlefield on it's front face


Make another MDFC. No other stipulations.

Narkro555 on Dragon go Om Nom Nom

3 months ago

Replaced Feast of Succession with Befoul. It's much rarer I'll want to get rid of indestructible tokens, instead of giant creatures or disguise lands like Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle.

Caerwyn on Can I Exhume/Reanimate Arixmethes?

6 months ago

The above answer is spot-on, but I wanted to add one clarification to the above answer, based on your parenthetical question of "or both": Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle will only count as a creature; it will not be both a creature or land.

This is different than Heliod; Heliod has both the Enchantment and Creature types, so it will be both an Enchantment and Creature in all zones. Or, for another example, Dryad Arbor has both Creature or Land as its type, so it will be both in all zones. Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle only has "Creature" as its type, so will only be a creature.

Balaam__ on Can I Exhume/Reanimate Arixmethes?

6 months ago

I’m fairly new to Mtg. Not sure about the deeper intricacies of the rules. Can I cast Exhume or Reanimate targeting Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle in my graveyard? I tried searching for an answer online and all I could find was that cards like Animate Dead or Dance of the Dead will not work. I can’t figure out if Arixmethes counts as a creature or land (or both?) while it’s in the graveyard, so I’m not sure if it can be exhumed/reanimated.

KioraBestsTheRest on List of all infinite combos 2.0

6 months ago

Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle + Pemmin's Aura or + Freed from the Real or Gyre Engineer Just attatch the enchantments to either the engineer or arixmethes

TriusMalarky on Building a commander deck... Help

8 months ago

Why in quack is Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle so expensive? The guy has $2 last I checked, so I kept him, and now here he is at $12.

bossomus on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

11 months ago


Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle is easier to cast only requiring 2GU whereas Zaxara, the Exemplary requires 1BGU. This means that it's easier to cast Arixmethes turn 1 or 2 than it is Zaxara. The other thing is that Arixmethes is a land which makes it a very hard to remove dork.

Though it is easier to go infinite with Zaxara using Freed from the Real than it is with Arixmethes, it is a very fragile combo that can lose because it can't find that aura. Sultai doesn't have great enchantment tutors, so you are only left with Vampiric Tutor, Diabolic Intent, and Demonic Tutor as means of grabbing it directly. The combo is also easily countered or stopped as all someone has to do is remove Zaxara (through anything from Swords to Plowshares to Cyclonic Rift). Arixmethes overall simply provides better consistent ramp which is what makes the deck stronger.

That being said, both decks can be strong, but one lends itself to more casual play than does the other.

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