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Drowning Uro, Dredging Phoenix

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Hide your poor Magic skills behind a thin veil of high variance plays! Standard players have long suffered from not having a deck so dependent on luck that any loss they incur could be chalked up to the Arena shuffler being broken or simply being blacklisted by WotC. No responsibility for your performance, no hurt egos, no need for self-reflection. Except when you win, then it's always a true display of pure skill.

This deck delivers just that. Spin that wheel by milling yourself on turn 1 hitting 3 Silversmote Ghouls and a Creeping Chill? Sounds like you are really good at this game! Hit 4 lands instead? Boo, so unlucky!

The key to slightly improving your odds is mulliganing aggressively. Having Silversmote Ghoul, Creeping Chill, or Arclight Phoenix in your opening hand is basically a mulligan already so looking for those Drowned Secrets really pays off. An opener that can cast Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is usually fine to keep, since getting to 5 mana is about the only reliable way to reanimate some birbs - we have only 9 one-drop spells so the usual line uses the radical idea of jump-starting Radical Idea. Maximize Velocity on Uro can also get there and is actually about the most adorable thing this abomination that should've been banned already can do.

Thassa's Oracle win is here to protect against Grafdigger's Cage (you Mystic Sanctuary a Find / Finality and then use that to get Oracle in hand - Find was chosen because it's monogreen whereas black mana is hard to find and Finality can sometimes wreck an unsuspecting opponent) and to beat those monowhite decks that start pooping out infinite angels with Speaker of the Heavens. This way, we have effectively 4 copies of the Oracle without wasting too many deckslots - Sanctuaries are at worst a tapland (which is nevertheless a cost and a reson we don't run 4) and Finding 2 Merfolk Secretkeepers is not the worst thing ever (it even brings back Phoenixes for a neat total of 4 mana).

And who knows, sometimes you'll win by milling out your opponent and feel extra smart that day!

Edit: After getting feedback in the comments, I added a sideboard. Against monored, Narcomoebas provide free blockers to cushion your lifetotal and Flame Sweep is a decent enough sweeper for the manabase we have. An extra Creeping Chill also goes a long way. Make space by cutting 4 Arclight Phoenix, Thassa's Oracle, Find / Finality, Maximize Velocity and use Jegantha, the Wellspring as a companion. Against targeted graveyard hate like Scavenging Ooze you can board in Aether Gust, which also hits the ever-present Wilderness Reclamation and is our tool against monogreen.


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