Selvala's Stampede

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vintage Legal

Selvala's Stampede


Council's dilemma - Starting with you, each player votes for wild or free. Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card for each wild vote. Put those creature cards onto the battlefield, then shuffle the rest into your library. You may put a permanent card from your hand onto the battlefield for each free vote.

Draknoz on dragons edh

7 months ago

I really must recommend Sneak Attack and Selvala's Stampede! Both have a great rate of free permanents in this deck!

Gleeock on Win Conditions / Near-whining Musings

7 months ago

I started EDH with Captain Sisay, so I know formulaic endgame-focused decks. I've found myself enjoying more midgame decks, random Timmiestuff that proceeds to the endgame but does so in incremental pieces, pulling tutors and replacing with Selvala's Stampede And splashplay random spells with more options than win-now creature combos. This is where I can start to argue: what is truly acceptable to call a wincon?

Gleeock on What is Wrong with Effects …

10 months ago

I think R&D needs to do some more R&D'ing is all. Scaling cards are healthy for the format & they should keep doing it. Scaling cards often have a high demand to them that shows up as a hiked up $$ value. If a card speeds up the early game based on the amount of opponents, I see that as a good thing. I love Selvala's Stampede as an example of a fantastic scaling card & one of the few decent post-Cyclonic Rift responses in the game. I play a bunch of decks that actually become hamstrung with less opponents because I play the game with the social (multiplayer) aspect in mind & my brews reflect this. I think to a certain extent this is sometimes an attempt to separate formats as there is always this outcry about "made for EDH" cards when cards have scaling potential but are released in general WoTC products.

Kamerot on The crushing jaws of a howling slaybeast

10 months ago

Hey there, I'm a big fan of the premise of your deck. I've always liked goreclaw, she's a fun card. With that said, I do have some suggestions:

  • Prowling Serpopard -> Allosaurus Shepherd/Destiny Spinner - if your budget allows, shepherd is the better choice, but both are upgrades to serpopard.
  • Veteran Explorer -> Arbor Elf - without a dedicated sac outlet, there is no guarantee you can get explorer in the graveyard in a timely manner, plus it helps all of your opponents. Since you're running both ashaya and yavimaya, arbor elf can potentially untap all of your big mana engines, plus it's an elf and benefits Priest of Titania.
  • Myojin of Life's Web -> Argothian Elder - myojin was always lackluster for me, plus you can't cheat it out. The elder is an elf which again will help priests, plus with ashaya, It goes infinite which is great with all the big fatties you're running.
  • See the Unwritten -> Selvala's Stampede - for the same cmc, you get a much better spell that doesn't make you pitch anything to the graveyard. And what's great about Stampede, it gets better with the more opponents you have. Just make sure you keep a couple of permanents in your hand to cover any way your opponents vote.
  • Those are the big suggestions I have to make at first glance. Here's some other good options for card advantage if you ever find yourself running out of steam.

  • Beast Whisperer
  • Guardian Project
  • Rishkar's Expertise
  • Hope this all helps, and good luck!

    eliakimras on Ghired - Precon Primal Genesis - Heavy Upgrade

    10 months ago

    Hey! I'm glad you liked Elder Gargaroth in action!

    Also, I playtested your deck and got a turn 2 Ghired with Exploration and Ancient Tomb (reeeally hard for an opponent to answer it). Burgeoning has a similar effect.

    I don't like giving options for opponents with Selvala's Stampede, but, if you're using it, make it so that all creatures are relevant/powerful when flipped with the Stampede (so no Sakura-Tribe Elder, for example).

    Maybe Swift Reconfiguration is the instant speed Kenrith's Transformation you're looking for :-)

    As always, I like to know how this deck is going - I even playtest it every now and then to know how it is to be playing the best cards for Ghired, Conclave Exile. Cheers!

    m4rs on Ghired - Precon Primal Genesis - Heavy Upgrade

    10 months ago

    Hi eliakimras,

    I was now able to do some playtests with the current set. I still changed some more cards.


    Feedback to new or rarely played cards:

    • Quartzwood Crasher is insane good. Thematically, and also its easy to get like a 10 or 15/15 Token, which you can copy with ghired, after that its gonna be snowball. Surely one of the best cards in this deck. Similar with Elder Gargaroth
    • Selesnya Eulogist: Surprisingly good card, I rarely drew it beside the fact thats it a day 1 card of this deck. But targeting creatures from other graveyards (or the own) to prevent reanimate or similiar, and getting blockers is very good!

    Cards I am uncertain:

    Still the deck has a lot of protection, and I am not sure if it too much, but as Ghired is quite expensive, I will right now, not cut a indestructible spell.

    About your utility Lands. yeah Gavony Township might be a cool manasink. But Right now I dont have it, as I put it in another deck. also i have a lot of utility lands right now. Kessig wolf run I removed, as having Trample seems no problem in my last plays.

    Gleeock on Wait wait wrong egg WRONG EGG | **Primer**

    11 months ago

    Yeah, while I was posting that I was thinking of how I need to add Selvala's Stampede back into my deck, I don't really know why I ever took it out (maybe because I added a buttload of mass removal instead?) not really sure. It is one of the best cards around to keep in-hand for inevitable Cyclonic Rifts. My other rift insurance is usually just having Ruric Thar, the Unbowed & dmg multipliers on-field, with which I've hilariously killed players before it resolves.

    As far as Creative Technique goes, it is nice that it doesn't depend on hand-size, although I often have a fatty or 2 stuck in-hand that I don't really want to hardcast. Since Creative Technique gives me 2 shots & I get to choose my opponent, I usually just choose an opponent with a strategy-set that has a very low likelihood of resulting in high-end threats (I can always find a value-engine or aristrocrats deck to pick on :) ), while I know this deck has BIG ones, so I've yet to actually witness the scenario where I only see a couple of 2-ramps & my opponent sees a Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip

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