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Inspired by Above, Below, and Beyond, Kaalia's Treasure Trove, and

The Deck

I enjoy Kaalia as a commander and would like to optimize it for fun yet casual play as I still want to have friends (or the little I have left since I play Kaalia). I will try to adhere as much as I can to my self imposed rules to create a fun experience in my table and avoid things like Master of Cruelties, as that will just make one of my friends go make a soup while the others keep playing. I am keeping a record of all recommended cards I have been giving insight on, as well as documentation on the journey of this deck.


  • Have the deck succeed on its own after Kaalia dies the first few times.
  • Play as many cards as I can, whatever they might do.
  • Card Draw: Have lots of card draw to have a smooth experience.
  • Jank: Keep my friends after playing.

Self Imposed Rules

  • Keep the deck under $550 U.S. dollars.
  • No one shotting a single player with one card.
  • Little to no tutors. (*)(**)

(*)For people following this deck for a while, you might have noticed V.3's rule was "Little to no combos". This rule was a bit redundant with the second one so I have changed it to "Little to no tutors".

(**) "Little to no tutors?!?! Is this guy dumb?!?!" yeah, kind of. Truth is this Kaalia deck has always had some big threats for creatures, one free creature cheat and everyone is pointing their gun at you. Tutors were just making the hard focus on me more consistent, which felt like crap. We are getting rid of tutor consistency and focusing on card draw and survavility now.

If for whatever reason you are into winning, the overall strategy of the deck in V.4 is to gain life, draw cards, drop big threats, generate angels, and win by poking people for big chunks while trying to not draw the whole table aggro on you. That said, there are two combos in the deck to stop your Green/Blue friend's eternal rampage with a "I win, let's go home", however you will need to draw it (remember, no tutors).

RNG: Dragon Tempest + Ancient Gold Dragon -> A bit of an RNG fest for fun that deals damage per dragons entering the battlefield from the Gold Dragon.

Combat Phases: Aurelia, the Warleader + Sword of Hearth and Home + Another Creature -> Infinite Combat Phases if the sword is equipped on another attacking creature, while Aurelia is attacking as well.

Interesting cards and card combos I might never try, but are here for the record:

Just cards and card combos I've found around other Kalia decks that seemed to be a tad too annoying to my table:


Updates Add

Back in V.3, the Jank was everywhere. No synergy, no clear goals, raw combat, some reanimation here and there, some lifelink, some treasures, some everything everywhere. Despite the wonderful help of a lot of people I was not able to find the proper road for this Kaalia deck, until V.4.

V.4 is the epitome of this deck trying to find who they want to be in life. One day I randomly put Descent into Avernus in V.3 and loved the card. It gave me everything, card draw, mana, even death! Yes, I died to it as I had no way to remove it. I loved it. V.4 is the deck morphing quite a bit into Angels and Lifelink while still maintaining some of the cards that I like from Dragons and Demons for treassures and card draw. It has some intentional Jank, however, in favor of all the stupidity I wanted to do, which is almost No Tutors (god save us) and barely one Instant (who needs Instants when you never have untapped mana to use them anyways). A final note and honrable mention for Bolas's Citadel as with all the lifelink included now, this thing accelerates the deck with rocket science.

On V.4.1 I plan on cleaning my Maybe Board as it is a mess.


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