Quicksilver Amulet

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Quicksilver Amulet


, : You may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield.

legendofa on Summon Mechanic - Help?

2 months ago

It definitely feels different, and more distinct from Dash. At this point, I'm going to go back to my first question: is this going to be mostly triggered, activated, or something else? I'm trying to eyeball an appropriate cost or timing for this. Quicksilver Amulet has an activation cost of , and Elvish Piper is , so that's a starting point.

Next thought is that it needs either a timing restriction or a marker on the "if it would die" clause. If it survives for two turns, then dies, do you want it to return to hand? If so, it needs a counter or something. If not, it needs and "until end of turn" clause or similar in there.

It at least feels less easily broken, but it's still potentially pretty powerful, especially with multiple uses for each turn. I'm going to ask for an example card at this point, and gauge off that.

jameswarlord on [KFC] Kaalia Friended Chickens

4 months ago

Azoth2099 I've never tried Moxfield! I pre-emptively imported the deck in there (www.moxfield.com/decks/_LTrrj5RfUKsBLkk0pXm4g) just in case but no idea how to go about co-brewing it :)

For a list of cards I wouldn't really like to part with from playing as I enjoy them quite a lot and always play I made this little list:

Ignawesome on Fiery Death by Dragons

4 months ago

I already swapped Mirror March with the Goblin Engineer! The Welder might be better in some situations but I just don't wanna draw him with an empty graveyard when the deck struggles so much with card draw and dead draws.

I have tested Sneak Attack and although it's a powerful card, I find it empties my hand too quick and then I run out of gas :(

I've had more luck just using the Quicksilver Amulet, it's more mana expensive but playing dragons as instant before the start of turn and having they stick has worked better than hitting once for 5-10. When I need fast damage I use Zirilan to get Dragon Tyrant :) And if I already drew it, I hope to get a scroll rack, the amulet or get a wheel effect (blazing shoal should also be pretty good)

Housegheist on The Wrath of the Sea

7 months ago

You’re using Quicksilver Amulet… what do you think about Monster Manual… it’s not that mana-extensive…

jdogz32 on Art-Infect

7 months ago

If you want to add blightsteel I'd recommend adding either Quicksilver Amulet or Kuldotha Forgemaster these are easy ways to cheat him down. However most infect decks are all about speed and ramp so I'd stay away from Blightsteel Colossus I have an entire deck based around playing him and it's already hard enough to get him down. Another good one is Vines of Vastwood

iPhalanx on Big Doinks

8 months ago

Update May 2023: I stopped playing the Magic for almost 4 years, back now and made some swaps with newer cards as well as some cards that I should've been running in the first place.



lhetrick13 on Kaalia's Treasure Trove

9 months ago

EquivocalVision - Thanks for the compliments! Definitely still a work in progress if you read the notes/updates but it is getting there! It would be so easy to make so MANY Kaalia decks as there are so many good angels, demons, and dragons but so far I am loving the dragon synergy. I really want to get Ancient Gold Dragon added for combos off Terror of the Peaks, Dragon Tempest, or Scourge of Valkas as rolling a ten with no damage modifiers out or no other dragons in play equates to 66 damage :)

I had never seen Zirilan of the Claw...interesting card. You are also not the first to mention Quicksilver Amulet so I really need to add that to the Maybe Board to experiment with. You are right about if people instantly kill Kaalia of the Vast the deck is pretty slow but that is where all those treasure producing enchantments should come in handy! Kaalia speeds up the deck significantly but without her it still does pick up stream, and makes me significantly less of a target until I am a target :)

Personally, I feel like using cards like Sneak Attack to cheat creatures out only to have them possible exiled would do the deck as it is currently built a disservice but that is a unique twist this deck could take with the Flickering. has plenty of cards that you could add in to support that strategy to make it viable and there are enough demons, angels, and dragon with ETBs effects that could be used to punish, tutor, or protect as needed. I mean, could you imagine flickering Dockside Extortionist for 2x treasure production! I may take a stab at this idea in the future as I have never looked into a deck like that but it has potential...

I did take a look at your deck...Blast-Furnace Hellkite looks very similar to Sylvia Brightspear except it is a dragon...I like this! Lots of other angels and demons I had not seen before or would like to add to my deck but room is scarce.

Thanks again for the upvote and your thoughts, I appreciate it!

EquivocalVision on Kaalia's Treasure Trove

9 months ago

Very nice deck! I love Kaalia. Love your emphasis on dragons!

I have a couple of suggestions if you're open to them.

Have you considered Zirilan of the Claw? Very good card if you're having trouble getting Kaalia to stick. People see her, they hate her, they kill her. Having a backup to cheat her out is always good. Along with Quicksilver Amulet. Good ways to make sure you don't get stuck unable to play something. Conjurer's Closet and Teleportation Circle are great in combination with Zirilan and also Sneak Attack. Imagine being able to sneak out a dragon for ONE mana, and then flickering it to untap at your end step and you get to them keep it... That's just insanely good. Or with Zirilan, you get to search for a dragon, give it haste, then flicker it to untap and keep it at the end of your turn. If you'd like, you can always check out my Kaalia deck for other ideas. I love Kaalia. I'd say she's my number one main deck I run. Kaalia's Bounce House

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