Conjurer's Closet

Conjurer's Closet


At the beginning of your end step, you may exile a creature you control, then return it to the battlefield under your control.

Conjurer's Closet Discussion

CaptainToll on Brago - where did all my friends go?

1 week ago

HELLcaster19 hey there :) Actually Soulherder is just about to come into the Deck :) Felidar Guardian and Conjurer's Closet have been considered, but I deemed them to slow...maybe you have experience with how they are doing. I actually tried to actively avoid the permanents, that lay on the field and need another creature to do anything, however I opened an showcase-art Thassa, Deep-Dwelling and just had to put that beauty in. That maybe marked the point, where I start to include those effects :) I will have a look at your Deck aswell, maybe I get some inspiration from your list.

HELLcaster19 on Brago - where did all my friends go?

1 week ago

CaptainToll Would you possibly consider: Felidar Guardian, Soulherder, Conjurer's Closet?

The Closet and Soulherder can blink out one of your creatures at your end step, generating additional value off of any permanents of your choosing.

Additionally, Soulherder gets bigger each time a creature is exiled (including those of each of your opponents), deterring people from wanting to swing any of their remaining big bois your way. Which also works really well with Felidar Guardian, which will blink in any permanent upon re-entry, so it can speed up the buff process of Soulherder.

Just a few suggestions! Overall, I like it. It is similar to mine.

KayneMarco on Animar ETB EDH

1 week ago

Since you’re going the etb route with him here’s a number of cards to consider:

Deadpoo111 on ¤=[]:::::Sword of the Elder Ones:::::::>

2 weeks ago

I think you could add more blink effects to be honest. I've found that Golos land decks are incredibly successful when they blink a lot because it protects your cards and gets more etb effects. Some really good options are Ghostly Flicker, Ephemerate, Soul Herder, and Conjurer's Closet. In addition, some super good landfall effects like Tatyova, Benthic Druid and Rampaging Baloths can pack a serious punch. Finally, I don't think I've ever seen a Golos deck with a maze's end wi con not run Scapeshift because if you have enough lands, you can win the game bby searching for the gates and maze's end. Very cool concept and a fun blend of strategies! +1

bushido_man96 on ¤=[]:::::Sword of the Elder Ones:::::::>

2 weeks ago

Conjurer's Closet would blink your Commander once a turn.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on This deck has a 100% chance of stealing your girl

3 weeks ago

I love myself a good'ol theft deck. May I suggest the new Thassa, Deep-Dwelling? It's an additional Conjurer's Closet that is harder to interact with and has a relevant secondary ability. Also, you run only 5 ramp spells, with a lot of 5+ cmc spells. This is in addition to your 5cmc commander who is a lightning rod for removal, regardless of how group-huggy your deck is. I'd suggest adding a few more ramp options. There are the usual ramp suspects, but cards like Ghirapur Orrery, Rites of Flourishing, Heartbeat of Spring, Veteran Explorer, Pir's Whim, and New Frontiers fit your group hug theme.

A few other cards that are very strong in my Scarab God theft deck that you might consider are:

Rite of Replication - not theft exactly, but getting 5 copies of the best creature on the battlefield is extremely powerful

Sudden Substitution - probably the best counter spell printed in the format in a long while and it fits very well with the theft theme

Illusionist's Gambit - a highly underrated card that plays into your theft and pillow fort themes.

Mirage Mirror - honestly, this card is starting to become an auto-include in most of my decks, but it is even more potent in this style of deck.

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