Righteous Valkyrie

Righteous Valkyrie

Creature — Angel Cleric


Whenever another Angel or Cleric enters the battlefield under your control, you gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

As long as you have at least 7 life more than your starting life total, creatures you control get +2/+2.

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Righteous Valkyrie Discussion

wallisface on Lifegain modern

1 day ago

Some thoughts:

  • at 74 cards, you’re a LONG way above the required 60. This is going to lead to your hands and draws overall being both less-consistent, and weaker. Always aim to reduce a deck to just using the 60 cards

  • gaining life itself doesn’t actually help you win a game of magic. You need more way to profit from that lifegain. I’m surprised to not see stuff like Speaker of the Heavens and Righteous Valkyrie here.

  • Aura enchantments like Light of Promise and Sunbond are normally super bad, because if/when the opponent killspells the creature, you’ve lost 2 cards, and they’re only down 1. But especially in this case, where there are creatures that already do “close enough” to what these enchants are offering (i.e. Ajani's Pridemate)

legendofa on Hellbound Divinity

1 month ago

Welcome to the club! This deck has some good ideas, but could use some trimming as well. Most of your cards are at mana value 3-5, which means the first few turns are going to be empty a lot of the time. Trim down the 4-5 mana cards and add some more 1-2 mana cards. As Balaam__ mentioned, you want to get to 60 cards, so there's unfortunately going to be more cutting cards than replacing.

My suggestion here is to focus on the Angels and life gain. You have good cards for a token deck, but they wouldn't do that much to support this one, so set cards like Anointed Procession, Teysa Karlov, Sorin, Solemn Visitor, and Akroma's Memorial aside. These cards work well when you're churning out tokens with cards like Lingering Souls or Battle Screech. Then try to maximize the effects of Archangel of Thune and Righteous Valkyrie, which are a good couple of cards to build around.

So those are my first thoughts for this deck. Above all, have fun!

JrSwifterz on Sisters of the Abzan

1 month ago

This is a really awesome deck! I've been looking into a lot of Soul Sister's decks and this one caught my eye. Though I was wondering why you are running 4 copies of Trelasarra, Moon Dancer when it's a legendary. Other than that, I think Speaker of the Heavens would be a great fit for this deck, since it can be called in by Collected Company and works well in tandem with Righteous Valkyrie

Vessiliana on On the Backs of Angels

3 months ago

Have you considered Baneslayer Angel, Emeria Angel, or Righteous Valkyrie? They seem like they could help to lower your curve a bit while providing some cool advantages.

Endersword334 on Orzhov Life Gain

4 months ago

I would recommend only 3 Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose or potentially just two. I would also add Speaker of the Heavens and Righteous Valkyrie for more life gain payoff.

zapyourtumor on Silverbloom Clerics (Arena BO1 Ranked)

4 months ago

Soulmender definitely feels like a much better 1 drop here than Shambling Ghast. And I think you could cut 4x Hunt for Specimens for 4x Righteous Valkyrie since the former is kind of bad while the latter is like a better version of Kor Celebrant with a wincon stapled on.

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