Dragon's Hoard

Dragon's Hoard


Whenever a Dragon enters the battlefield under your control, put a gold counter on this.

, Remove a gold counter from this: Draw a card.

: Gain one mana of any colour.

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Dragon's Hoard Discussion

multimedia on Mother of dragons

1 week ago

Hey, nice version so far.

You have only 91 cards of 100. Consider adding three more lands and these cards to get to 100?

Hellkite Charger combos with Old Gnawbone for as many extra attacks as you want. Crux of Fate can wreck all your opponents creatures and not yours. Temur Ascendancy is a haste enabler and repeatable draw whenever a Dragon you control ETB including when a Dragon token is created. Get Court of Bounty onto the battlefield before you cast Tiamat to accelerate being able to get Dragons you tutored for with Tiamat onto the battlefield. Bounty is also repeatable draw with the monarch which Dragons help you to keep the monarch and get it back if you lose it.

Faeburrow Elder and Dragon's Hoard are nice ramp for Dragons. Elder can tap to make two mana or up to five mana (one of each color if you control Tiamat). Hoard is also repeatable draw and counts when Dragon tokens are created. Exotic Orchard, Path of Ancestry and Haven of the Spirit Dragon are more five color lands that can add more color fixing for the manabase.

If interested I offer more advice in another comment. Would you like more advice? Good luck with your deck.

faustodemambo on The Ur-Dragon, quest for 100%

1 month ago


Sorry for the late response, I don't have a lot of time on my hands anymore sadly

1 Embercleave its player removal with my commander out. I don't have to flash it out as I can put it on the battlefield with The Ur-Dragon's ability so its harder to counter. If I see that people are out of mana I can use the flash part but its not needed all the time

2 I don't think Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth is good enough as I'm not playing cards that can tutor it. As soon as all 5 colours are printed I'm changing my rampcards to be able to tutor lands

3 Steely Resolve has worked great for me as haste is quite important and it also protects some of my more important cards

4 Wasitora, Nekoru Queen was a card that I wanted to cut for some time but I didn't know what I could replace it with. For now I have added Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient but he might get cut for Moonveil Regent

5 Conqueror's Flail will make this list for Grand Abolisher, I just want to get grand abolisher out vs my friends Kozilek, the Great Distortion deck once. As soon as that happend I will change em

6 Dragon's Hoard is 1 mana to much for me. I have tried to keep all my ramp artifacts at 0-2 mana. The Great Henge doesn't follow that rule but that card can be 2 mana and is just to good not to have

multimedia on Tiamat and Her Dragons

1 month ago

Hey, for a first Commander deck well done. You have some interesting card choices and nice Ur-Dragon, Gnawbone, Utvara and Sarkhan.

An area to consider improving on is repeatable draw. When you can get draw from simply having a Dragon ETB then this can help gameplay. Some budget repeatable draw sources to consider adding:

Most of these cards give you more than one effect: Temur Ascendancy is also haste enabler, Dragon's Hoard and Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner is also ramp, Court of Bounty can also be cheat a Dragon from your hand onto the battlefield as well as land ramp, Garruk's Uprising also gives all creatures you control trample to break through an opponent's annoying flying Spirit or Angel tokens.

You have Dragon Arch and Quicksilver Amulet which are nice effects to cheat Dragons onto the battlefield, but Court of Bounty is a step above these because it provides other effects. It can be repeatable draw with monarch or lets you play a land from your hand at your upkeep. The monarch is you draw a card at your end step, but only one player in the game can be the monarch. Any player who does combat damage to you or plays a card that makes them the monarch then becomes the monarch and you lose the monarch. You can get it back though and flying Dragons help a lot at attacking as well as blocking for an opponent not to be able to do combat damage to you.

Hellkite Charger is a combo with Old Gnawbone for infinite attacks with Dragons, but if you're playing casual then you might want to avoid a combo like this. I would include it as a win condition with Dragons. There's some budget creature/Dragon upgrades to consider:

You have the three staple budget Rainbow lands already: Tower, Orchard and Ancestry which is great, but you could improve the manabase other ways. If you have a low budget for lands then my advice is replace lands that always ETB tapped with a Tri land. A Tri land such as Jungle Shrine also always ETB tapped, but the color fixing it provides, three colors, is worth it. A land such as Swiftwater Cliffs isn't worth it instead consider Frontier Bivouac?

Archway Commons, Gateway Plaza and other lands like this are not good even though they can potentially make one of five colors. You can't play one of them unless you control an untapped land to pay 1 mana and that's a big requirement just be able to play a land.

Some budget land changes to consider:

If interested I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

Profet93 on The Ur-Dragon, quest for 100%

1 month ago

faustodemambo +1

  1. What is the point of Embercleave? Seems really out of place. You seem better off with more ramp or card draw to accelerate your commander out. I see its a one-shot with your commander, seems a bit niche. If you already are at the stage where you can cast your commander and can attempt to swing in, most people will be wary of you holding up mana and it seems like a one trick pony, at least in my meta. Would love to know how its worked for you.

  2. Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth or whatever the new green urborg can help with color fixing. Allows your fetches to tap for green to help ensure you don't need to shuffle your top decks should you like them (top, rack, etc...)

  3. I'm assuming Steely Resolve has worked well for you given you don't target your own creatures aside from the few equipment?

  4. Wasitora, Nekoru Queen - Seems weak, although idk much about dragon tribal. How has it been for you?

  5. Conqueror's Flail - Although anti-synergy with Steely, and weaker due to allowing the abilities of artifacts, creatures and enchantments, flail is another possibility to consider. Slightly less susceptible to removal. Provides a buff and is easier to cast. Food for thought

  6. Dragon's Hoard - Seems like an auto-include, am I missing something, is it too slow?

multimedia on Tiamat

2 months ago

Hey, welcome to TappedOut and Commander. Nice collection of cards for your first deck, but you've kind of just added cards to add them to make a deck not because they belong with Dragons.

Some advice is to consider getting the new Draconic Rage Commander precon? It's a preconstructed 100 card Commander deck that's focused on a Dragon theme. In the precon are several cards that would be upgrades for your deck.

More advice is consider doing some research at EDHRec Top Cards in Commander? These cards are the most played cards in Commander, called staples and most are budget. EDHRec is a great site to see examples of deck building for Commander. Several of these cards are in the Draconic Rage precon.

You can also look at the budget cards that most people playing five color Dragons use EDHRec Dragons.

The main reason that most of these cards are the most played is because they provide high synergy, effects for Dragons, Dragon tribal effects. Atarka, World Render gives itself and all other attacking Dragons you control double strike which makes each Dragon do more combat damage either to the opponent blockers or to the opponent who they attacked. Crux of Fate can destroy all nonDragon creatures leaving just you with an army of Dragons to attack your opponents unblocked and not have to worry as much about the opponents attacking you after.

Another reason most of these cards are most played is because they have more than one effect such as Dragon's Hoard. It can be ramp, making any one color, as well as repeatable draw making this one card a source of ramp and a source of draw. Temur Ascendancy is a haste enabler letting Dragons attack the same turn they ETB and it's also a repeatable draw source each time any 4 or more power creature you control ETB including creature tokens.

What EDHRec lacks is casual deck building structure advice, basic guidelines to follow to structure a casual Commander deck. Good ratios for a starting basic structure:

When you have a basic structure in place then you can of course add other cards that do other things. When playing five colors ramp is important because ramp also provides mana color fixing from getting lands that can make different colors of mana (Farseek) or from mana rocks (Arcane Signet)/mana dorks (Faeburrow Elder) that can make different colors of mana. Ramp is also just as important when your Commander, in this case Tiamat, has a high converted mana cost (CMC). Tiamat is 7 CMC which ramp can help to cast him and then that same ramp can help to cast other Dragons.

Good luck with your deck.

almighty9374 on The Ur-Dragon, quest for 100%

2 months ago

What about artifact cards like Dragon's Hoard and Dragons like Lathliss, Dragon Queen and Utvara Hellkite that help produce dragons? they are really good at generating dragons which will allow you to cheat out additional permanents if Ur-Dragon is out.

wallisface on Haphazard Bombardment

2 months ago

shadow63 it depends how competitive you want to make the deck. Thunderbreak Regent is viable, but i’d argue the other cards suggested aren’t worth running.

Skyship Stalker is pretty weak for its mana cost, and is very mana-hungry… there are just better dragons available.

Dragonlord's Servant does help cast dragons, but normally means you’re not running enough interaction to make it to the late game (i.e. a killspell usually buys you as much time as this card would anyway). Also, in a modern game, a dragon deck is aiming to generally cast a single dragon and win through its sheer power alone, and so the servant and Dragon's Hoard often provide very little value. The aim should be to control the board till you can resolve a dragon safely - not trying to rush flooding the board with them (that will often get you killed in the process).

shadow63 on Haphazard Bombardment

2 months ago

Skyship Stalker and Thunderbreak Regent are good dragons Dragonlord's Servant can help you cast them. You could try Dragon's Hoard

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