Minas Tirith

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Minas Tirith

Legendary Land

Minas Tirith enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a legendary creature.

: Add .

, : Draw a card. Active this ability only if you attacked with two or more creatures this turn.

Crow_Umbra on Battle Buddies

1 day ago

Hi there, I saw your comment on the feed and thought I'd offer some suggestions on potential cuts. Some thoughts from looking over your deck:

  • First off, I think it's great that you have something like Insurrection as a top end finisher. Having played against some goad decks in my play groups ( mostly Kardur, Doomscourge), they can have trouble closing out games.

  • Your 4 drop slot seems pretty crowded and I think where you could focus some of your cuts. I think some of the cuts can eventually get turned into a couple more 2cmc rocks to help you ramp. If anything, you could probably swap 2-3 of your land slots for a couple more rocks like Talisman of Conviction, Boros Signet, Mind Stone, and maybe Cursed Mirror to copy a valuable creature.

  • Speaking of lands, I think if you stay heavy on the Enchantments, it'd be worth it to run Hall of Heliod's Generosity and maybe a few other utility lands like War Room, Minas Tirith, Scavenger Grounds, and Volatile Fault. Land destruction beyond Generous Gift/Beast Within isn't super common in most play groups. You could probably swap a few of your basics for some of these.

  • Goblin Diplomats might be more trouble than its worth, since your opponents can still attack you. This could maybe get swapped with Grenzo, Havoc Raiser

  • I think Fumiko can be a potential cut, mostly because she forces your opponents to attack, but not necessarily to attack each other like Goad might.

  • Firemane Commando as a removal option seems kinda clunky. You could maybe swap her for something like Soul Partition, which can be a protective effect or removal.

  • Mangara might be a potential cut, but I think this is more of a meta dependent call. I played him in a really early iteration of my Isshin deck, and oftentimes my opponents would remove him or play around his abilities by sending their 1 biggest and/or most evasive creature at me.

  • You can maybe swap Agitator Ant with Nils, Discipline Enforcer, since you have control over the counter distribution, and he also punishes the utilization of any counters on your opponents' creatures.

  • Assemble the Legion could be a potential cut, as it seems kinda slow for the payoff.

If you're interested, I theory-crafted a Nelly Borca deck that is trying to do what you want to do with this deck. I doubt I'll ever put it together, but it could be helpful to compare notes with. We definitely have some core similarities, but I think I lean a bit more into aggro elements for the deck to fall back to as a finisher, or if the Goad options aren't online. Check out The Slander Commander if you'd like.

Infatuated_Amnesiac on Patron of the Moon + …

2 weeks ago

I don't suppose the "_____ enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a legendary creature" bit on the lotr lands allow you to put those lands into play untapped with Patron of the Moon's "put up to two lands into play tapped" ability?

Minas Tirith

Valengeta on This is the Rhythm of the Knight

1 month ago

Thank you for liking the deck and your suggestions!

I know the draw seems kinda light, but actually the main draw engine of the deck is Sidar's Emminence, which will make me draw a card every turn as long as I attack. Still, I can probably replace Oversold Cemetery for another draw spell. I'm thinking Mystic Remora.

I've considered Guardian of Faith when researching cards for the deck, but went for other knights. I will however add Minas Tirith

Crow_Umbra on This is the Rhythm of the Knight

1 month ago

Esos son Reebok o son Nike?

Cool deck! A few quick thoughts:

  • You seem kinda light on draw, at 5. Might be helpful to consider stuff like Night's Whisper, Chart a Course, & Mystic Remora. I get you have multiple tutors, but some of these quick bursts can still be helpful, & are harder to interact with than your other draw enchantments that just sit there.

  • Plumb the Forbidden is one of my favorite draw pieces that I mostly use in aggro decks as a response to board wipes.

  • If you're open to Universes Beyond stuff, Guardian of Faith & Minas Tirith might be worth considering.

Crow_Umbra on Anim Pakal, Gnomes of Devastation

3 months ago

Your deck looks pretty fun. I run Anim Pakal in the 99 of one of my decks, and have enjoyed how she plays. In looking at your deck, I do have a few recommendations for consideration:

Hope these suggestions are to your liking.

Crow_Umbra on Soveriegn Above All

3 months ago

I haven't had a chance to slot Chivalric Alliance into their relevant decks yet, but have liked Minas Tirith, since my meta doesn't run much land destruction beyond stuff like Beast Within/Generous Gift/Demolition Field.

A couple more creatures I'd recommend checking out are Managorger Hydra and Ravenous Slime. Managorger can get huge pretty quickly (assuming it doesn't eat removal), and Ravenous Slime is a cheeky bit of graveyard/aristocrats hate that can also balloon up.

Nice! My primary playgroup moved on from "tabletop Modern jank" to EDH once the 60 card stuff started becoming samey. We were playing it mostly multiplayer anyways, so EDH made most sense. My first EDH deck attempt was turning the Sydri, Galvanic Genius precon into something resembling a deck. I consider Tuvasa the Sunlit to be my first true EDH deck, since that's the first one I took the time to actually upgrade. I took Tuvasa apart a while ago, but my Gylwain, Casting Director deck uses quite a bit of the pieces that Tuvasa originally used.

Crow_Umbra on Soveriegn Above All

3 months ago

That's understandable regarding your ramp to land ratio. Land quantity is one of those personal preference things that everyone has their own feel for. I realized you have 15 pieces of ramp, since I tend to sort out of custom categories by default.

On the topic of draw, thoughts on Guardian Project, Chivalric Alliance, and Minas Tirith as some additional options to keep you fueled up? Given how creature heavy your deck is, along with some of the token generators, but Aura Shards could be a decent removal piece in here. Since Shards is a "may" trigger, you can use it politically.

Flowering is cool, definitely a card I've really come to enjoy. I think you should be good with the color-fixing you currently run, as I currently run it in a 3 color deck without much issue.

In reading your profile, it seems like we have parallels into how/when we got into MtG. I started playing tabletop jank in late 2012-early 2013, when I was in college. The Esper and Bant pre-cons from 2013 were my first two EDH decks, which sat in my collection until my group started playing EDH in 2019.

Crow_Umbra on Ave, True to Caesar (Primer Prototype)

3 months ago

Generally speaking, I think Caesar and token Isshin lists will end up having a lot of similarities. In looking at your list, I have a few suggestions:

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Caesar is likely going to find a home in my Isshin deck, come next March. I'm hoping we get a decent NCR Ranger in the precon.

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