This deck is built around cheating in primarily dragons early in the game with Kaalia of the Vast then ramping with the synergy that many dragons have with treasure tokens. The deck is built around treasure token synergy with the idea of punishing opponents with its generation or having mana to burn. This deck does have a sister version (Ognis, the Hasty Collector) as I found that both Mardu and Jund each just had so much to chose from in regards to dragons and treasure although that deck is still in its infancy and has not been actually constructed or played yet.

Generally, the deck will come off to a slow start but with Kaalia of the Vast as the commander, the plan is to get her out and on Turn 4 with Haste ideally begin to cheat some Dragons onto the field early and with all the ways to generate treasure tokens, the idea is that the deck will begin to snowball and hit one of the win combinations listed below which includes just plain brute force or a sneaky win via my personal favorite and inspiration behind the deck, hitting a treasure token victory with Revel in Riches or Hellkite Tyrant.

The deck has recently been whittled down to the required 100 cards but there is still work to be done. With Kaalia of the Vast as the commander, I feel like an emphasis should be made to keep cards in my hand to increase the chances of being able to cheat them onto the field. Thus, cards like Dragon Mage, Big Score, Unexpected Windfall, Pirate's Pillage, etc. are essential to feed into the treasure production AND card draw. An emphasis has also been made to provide protection to Kaalia of the Vast and her treasure-loving dragon hoard. In my opinion, decks built around overwhelming your opponent with creatures are useless if you do not have a way to protect the creatures against the inevitable boardwipe...which always occurs :(

Recently I have added some additional angels and demons into the deck as utility cards and am very happy with the results. Cards like Rune-Scarred Demon and Aurelia, the Warleader fit into the deck very nicely by providing tutoring or extra combats, which either lets me tutor for a creature/card needed or capitalize on Kaalia's ability. I do feel as though I need more ramp via mana rocks. I am slowly building the deck more and more around dragons, angels, and demons to capitalize on Kaalia's ability and less on Treasure Tokens. Cutting some of the low CMC creatures for mana rocks would accelerate the deck so I could play Kaalia more consistently or just accelerate into playing said dragons, angels, and demons faster if needed...I am not set on the idea but it is on my mind.


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Made some major revisions to the deck recently to focus around Kaalia the Vast added more angels, demons, and dragons to the deck with an emphasis on extra combats and similar abilities that would benefit Kaalia. Since the last two major revision, the deck has been trimmed down to focus significantly more around Kaalia the Vast and it appears to becoming more consistent and powerful due to those changes. I am constantly getting Kaalia out early, generally have a good amount of ways to keep cards in my hand so Kaalia can successfully trigger her ability once or more per turn, and have enough protection that when a board-wipe comes along, I can usually avoid it saving my hoard. As such, this deck is beginning to dominate my LGS and I am becoming very happy with it :)

Treasure production is finally starting to feel very consistent as well as most games I generate a few treasure tokens early to help the mana pool and as the game continues, I usually have a many to produce 10+ pretty easily. The deck requires a lot of treasures to run smoothly as many spells or abilities have costs associated with them so having a deep mana pool on demand is very nice to have.


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