Giada, Font of Hope
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Pre-release Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Standard Brawl Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Giada, Font of Hope

Legendary Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance

Each other Angel you control enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it for each Angel you already control.

: Add . Spend this mana only to cast an Angel spell.

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albanshqiptar on Angels Modern

5 days ago

TheOfficialCreator I have been using a third Giada, Font of Hope and it's worth it but I removed a Solitude instead. I think the deck needs one "bomb" card that I can place that can either help with my gameplan or be an immediate threat. Without a "bomb" sometimes the deck suffers if you lack any synergy on the table.

What do you think could be a good threat instead of Serra Paragon? Perhaps Sigarda, Font of Blessings since it protects and can help get around card draw?

I've also been thinking of splashing other colours to access changeling cards such as Unsettled Mariner.

TheOfficialCreator on Angels Modern

6 days ago

I think a third Giada, Font of Hope could probably do a little better than the one Serra Paragon. I get not wanting to have too many of the same legend, but with Giada it actually works in your favor since any duplicates will just be stronger because the original will boost the P/T of the new one. If you play the duplicate on your second main you actually get to have a big blocker that turn cycle too.

I've found that Secluded Steppe's cycle of lands helps me in Modern decks that are a bit slow.

While I understand Wrath of the Skies's synergies with your deck, I think it honestly will disproportionately hurt you because you know you're low to the ground. Skywrath won't be able to take out a Murktide Regent, Wurmcoil Engine, or a Draco. A regular Wrath would be more effective as a sideboard option, I think. (Could also run some recursion in the sideboard to go along with it, though I'm not sure if TOR would just balance that out as a result of drawing a bunch of cards anyway).

AstroAA on Choosing Equipment-based Card Draw in …

1 month ago

RiotRunner789, I do agree Mask of Memory is better because it's cheaper mana-wise and draws more than Rogue's Gloves. That might just be the winner.

plakjekaas, I've never seen that sword before. It seams neat, but personally I'm not a fan of exiling cards and then trying to play them, as if you don't end up playing them you can't play them after that turn. Not that it's a bad card, I just don't like those type of effects.

FormOverFunction, I ran Skeleton Key in my Brimaz, King of Oreskos deck for a bit, but don't really remember it all that much. Personally I think Mask of Memory is better in that regard as it's the same mana-wise and draws one additional card. Plus, with my commander being Giada, Font of Hope and a vast majority of the creatures in the deck being angels, it's likely I'll have the highest power on board.

Thank you three for your comments! I appreciate the input!

AstroAA on Choosing Equipment-based Card Draw in …

1 month ago

Greetings folks of the forums.

I come to you today asking for opinions in regards to card draw in mono-white. In particular, for my Giada, Font of Hope tribal angel deck found here: [EDH] Giada's Angel Harem

Now, specifically, I'm trying to decide between an equipment-based piece of card draw that is tutorable with Steelshaper's Gift, Open the Armory, and Stoneforge Mystic. Currently my options are Sword of Fire and Ice, Mask of Memory, Rogue's Gloves, and Infiltration Lens. However, if others exist that do similar effects I'd be open to considering them.

I really like Sword of Fire and Ice due to the added protection it gives to whatever creature in two removal-heavy colors. It also gives an added ping which can be useful in taking out hatebears and dorks.

I like Infiltration Lens because we can attach it to large creatures and force our opponents to block. However, at the same time, it's dependent on our opponents actually blocking, and since most of the creatures in this deck have flying I'm not sure how often it'd actually draw us cards.

I like Mask of Memory due to it being able to draw two cards, however, you also lose a card by being forced to discard a card. You cycle through your deck faster, but at the same time you lose a bit of card advantage at the same time since you have to discard.

I like Rogue's Gloves because it's arguably the most simple of them all - deal combat damage to a player, draw a card. However, it's four mana for this effect, and for one more mana Sword of Fire and Ice adds a lot more utility.

Which card should I go with? In addition, what card should I cut?

jdogz32 on Angelic Flight

10 months ago

This deck is extremely heavy with nothing to do on turn one. Here are a few angel staples that you need to add. Speaker of the Heavens

Giada, Font of Hope

Resplendent Angel

Bishop of Wings

These should help make your deck more consistent. I'd take out cards that don't really do a whole lot to improve your overall strategy.

darkmus on Ang-Hellic

1 year ago

BotaNickill It's true that Giada, Font of Hope has made t2 a pretty important turn for this deck, if we have both her and Bishop of Wings what you play will pretty much determine our strategy for your next few turns. But overall we want bishop first. Think that every angel you cast with Bishop still in hand, is a bishop trigger you miss.

Of course this is not a rule, and there are many exception depending on the match up and mainly which one opens more plays with the rest of your hand. But I'll say that most exceptions normally involve ramping:

1- If we need her to ramp in t3 a t4 play. For example, in my build Giver of Runes, into Giada, Font of Hope into Shalai, Voice of Plenty or Sigarda, Font of Blessings is almost as good or even better depending on the matchup than Resplendent Angel online on t3. Or if we have both Giada and bishop, but also Youthful Valkyrie we may want to go Giada first so we can play the other 2 on t3 for a way more aggressive play.

2- If you kept a 2 lander without an Aether Vial or the vial has been removed, specially on the draw. We can't afford to miss our first landrops.

Overall, I'll say that if you don't need ramping next turn, Bishop is the best first option more often than not.

darkmus on Ang-Hellic

1 year ago

BotaNickill Khoaemon With black we have access to amazing removal (I used to play it) but Sigarda, Font of Blessings covers our biggest weak points (card draw and protecting our stuff))so well that I am finding hard to pass on her. It's a matter of likes anyway. Serra Paragon fills that spot well if you don't want to go green.

I'll say that the cards that are the core and can't be taken out are Giada, Font of Hope, Bishop of Wings, Righteous Valkyrie, Resplendent Angel and Seraph Sanctuary. Everything else is free range for experimentation.

And i'll add that IMO the perfect start for the deck is having Resplendent Angel making angels by t3, not t4. You can do that 2 ways, either:

t1:white mana source, cast whatever. t2:white mana source, castBishop of Wings t3:Seraph Sanctuary, cast Resplendent Angel.


(you still need 2 white lands and a Seraph Sanctuary but you can play them in any order you want here) t1:land, cast Aether Vial. t2:land, cast whatever you want. t3: land, play Bishop of Wings with Aether Vial, cast Resplendent Angel

The second way would be the best one since you can play all your combo pieces during the 3rd turn, so it's harder to see coming or disrupt, and gives us an overall better opening with the vial.

BotaNickill on Ang-Hellic

1 year ago

darkmus, thank you again for taking point on this and for all of your help honing my decks! Khoaemon, thank you for the upvote and interest! darkmus is definitely better at explaining all of the interactions of the deck and far more in depth in their explanations. So if you are truly interested in learning the ins and outs of Angel tribal than check out their builds.

I personally love the Angel tribe most of any in MTG history, and I would always encourage anyone else to love them as well! I will offer my two cents on gameplay of this deck for posterity sake. I am a big fan of the white/black vs of the Modern Angel Deck as it offers us a variety of kill/exile/tutor spells if we desire them, Vindicate or Anguished Unmaking, Doom Blade, or Damn, etc. That plus the flavor of the Godless Shrine has always spoken to the heretic in me.

All that being said, I am a big fan of Selesnya and darkmus sure provides good arguments for those colors as well. i.e. Sigarda, Font of Blessings and Shalai, Voice of Plenty, also, hexproof rules! And, Heroic Intervention.

An Ideal first turn would be a Godless Shrine or Temple Garden, followed by Speaker of the Heavens, Esper Sentinel or Giver of Runes, though you could also do Segovian Angel or Aether Vial. ( I feel like we still need a better first turn play, but these are the best options A.T.M)

turn two is Bishop of Wings or Giada, Font of Hope

turn three, Righteous Valkyrie if you have it, or more of the same from T1, T2. or maybe removal.

turn 4, Resplendent Angel. and boom! More angels, more life than your opponent can handle, and With no interaction, you have most likely won the game by your next turn.

If you have not overpowered the opponent by then, you will hopefully keep spawning more angels via Resplendent Angel or boosting other angels via Giada, Font of Hope or your finisher angels Archangel of Thune or Lyra Dawnbringer.

I hope this helps, and let us know if you need any more assistance! That's why we are all here!

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