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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



Exile each creature you control. Return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

Eddy_Khil on Hinata, the Morning Star [Spellslinger Primer]

1 month ago

Eerie Interlude doesn't remove tokens unless you target them (which you don't have to do). It does remove your token producers until end of turn, but if you are saving them for one white you probably wouldn't care about that. Ghostway is the card that blinks all of your cards and removes all of your tokens (but it doesn't target, so it's a lot worse with Hinata anyway).

Also, Hinata does not reduce the cost of creatures that targets on etb. Those are abilities that are triggering that are targeting, not the spell itself that targets. The only spells that target are instant and sorceries that say target, auras, and creatures mutating on other creatures.

Archon_Bel on Ephara Remastered *PRIMER FINALLY*

3 months ago

Nice to see another Ephara player lol. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite- I ran this version of Elesh for a time. She is a powerful card, but I never found she really did much for the deck when I ran her. In my experience, 7 mana was too high a cost to pay for no recurrable effect (I prefer to have effects that I can reuse by flickering), and it usually left me with less mana to spend during my opponents’ turns, which I found to be more important than being able to swing for damage. Why not run the new Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, instead? She pairs a lot better with our EtB effects.

  2. Lavinia of the Tenth- Cool card, and I get the concept behind her inclusion, but I personally never ended up running her. I prefer to remove creatures with stuff like Skyclave Apparition or Reflector Mage, or even just spot removal, than temporarily stopping them while keeping them on the field.

  3. Ledger Shredder- I don’t really see what this card does for you. Like with Elesh Norn, I think it’s better to run creatures with EtB effects you can reuse with flicker effects.

  4. Nezahal, Primal Tide- Same as above, plus the casting cost is way too high for my liking. Why not run something like Deadeye Navigator instead if you want a repeatable blink?

A few cards I’d recommend are Ephemerate, Momentary Blink, and Ghostway. The first two are very good instant blink cards, useful for reusing stuff like Reflector Mage on the spot for removal or Cloudblazer for some draw before your turn. You also get two uses out of them, so they’re good value and flexible cards. Ghostway is slightly better than Teferi's Protection in this deck imo, since you not only save your creatures, but you get their EtB effects again at end of turn. You don’t have the added benefit of protecting yourself from damage, though, so for that, I’d recommend Selfless Squire. Very underrated but super useful card in my experience; I once stalled a game out against a board full of 30+ dragons and only 3 life because of this card lol. Not a one-off occurrence either, as I’ve had several games where I’ve been able to keep myself from certain death by constantly flickering her effect; she’s incredible when combined with Archaeomancer and Ghostly Flicker!

Other creatures I’d recommend are Watcher for Tomorrow, Cloudblazer, and Saltskitter. The first two are great value engines with Soulherder and Thassa, Deep-Dwelling. I held off for a long time on using Saltskitter, but when I did, man did he put in the work. I was pretty much drawing cards every turn. There’s also Orvar, the All-Form, though this pretty much does the same thing as Displacer Kitten. Having those extra bodies is nice, though, so it’s up to you. Could even just run both lol.

Oh, and you may as well add Altar of Dementia to complete your Reveillark and Karmic Guide package.

tl;dr focus more on creatures with EtB effects for more flicker value, and a few more blink spells.

thefiresoflurve on A Woman Scorned

4 months ago

Hey there! funnily enough, I actually drafted up a Feather deck recently just for fun.

If you want more draw, some good options might be: Shelter, Sheltering Light, or maybe Loran's Escape.

Storm-Kiln Artist is another creature you might consider using just for the amount of value you'll get out of it with Feather.

Lae'zel's Acrobatics or Ghostway should definitely be replaced with Semester's End, since it actually targets and will synergize with your commander better.

Happy building!

LeonSpires on Arcades: The Writing on the Wall

5 months ago

@ AramirCR thanks for checking out my list and for the suggestions. Eerie Interlude and the pricey functionally similar Ghostway are already in the deck.

Dive Down is an interesting suggestion. However I think I will try and work Robe of Stars in first as the effect while being more mana isn't single use.

amarthaler on Within these walls, we will outlast them!

9 months ago

Nice build! I love wall tribal, and with Bant colors there's a ton of possibilities. One major downside to wall tribal is, as you mentioned in your description, the fact that they need to be able to deal damage as well. I recommend running more than two cards in your 99 which allow you to assign damage equal to a defender's toughness. The reason I say this is in most playgroups, you'll run into folks waiting to cast removal on your enchantments (or Arcades himself). That being said, run a lot of counter spells or flicker!

Here's a small sample of cards that I especially like in my wall deck:

Rolling Stones or Huatli, the Sun's Heart for an additional two defender enhancements. Glaring Spotlight or Ghostway for protection. Wave of Reckoning might be less niche than Slaughter the Strong, but both are nice cards. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and Stoneskin are always a fun combo.

Please stop by my build as well as provide some feedback as well!

Thanks for sharing your deck

temeref on Taunts & Trickery

1 year ago

Talanar Sentinel is a nice addition -- as for the cards mentioned, I didn't include them since I didn't have em/intend on getting them due to their price; I'd bet they're perfect includes, and since you've got em, absolutely slot em in! Could easily swap out that Oreskos Explorer for Flawless Maneuver, probably along-side Ghostway in place of Favorable Destiny and you'd be in a better state defense-wise. Oreskos was intended to be a non- Land Tax method of making sure my lower land count doesn't brick me as often, and flickering it seemed like a fun way to ensure that, but hey, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work! Not gonna pretend like my decks are perfect haha.

And yeah! I love building weirder cards to try and make em' work. This deck's probably one of my favorites I've done for that concept; the Wild Pair & 4 total power/toughness shenanigans finally put my itch to build around the dang card to rest. Failed so many times trying it lol but I feel like this deck's finally the one.

Talanar on Taunts & Trickery

1 year ago

@temeref No big deal, I never left a comment on this page and didn't realize that you probably should tag people. :D

I'd really like to give you some proper feedback about my experience with the deck, but to be honest, the majority of the games were a trainwreck. The reason is really simple though: I'm compeletly new to Magic and, therefore, lack any skill to pilot this deck properly. Hence, my feedback would be nothing but a guide on how to brutally butcher your finely tuned deck. :P

The only thing I replaced was Garruk, Primal Hunter. Instead, I put in Esper Sentinel for early card draw. It was laying around here, so I figured why not. Moreover, I wasn't able to benefit from Oreskos Explorer in any of the games. Never got me more than 2 lands when I didn't even need them in my hand. I guess this card is there to help fixing mana issues/prevent mana screws and slim out the deck in later stages of the game. How do you utilize this card properly?

Ghostway sounds like a perfect fit for this deck. I also have an unused Flawless Maneuver in my collection which could be some nice and cheap protection. Your choice of cards for this deck seems quite unconventional though. That's why I assume you want to avoid some of those overused/boring staple cards? Makes perfect sense, the whole deck idea is to do something different than the usual.

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