Lapse of Certainty

Lapse of Certainty


Counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, put it on top of its owner's library instead of into that player's graveyard.

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Lapse of Certainty Discussion

DemonDragonJ on What is Your Opinion of …

5 days ago

Counterspells are a signature ability of blue, and, as such, nearly all counterspells are blue, but WotC does print non-blue counterspells on occasion; there were a number of non-blue counterspells in the early days of this game, before WotC had clearly defined the color pie, but, now that the color pie is better defined, there have been very few non-blue counterspells in recent years.

WotC did print Tibalt's Trickery in Kaldheim, but, prior to that, there had not been a non-blue counterspell since Lapse of Certainty from the Alara block, to the best of my knowledge, so it is clear that WotC is very reluctant to print such cards. Mark Rosewater has even said that he considers both Red Elemental Blast and Guttural Response to be color pie breaks and that white can having "taxing" effects (i.e., making spells more expensive), but not direct counterspells, which I severely dislike, since I believe that non-blue counterspells can be acceptable if they are extremely narrow in their effect.

What does everyone else say about this? What are your opinions of non-blue counterspells? Do you think that such cards should exist, or that counterspells should be strictly blue?

libraryjoy on Balancing my 2 decks against …

1 month ago

Although maybe I'm reading Celestial Dawn wrong, which I could be. So you might disregard that part... There is also Lapse of Certainty which might work against the wave, but only temporarily as they will draw it next turn, so you need to either win right away, or have some way to make it be milled or discarded, neither of which are likely in white - but could be managed with artifacts, although this is getting pretty convoluted to work around a single card. Mana Tithe is another option, but easy to plan around.

Tzefick on Critical Banishment

1 month ago

I really like the idea of more colors getting access to interact with the stack and I really think White is a good color to add some additional design space. Obviously it cannot get on par with blue so it needs some additional conditions or costs associated to get this effect.

I think this is a very good example to fit that space. Nice work.

Just a side note, for the sake of reducing word count could it be written as "... costs less for each spell cast and each ability activated by your opponents this turn." ?

I get the point in being specific about only caring about your opponents' actions but I think it would be consciously misinterpretation of the above line to think it isn't specifically for your opponents' actions.

Why is white a good fit? (wall of text) Show

AShadyZebra on Oswald's Combo Pain (cEDH)

2 months ago

Mana Tithe is a white counterspell that you might find appealing. There's also Lapse of Certainty and Rebuff the Wicked .

For draw, I'd add Ichor Wellspring . Drawing two cards and being a good two-mana stepping stone towards your combo pieces is pretty great. Other cards that come to mind for a combo deck like this are Mind Stone , Lightning Greaves , Illusionist's Bracers , Phyrexian Revoker , Crashing Drawbridge . Treasure Vault can give you infinite sac tokens/colored mana. You also might want to add Urza's Bauble and Mishra's Bauble .

Naksu on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

3 months ago

I had forgotten Lapse of Certainty , the off color brother of Memory Lapse . Dash Hopes is also fun.

Homelessguy on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

3 months ago

Withering Boon and Lapse of Certainty . Why? Because,nobody ever expects these cards.

WillYouPayTheOne on Osgir's Scrapyard

3 months ago

Gidgetimer thanks for the tips but I think I'll hold down to at least Lapse of Certainty and Mana Tithe . When I played the deck out of the box I lost mainly because of board/artifact whipe effect and once my artifact got remove from my yard and my field rebuilding is slow when you don't have 2 copies of Sol Ring or my big creatures are removed etc...

I feel it might be incorrect to say that Boros Charm is useless in commander. The card is in 25% of commander decks (yes probably more prominent in sun forger deck but it still has a huge protection on it against whipes).

Gidgetimer on Osgir's Scrapyard

3 months ago

Right off the bat you can cut 2 lands, possibly more after play testing. But 39 is entirely too many.

The white counters are usually not worth it. So Dawn Charm , Lapse of Certainty , and Mana Tithe are another three easy cuts IMO.

Esper Sentinel probably doesn't do enough without ways to pump his power.

You don't really want your artifacts in hand, so Junk Diver and Scrap Trawler could probably be cut.

Meteor Golem is expensive to cast and doesn't seem like something you would want to reanimate with all of the other targets.

Boros Charm usually doesn't do enough in Commander.

Endless Atlas doesn't seem like it would be turned on enough of the time to be worth it.

Illusionist's Bracers is a straight upgrade to Battlemage's Bracers .

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