Kaya the Inexorable

Kaya the Inexorable

Legendary Planeswalker — Kaya

+1: Put a ghostform counter on up to one target nontoken creature. It gains "When this creature is put into the graveyard or exile, return it to its owner's hand and create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying."

-3: Exile target nonland permanent.

-7: You get an emblem with "At the beginning of your upkeep, you may cast a legendary spell from your hand, from your graveyard, or from among cards you own in exile without paying its mana cost."

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Kaya the Inexorable Discussion

droslag on Venturing forth (Esper venture)

3 weeks ago

Weird. I'll re-comment.

I was wondering why not Brutal Cathar  Flip over Gelatinous Cube? Also I'd recomment Agadeem's Awakening  Flip could swap a swamp out for 2 or something. I find Vanishing Verse really useful main or side boarded, aswell as Divine Smite sideboard for facing black decks. Before Liesa, Forgotten Archangel I used Kaya the Inexorable and I still think shes good. Im running 2 liesa, 1 kaya. I also like to use a Lolth, Spider Queen or two just because she's good. How well does Dungeon Crawler fare? I remember cutting mine for the Yuan-Ti Malison. I'd also recommend maining or siding a couple Soul Shatter.

droslag on Venturing forth (Esper venture)

3 weeks ago

instead of Gelatinous Cube why not Brutal Cathar  Flip ? Also i think Vanishing Verse is really good, atleast a sideboard. I run a similar deck, but include Yuan-Ti Malison mainboard and use Lolth, Spider Queen as well as Kaya the Inexorable who has helps creatures come back like Liesa, Forgotten Archangel. How well does Dungeon Crawler fare? I remember cutting it

matthew.decara on None

1 month ago

I'm playing a game right now where I have Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero and Kaya the Inexorable on the battlefield, and I'm wondering how Kaya's +1 and Gerrard's death trigger would interact. I'm guessing that the trigger from Kaya would resolve before Gerrard can exile himself, and therefore he would not return anything to the battlefield. (But I'm really hoping I'm wrong!)

blpace on Planeswalkers Perfected

2 months ago

Hi heinrichgraum, how would you fit Kaya the Inexorable into your current deck?

Any thoughts on adding Kor Haven or Norn's Annex for redundencies to Maze of Ith and Sphere of Safety

bxli on

4 months ago

Hello! DemMeowsephs, Thank you for your suggestions, they are really nice and most of the cards are creatures, I was struggling with that part of the deck so i really appreciate it. They will reduce the average CMC of the deck for sure.

Phyrexian Altar is kinda expensive for me now but maybe in the long run I get it.

What creatures do you think, should leave the deck? I am newbie and kinda lost sometimes. Also what do you think about the Planeswalkers and the lands? Maybe Kaya the Inexorable its a nice option for playing my graveyard too, or it isn't?

Thank you again, I will have a look to your decks!

1empyrean on Building the (Bad) Kaalia

5 months ago

I don't know what direction you should take the deck, but isn't it sometimes fun to figure out how to make unused commanders work?

The blink/reanimate idea seems fine to me. Looking at new cards, Kaya the Inexorable might be a good fit here, but if you are trying to make an efficient deck around preexisting shells, I probably can't help much.

Neotrup on Kaya, the Inexorable +1 on …

7 months ago

Although Kaya the Inexorable grants the ability "When this creature dies or is put into exile, return it to its owner's hand and create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying." what it really means is "When this object is put into the graveyard or into exile [...]" so it will still trigger if the object is no longer a creature when it leaves the battlefield.

ImaginitiveRascal on Shrine of the Sky Nomad

8 months ago

I don't see the need for Kaya the Inexorable . She is either dead until you get the emblem, which is unlikely because you will almost never have blockers, or she is one exile. Once you get the emblem, you can't do much with it. You can recast shrines that died early on, but most decks don't come prepared for enchantments. When they do get rid of them, it will usually be with exile (Skyclave apparition, Banishing light, Elspeth conquers death, Ugin, etc.). There are some exceptions, but she is mostly dead. I would also get rid of Thassa, Deep-Dwelling because you can only really exile Yorion, and that can be nice, but not really worth the four mana. I would definitely suggest bringing the higher impact shrines up to 4 because you have 80 cards. You are also a little short on 80 cards.

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