Liesa, Shroud of Dusk

Liesa, Shroud of Dusk

Legendary Creature — Angel

Rather than pay for each previous time you've cast this spell from the command zone this game, pay 2 life that many times.

Flying, lifelink

Whenever a player casts a spell, they lose 2 life.

Liesa, Shroud of Dusk Discussion

DemonDragonJ on How Many Dual Lands Should …

1 month ago

I am planning to soon build my first two-colored EDH deck, so I would like some advice for it. More specifically, it shall be a two-colored deck with Liesa, Shroud of Dusk as the general, and I am wondering how many dual lands I should put into such a deck.

Obviously, lands such as Godless Shrine, Isolated Chapel, and Fetid Heath are a given, but, after that, I am less certain. In any other deck, I would never include a lifegain tapland, but a deck such as this could take advantage of the life gained from Scoured Barrens. Vault of Champions and Concealed Courtyard are too situational, but I would have no problem with Shattered Sanctum; Tainted Field and Temple of Silence are nice, but nothing spectacular, and what about Silent Clearing? Is it good, or does War Room render it obsolete?

What does everyone else say about this? How many dual lands should a two-colored EDH deck contain?

EricDias on Marchesa, Queen of politics

3 months ago

Thank you for your comment and recommendations! Mogis is really solid, but a little counter-intuitive since I give tokens to my opponents. I included Liesa, Shroud of Dusk though, she is amazing! And also added some spicy things like Curse of Hospitality. This deck made my friends arge with each other. Simply love it!

Gleeock on Who are the Commanders you …

3 months ago

I enjoy playing against commanders that aren't on EDHrecs top 50 most popular of the last year because I like a shot at seeing something different.

I dislike overly built or popular commanders for a laundry list of reasons.

I dislike easymode commanders that are do-everything stapled on one card - In part because I like relying more on the 99, more luck of the draw. So, I am not a fan of alot of the commanders that are hard-stop solve-now or lose cards. To me this would be: The First Sliver, legal golos, Urza, Lord High Artificer, Korvold, Fae-Cursed King, Chulane, Teller of Tales

I have enjoyed commander games against commanders that don't instantly up the ante to win-now mode when they hit the battlefield. I've loved some: Queen Marchesa, Liesa, Shroud of Dusk, Mogis, God of Slaughter, Thantis, the Warweaver

Any group slug decks always contribute a bunch to the game IMO. 2+ group slug players is awesome.

RiotRunner789 on Casual building edh

4 months ago

Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin would be a fun voltron that isn't busted like other krenko. Also, mono red tends to be easy to pilot.

Liesa, Shroud of Dusk can be made to not be overpowered. Mostly just fill with lifegain and a few ways to protect your commander.

Gargos, Vicious Watcher: Big dumb hydras. Big dumb hydras attack everything. Nikya of the Old Ways could be another beat down option that tends to be easy to pilot.

Jhoira of the Ghitu can be oppressive if built will eldrazi titans or fun if made with large krakens and other spells.

Shalai, Voice of Plenty: GW +1/+1 counter and ramp deck. A lot of easy synergies to play with. She is hard to interact with but countered with how she tends to be slow (and doesn't grant herself hexproof).

WizardWillem on Give me my crown back please

5 months ago

Thank you for the comment freezerboy! I will add Axis of Mortality to my watchlist as it indeed feels like a card that fits in the deck, but for now I am trying to keep the CMC low and not add anything that costs 5 or more. I recently added some cards to gain life like Congregate (tutorable by Sunforger!), Heliod's Intervention, Kambal, Consul of Allocation and Liesa, Shroud of Dusk

Simerix on ContrOloro

6 months ago

The deck is more of a life gain deck than it is a control deck. You have a lot of removal, but that's all that makes it controlling.

Highest recommended card: Vile Consumption. This card is brutal in this deck if you don't have too many creatures.

Hallowed Burial is a highly underrated board wipe.

Card suggestions: Sphere of Safety, Approach of the Second Sun, Aura of Silence, Austere Command, Cleansing Nova, Damn, Darksteel Mutation, Doomskar, Epicure of Blood, Erebos's Intervention, Ghostly Prison, Infernal Grasp, Liesa, Shroud of Dusk, Narset, Parter of Veils, Propaganda, Rest in Peace, Righteous Cause, Rule of Law, Telepathy, Time Wipe, Trespasser's Curse, Utter End, Venser's Journal, Witch of the Moors

Mean/weird cards that I would probably play: AEther Barrier, Archmage Ascension, Death Match, Lightmine Field, Meishin, the Mind Cage, Overburden, Porphyry Nodes, Spreading Plague, Tainted AEther, Portcullis, Magus of the Moat, Magus of the Tabernacle, Silent Arbiter, Serene Master

*Obviously play what you want

multimedia on Kaalia's My Life(gain) with Dragons

8 months ago

Hey, what you have so far is fine with many good cards, but also quite a few cards that look out of place or could be replaced with better even budget options. I see that you're not finished yet with your first version since have only 18 lands as well as missing Command Tower.

I want to mention that if you want to gain life then a good way is playing flying Angels who have lifelink who you can cheat onto the battlefield with Kaalia or even cast. Gaining life from attacking Angels goes well with the overall game plan of cheating creatures onto the battlefield attacking.

After you add more lands to get 35-38 then also consider adding more ramp?

Cards such as Wanderer's Twig and Armillary Sphere are not ramp since they don't put the land you get onto the battlefield, it goes into your hand for a land drop. These types of cards are quite bad when there's actual mana rock ramp that could be added. Weathered Wayfarer also isn't ramp, but the difference is it can be a repeatable effect to get a land which is worth it from a one drop. A reason to add more ramp is as a backup plan to be able to cast high CMC creatures if and when Kaalia gets disrupted since don't count on having/controlling Kaalia all game.

I offer more advice. Good luck with your deck.

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