Cleric Class

Cleric Class

Enchantment — Class

(This enters the battlefield at Level 1. You may increase this enchantment's level by one by paying the appropriate costs. Activate to increase the level only as a sorcery.)

Level 1

If you would gain life, you gain that much life plus 1 instead.

: Level 2

Whenever you gain life, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control.

: Level 3

When this becomes level 3, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. You gain life equal to its toughness.

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Cleric Class Discussion


1 month ago

I've been working on my own version of this set, and I gotta say you made some great choices.

Some suggestions:

Otherwise, I love it, and I'll be using some of this in mine!

jfrog on The Cooler Kinda Counters

2 months ago

I definitely need to make some edits to that post. The new cards really should have been what I suggested. Things like Hopeful Initiate could have so many interactions with all your counters when needed. Torens, Fist of the Angels could also go wild here. A creature that can make counters by attacking, and then could give you tokens that can also put counters on themselves. It's got potential. If you wanted a sub theme of life gain Voice of the Blessed is a cool card, pairs well with any of the soul sisters. Cleric Class and Ranger Class both work. Depending on how competitive you are feeling Walking Ballista is an absolute powerhouse. There are so many options for your deck that I can see why something like servant of the scale wouldn't make the cut. Dont know how you feel about it, but maybe cutting some or all copies of Spike Feeder? I havent played the deck so I dont know what cards really perform and which ones dont. Hopeful Initiate competes for a spospot with Knight of Autumn. Hope some of this rambling helps!

Dencoan on Nine Lives

3 months ago

thinking of swapping 4x Chaplain's Blessing for 4x Revitalize

and 3x Unflinching Courage for 3x Cleric Class

Sylandri on Multiple Cleric Class + Alhammarret's …

3 months ago


If I have 2 Cleric Class on the battlefield, then experience a +1 lifegain event, at least 1 of the 2 Cleric Class surely changes that into a +2 lifegain event.

My question is, does the 2nd Cleric Class then change that +2 lifegain event into a +3 lifegain event, or does only one change happen?

Also, if I have at least 1 Cleric Class and an Alhammarret's Archive, what does the game do when I experience a lifegain event? Does the one with the most time on the battlefield take precedence?

Many thanks! :)

Nayru_Incarnate on orzhov life gain

4 months ago

Just a heads up to start with, you marked this as standard, it should be marked as modern. Using cards from your maybe board, I’d say get rid of both Font of Vigor as it is simply not Avery good card (it’s expensive for what it does and straight life gain once isn’t too worth using the space,) and replace them with the Cleric Class and Dogged Pursuit in your maybe board. I would also get rid of the Drudge Skeletons and throw in the Kor Celebrant You may as well throw out a plains for the Skyclave Cleric  Flip, and Dawnbringer Cleric’s removal is more useful than Soul Shepherd’s exiling for life.

JANKYARD_DOG on Silverbloom Clerics (Arena BO1 Ranked)

5 months ago

Thank you all for your suggestions. I have not been ignoring anyone, just busy. Finally got a moment to sit down. After some consideration...


Shambling Ghastx4 --> Soulmenderx4. What about Cleric Class here instead? Winmore?

Hunt for Specimens x4--> Cram Session x4

Cleric of Life's Bond x1 --> Dawnbringer Cleric x1 Classes suck, and that skeleton thing, and freeze enchantments. And Trelasarra > Life's Bond, so...

Sideboard: Academic Probation x1 --> Reduce to Memory x1. Idk, never seem to use AP, and in case I have no critter to sac... makes me consider replacing Necrotic Fumes as well. If anyone has better lesson suggestions go for it.

Keeping old list intact for a bit while testing. Kind of feeling Valkyrie is a bit winmore in this case, maybe a 2 of? I mean, we are lacking flyers save for an inkling in the sideboard. Trade 1 infuse and 1 spear? Will see how this goes I suppose. Dina makes me feel like adding all the other pain/gain goodies, thus changing the entire deck, so saving for the golgari pair. Orah is still kinda sidelined here, kind of in the same boat as Valkyrie for now.

I am exploring the dual color combinations, I just need to grind some rares. I'll post lists when I can and after a few runs first. Anyway, let me know what y'all think and I'll let ya's know how it goes.

multimedia on Firja, Judge of Valor Budget EDH

5 months ago

Hey, well done so far on a budget.

Consider the Emeria Shepherd + Pyre of Heroes interaction with basic Plains? Shepherd is an Angel to reanimate because then she along with Plains can reanimate any nonland permanent. The interaction of these two cards comes from being able to sac an Angel to tutor for to cheat another one onto the battlefield and then reanimate the Angel you just saced with Shepherd. Just by playing a land Shepherd can get a nonland permanent into your hand such as Mind Stone to cast to help to trigger Firja.

Angel of the Ruins has a powerful ETB effect and is another nice Angel with Shepherd because any land can return Ruins to your hand to then plainscycle to search for a Plains. Another interaction with Pyre is repeatedly sacing the same Angel such as Angel of Despair and reanimating it with Shepherd as long as you have Plains.

Firja as a five drop starts the chain nicely with Pyre when saced to get a six drop Angel such as Valkyrie Harbinger and then Harbringer the next turn gets Shepherd. From there get back Harbringer with Shepherd and then sac it later on to get Sephara, Sky's Blade.

Profane Tutor is a budget low CMC tutor that you cast from suspend. Open the Armory is a low CMC tutor to get Mask of Memory or Animate Dead. Dawn of Hope can do a lot when your Commander has lifelink as well as has evasion.

Court of Grace can be repeatable Angels as well as draw from the monarch. Flying Angels especially ones with vigilance can help to defend for you to keep the monarch, not letting your opponents do combat damage to you. Cleric Class is another one mana card that can help to gain life to trigger various effects and the other levels are good too.

Apprentice Necromancer has interaction with Sun Titan to repeatedly reanimate any 3 CMC or less permanent for one black mana. With Titan in your graveyard reanimate him with Necromancer. Titan ETB reanimates Necromancer and Titan has haste thus he attacks reanimates any other 3 CMC or less permanent. At your end step Titan is saced putting him in your graveyard to reanimate again with Necromancer on your next turn and repeat.

Titan can reanimate Evolving Wilds which is fuel for Emeria Shepherd. Because of Titan For one black mana you could repeatedly trigger Shepherd two times until you run out of Plains or nonland permanents to reanimate/recur. Patriarch's Bidding and Victimize are upgrades for some reanimate spells and Bidding is now a budget card.

Dark Ritual is one mana to help to cast a second spell to trigger Firja or use it to help to cast Firja since she's double black mana cost. Orzhov Signet, Talisman of Hierarchy, Mind Stone are some budget mana rock additions/upgrades. Caves of Koilos, Shineshadow Snarl, Snowfield Sinkhole, Path of Ancestry, Esper Panorama, Ash Barrens are some budget lands to consider adding.

If interested in any of these suggestions then I offer more advice of cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

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