Angel of Serenity

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Angel of Serenity

Creature — Angel


When Angel of Serenity enters the battlefield, you may exile up to three other target creatures from the battlefield and/or creature cards from graveyards.

When Angel of Serenity leaves the battlefield, return the exiled cards to their owners' hands.

NV_1980 on Angels We Have Heard On High [PRIMER]

4 weeks ago

Great tribal deck, orcopollo! I've got one myself and I love it. In terms of affordable Angels, I've been able to make some great use of cards like:

  • Adarkar Valkyrie: excellent recursion utility; especially since she can attack (because of vigilance) AND use her recursion in the same turn.
  • Admonition Angel/Angel of Serenity: great mid-game exile tools and powerful combatants as well.
  • Angelic Arbiter: give your opponents a choice; spells or combat (but not both!).
  • Platinum Angel: as long as it lives, games will end up in your favor (eventually).

Hope this helps; happy building (and playing)!

idfkgabe on She counter on my spell till I deck

2 months ago

This is a good deck, but I do have suggestions

  1. For some removal I would take either take out 2 Pacifism and replace it with Sleep of the Dead or put in Oblivion Ring

  2. Another thing is that Angel of Serenity costs specifically 4 white mana, I would try to find creatures who use the same ability ( such as Fiend Hunter) or a creature who is big enough to finish the game (Sphinx of Uthuun).

kirbysan on [Primer] Helming the Host of Heaven *Update*

2 months ago

am3ience : Doesn't look like Guerric has been on in over a year so his list is a little outdated. He also made some budget choices. Depending on the power level of your pod you may want to look at stronger support. I've been playing Giada semi-regularly since release and my list has evolved over time:

There a few notable angels in the year since this list:

Inspiring Overseer - while it released the same time as Giada, Guerric didn't include it. When you're going for a blink theme and Sword of Hearth and Home is out then you can essentially gain life and draw an extra card once per turn.

Guardian of Ghirapur - if you have any ETB effect angels then this one can help immensely. Or if you picked up Throne of Eldraine then you can reset it, leaving 4 white up on opponents turns which is typically the magic number for protection.

Metropolis Reformer - It's a cheap angel at 2W, has vigilance as a keyword, provides us hexproof from targeted spells and semi-lifegain from blocks or a Blasphemous Act

Firemane Commando - While it's a 4 drop it provides much needed draw off attacks which you should be doing every turn.

Roaming Throne - Not technically an angel but it doubles all the triggers. If you check my list I have categories of Angel Triggers. Anything with the keywords "At, When, or Whenever" will be doubled. Unfortunately it doesn't double Giada herself as that's a replacement effect but it can still get out of hand very quickly.

Wojek Investigator - Also a cheap angel at 2W with vigilance and usually a free clue every turn I'd consider it a strict upgrade over Angelic Sleuth. However, if you need more card draw support I'd personally pick Esper Sentinel, Archivist of Oghma or The One Ring.

I didn't add Aurelia's Vindicator or Merchant of Truth because their abilities don't justify the mana cost.

If you like Aurelia's Vindicator ability I'd recommend Angel of Serenity as the Disguise cost and ability is the same as Serenity but you don't have to jump through hoops of turning it face up. Also, you can target it with an Ephemerate or Teleportation Circle to get more than one usage out if it.

Noire_Samhain on Cheap cards for Kaalia

11 months ago

Since you mentioned you're pretty on a budget, most of these (at least according to my knowledge) are at or under a dollar.

For some cheap angels- Angel of Finality, Resplendent Marshal, Angel of the Ruins, and Angel of Serenity.

For some cheap dragons- Drakuseth, Maw of Flames, Terror of Mount Velus, Piru, the Volatile, and Glorybringer.

For demons- Infernal Sovereign, Dreadfeast Demon, Overseer of the Damned, Nightmare Shepherd, Abhorrent Overlord, and Indulgent Tormentor.

jopzolder on Glorious combat with Brago!

1 year ago

I'm debating whether to pick Angel of Serenity or Sun Titan.

  • The angel can straight up exile troublesome creatures, can attack with my other fliers and can even be used politically. It's recursion effect is less versatile and less powerful though.

  • The titan can't fly and I don't have that many slots for flying beaters. His recovery targets artifacts and enchantments though. I have some highly impactful ones at cmc =< 3 that are bound to end up in my graveyard (such as Captivating Glance).

Any thoughts on which is better?

I'm also happy with any advice regarding beaters that could fit in the deck! I looked over all cmc 5+ UWC cards with power >= 4 on scryfall but later noticed I missed some nice ones like Dream Trawler. Spot any glaring oversights?

Arrzarrina on Roon Shenanigans

1 year ago

Planned Land Changes

Planned Flicker Changes

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