Bloodchief Ascension

Bloodchief Ascension


At the beginning of each end step, if an opponent lost 2 or more life this turn, you may put a quest counter on Bloodchief Ascension. (Damage causes loss of life.)

Whenever a card is put into an opponent's graveyard from anywhere, if Bloodchief Ascension has three or more quest counters on it, you may have that player lose 2 life. If you do, you gain 2 life.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Bloodchief Ascension Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Modern Horizons 2 Spoilers

5 days ago

I believe that this set has many impressive cards, but I still wish that WotC had reprinted cards that were already legal in modern and expensive in price, such as Exquisite Blood , Bloodchief Ascension , or Vedalken Orrery .

Also, given that Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust have never been reprinted, they would have been great for this set.

DemonDragonJ on The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Raze

3 weeks ago

I have replaced Exquisite Blood with Bloodchief Ascension , which reduced the average converted mana cost of this deck from 3.70 to 3.63, which is very nice, and my primary reason for making that replacement was that EB is very expensive in terms of money, but BA is, as well; I also contemplated Painful Quandary , but that card is also expensive, so, no matter which card I choose, I will need to spend a great amount of money.

Caerwyn on Nekusar - Hurtin' Wheel Bad

1 month ago

The best way to keep from dying so quickly is to kill everyone else faster. To that end, consider:

Second way to keep from losing: Better control.

  • You are in Blue and should be running more counterspells.
  • You should have more spot removal that can destroy problematic cards.
  • Helm of the Ghastlord combos with Nekusar and a wheel to lock opponents out of the game (they can only play instants before the Ghastlord triggers resolve and cause them to discard every card they ever draw).
  • Sigil of Sleep on Nekusar turns each wheel into a mini-Cyclonic Rift.

Add more ramp artifacts so you can get online quicker and fire off multiple wheels per turn.

Add Library of Leng - it allows you to use wheels to engineer a better hand by sending to graveyard what you do not need and keeping what you do.

Finally, you should reduce your average CMC substantially. A lot of your high-costed cards do not have particularly useful synergies to your deck--they might be decent cards in a vacuum, but they really are not great with your particular strategy. Plague Wind , Tidespout Tyrant , all of your 5-mana spells, all of your seven-mana spells, Rise from the Tides , and Roil Elemental are all things you can cut to make room for more synergistic options.

MichaelGfast on Golgari /Shadow (WIP)

1 month ago

I like the deck and if you have the budget for it (I know I dont) I would add Bloodchief Ascension as it would speed things up even more and with that self mill

BiggRedd54 on EDH Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

2 months ago

Bloodchief Ascension seems difficult to get counters in this deck and it eats removal. Eating removal is never a bad thing, but you want it to be your opponent’s thing getting torched. I suggest replacing with a Wayfarer's Bauble , if you can afford it.

dritchie on Vampire Heart

2 months ago

I would also add Necropolis Regent , Nirkana Revenant , Drana, Liberator of Malakir , Vampire Hexmage (this is great for dealing with planeswalkers, Kalastria Highborn , Blood Seeker (great agaisnt token decks), Quietus Spike but be wary of other players hating on you for it, Bloodchief Ascension great once online, Butcher of Malakir . these are only a few suggestions but please feel free to have a look at my mono black vampire tribal for other ideas - it may not be as restricted as yours by theme but it keeps its creatures tribal

ShaDoWz_6677 on Looming Shadows {Tergrid Brutal Build}

2 months ago

So, I read a bit in your primer. Chains of Mephistopheles is worded weird. BUT, how chains works with Anvil is weird.

That first card they draw (Anvil Card) they discard a card first, then draw. Then they draw there card for turn, which will not trigger Chains of Mephistopheles. It's 1 discard difference, but it's pretty huge for board state interaction.

I would recommend Mindcrank for this deck if your running Bloodchief Ascension . It's not the cEDH Tergrid, but if your opponents are discarding already, why not? Necropotence seems good here since you can get around your own Anvil trigger, and your own Chains triggers since you aren't drawing the cards. This impacts the board state on an entirely different level if YOU aren't being effected by Chains either.

Underworld Dreams seems pretty solid as well and I'm surprised your not running it too since your opponents are losing life off of each card they draw (Triggering your Bloodchief)

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