Emancipation Angel

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Emancipation Angel

Creature — Angel


When Emancipation Angel enters the battlefield, return a permanent you control to its owner's hand.

TypicalTimmy on When You Get a Deck …

4 months ago

I enjoy building big ole stupid Timmy decks but every once in a while I love to reign them in and home them into perfection. Cut through the swath of Timmy trap cards and build true synergy where each piece is not only deadly on its own, but their compounded effect together is so brutal and savage that opponents drop one after another in rapid succession.

It's a thing of beauty.

Like when you play Karametra, God of Harvests and you bring out Emancipation Angel for because she costs less with Cloud Key, so you tutor a land and you do this multiple times per turn, churning put multiple tokens from landfall triggers with Rampaging Baloths and Scute Swarm with Anointed Procession in play and making giant tokens with Avenger of Zendikar or drawing a ton of cards with Garruk's Uprising.

Or for more bang for your buck, Jeskai Barricade and Whitemane Lion with, instead of Cloud Key, Oketra's Monument and now you get 1/1 tokens on top of it all.

As much as I love big dumb decks, a well oiled machine is more of my specialty. I love to solve puzzles, and if I look at the game like a puzzle, it is infinitely more fun for me. Even if (when) I lose, I had so much fun tutoring out literally every single land in my entire deck that I just do not care.

I derive entertainment value and fun from achieving goals, and not necessarily winning :)

AstroAA on How do you build Karametra?

6 months ago

I used to run a Karametra, God of Harvests combo deck ages ago when Paradox Engine was legal. I updated it last summer, but it's still kind of mediocre and I would definitely redo it again if I had any interest in the deck. Regardless, if you're interested - my decklist is here:

[EDH][PRIMER] Karametra's Garden of Eden

Commander / EDH* AstroAA


I did not go with the landfall mechanic as I'm not particularly a fan of it outside of Lotus Cobra. IMO she's best built abusing ETB triggers with cards like Aluren and Cloudstone Curio.

Cards like Whitemane Lion, Kor Skyfisher, and Emancipation Angel are absolutely phenomenal in Karametra. They bounce themselves, allowing you to play them again and get more lands. With Aluren out, you can get every single Forest/Plains out of your deck in a single turn.

Cards like Wall of Blossoms and Wall of Omens are great with Aluren + Cloudstone Curio because you could essentially draw your entire deck in one go. Albeit you'd need to be careful and specify how far you should go with this otherwise you'd deck yourself, but that's beyond the point - still a powerful draw effect.

With Aluren, Cards like Sandsteppe Outcast and Hanged Executioner are awesome for getting an arbitrarily large number of tokens, as the token on the ETB effect can bounce the creature that generated it with Cloudstone Curio. This can pay out in several different ways - mainly infinite mana with Ashnod's Altar and/or Phyrexian Altar through sacing the token, and infinite damage/winning the game on the spot with Blasting Station and sacing the token. You could also create infinite tokens with Oketra's Monument and any of the self-bounce creatures if you just have Aluren out.

I also really liked cards like Reveillark, Renegade Rallier, Destiny Spinner, Eternal Witness, Aura Shards, Bygone Bishop, Temur Sabertooth, and Rhonas's Monument.

Personally, if you wanted to play a straight-up ETB combo deck, I think Trostani, Selesnya's Voice is a better general due to having far easier access to using Aetherflux Reservoir, (generate a ton of life with Aluren + Whitemane Lion, shoot people with the Death Star). Karametra, God of Harvests is nice for land filtering, but you only run so many lands in the deck she becomes kind of useless later on in the game - hence why I've kind of lost interest in her. In addition, what TypicalTimmy said is very true - if you rush out to an early lead in lands with her, you often become a target. IF you wanted to build Karametra, God of Harvests still, I would highly recommend going combo and including a myriad of methods to win - such as combat damage, Walking Ballista combos, and Blasting Station combos.

KEP2017 on Serra's Harem

10 months ago

The life gain ramps really well, but there's one glaring issue that really prevents this deck from being great. It has an incredibly slow start, as well as being too reliant on a lucky hand. I suggest adding at least a few more 1 - 2 cost creatures. I playtested it for a while and I found I wasn't getting creatures out until turn 4 on average. In my research, I found Angelic Curator, Angelic Page, Emancipation Angel (bounce a low cost angel, play again to gain more life) and Youthful Valkyrie. Another solution is to add mana ramp; mana rocks aren't a bad idea here. I don't think it's worth it to splash another color to add creatures that ramp but it may be worth consideration. Hope this helps.

LeonSpires on Sexy Bird Boy: cEDH Teshar

11 months ago

@ Chaotic_Justice Thanks for your suggestions and giving my list an upvote. I appreciate you taking the time to check out my list.

Emancipation Angel is good in more casual lists then mine. The 3 CMC is more problematic here. I am already running Kor Skyfisher and Glint Hawk. If I decide I need another of these effects I will add in Aviary Mechanic (2 CMC). However the better combos in the list use the graveyard and include Junk Diver, Myr Retriever, Scrap Trawler, and Workshop Assistant. The 3 CMC cost here matter less as all the pieces are artifacts and trigger Teshar's ability.

Aetherflux Reservoir used to be in the list before it became more competitive. Yes Walking Ballista is the go to win con but Altar of Dementia, Blasting Station, and Grinding Station also win the game if Walking Ballista is exiled. The problem with Aetherflux Reservoir is it doesn't do much except act as a way to win. All the other ways I mentioned are sac outlets when unable to win on the spot / mill you into the win. If I was to add another win con to the deck I would add Altar of the Brood (also used to be in the deck) as 1 CMC is more likely to be useful in triggering Teshar.

Rings of Brighthearth is tempting. I am very familiar with the combos around it. Used to run Arcum Dagsson cEDH before the Paradox Engine banning. But this list for Teshar is so tight I'm unsure of if there is a place for it here.

The card I have been considering is Voltaic Key / Manifold Key for the value they can get with Grim Monolith, Basalt Monolith, and Mana Vault. Of course I would also love to add Lion's Eye Diamond. If only my budget allowed for it.

Chaotic_Justice on Sexy Bird Boy: cEDH Teshar

11 months ago

I got two suggestions for you that can be abused by multiple cards in your deck already.

Emancipation Angel needs to be in here. It's another piece for infinite mana. Sack it into either of the altars for mana. Drop a 0 drop onto the field then return the angel with the commanders ability bouncing the 0 drop back to hand. Rinse and repeat until your heart's content. Any of your other ETB affects is a good target for the angel once you have infinite mana. With your mana-reducers, it turns Skyscanner into another one of your eggs to dig out Walking Ballista. I would also consider adding in Aetherflux Reservoir to be an alternate win-con. Even if you don't go infinite mana and just have enough to get infinite casts with a 0 or 1 drop, Aetherflux will get the job done.

Another recommendation is Rings of Brighthearth. Once you have infinite mana, you now have infinite draw with the rings and Sensei's Divining Top. You can use this to draw into any one of your game finishers. The rings will also create infinite mana with Basalt Monolith. You need two mana up to start it, but you'll tap the basalt for 3 going to 5 mana, use 3 to untap the basalt, but activate the rings so you activate the untap ability twice. Let the first resolve and tap the monolith for 3 mana, then let the second resolve. You'll net +1 colorless each iteration.

NinetyFish on Live and Learn

11 months ago

Thanks Scrapbasket! Glad you had fun with it. Thanks for giving it a try.

Emancipation Angel is a personal pet card for her art and flavor but mechanically the worst angel in the deck if I'm being honest with myself. Her ability can sometimes be a drawback that stops you from effectively playing her, very true. However, she can be used to bounce back one of the ETB creatures to your hand so you can recast it later for value. Sometimes you really need to use one of their ETB effects but you can't blink it at the moment for whatever reason, so bouncing one back to your hand in order to manually recast it can be a pivotal play even if it's mana inefficient compared to other options. If you're going to cast Supreme Verdict that turn, or if you know someone will wipe the board soon, she can also bounce back a really important piece back to your hand. She's also just a 3/3 flyer for 3, so she can wear auras and Swords well. She can also bounce back a land that you've already tapped for mana back to your hand, which you can then immediately replay, so it's like getting to use a land twice if you're missing a land drop that turn.

So she has actual uses that can be extremely important (bouncing back an ETB creature so you can recast them), but she's also just a personal pet card. Restoration Angel is the stronger option and definitely the more common choice. I'm actually playing both of them now in my more recent builds of this deck (haven't updated this decklist in a while!) in addition to two more ETB creatures so they're both more useful much more often.

DrunkManSquakin666 on Kaalia's Horde

1 year ago

Looking for suggestions, eh?

My best advice would be to try and get as much bang for your buck as possible, using cards that do more for less mana, and to keep that mana curve as low to the ground as possible. One of the biggest criticisms I have for other Kaalia decks is that their mana curves are too crazy, leaving them far too reliant on her.

That's not something you wanna do. She is your friend, but letting her become your crutch is asking for people to target her... and when you can't play her, you can't play your deck when you rely too much on her.

Obviously, the first thing you're gonna want is better dragons. I'd recommend Thundermaw Hellkite at the very least, to keep blockers outta your way. Angel of Serenity , Subjugator Angel , and Angel of Despair serve a similar purpose in my deck. Emancipation Angel also bounces them to be used again.

I also like having a sac outlet and Reya Dawnbringer , which goes quite well with cards who have ETBs. Alternatively, Phyrexian Reclamation can bring them back to hand to play again with her effect, which is quite nasty with Rakdos the Defiler and Master of Cruelties if you don't mind being mean, lol. Another card I like using specifically with those two is Oni of Wild Places , whom Thundermaw Hellkite and Kaalia, Zenith Seeker also like very much. XD

Never hurts to have more sweepers and spot removal as well... and redundancy when possible.

My deck's right here Hardcore Heavenly Inferno if you wanna take a look. Hope that helps. :)

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