Bishop of Wings

Bishop of Wings

Creature — Human Cleric

Whenever an Angel enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 4 life.

Whenever an Angel you control is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.

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Bishop of Wings Discussion

darkmus on Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

1 month ago

DigitlViking sorry for not answering, I had some busy weeks, I have not really been playing. Thanks for testing! Great, noted that mask is not good enough. Argel's seems pretty nice, I didn't knew that one. Before Kaldheim I used to play Mazemind Tome (which I find quite similar to Argel's) and it was super good. You can't draw infinitely but the free scry was really useful in the early to mid game. You may want to check it out. I am trying Liesa, Forgotten Archangel as soon as I can get my hands on a couple of those as the new "let's see if this works as card advantage". Please correct me if I am wrong because I have not being able to find confirmation but I know that Bishop of Wings triggers the token creation ability for the dead angels even when a board wipe also kills her. The wording seems to be the same so I am assuming Liesa works the same way?

It seems that lately everything is very aggressive and we probably need a bit more removal in the side. Fateful Absence is a card I am totally finding a place for. Maybe even mainboard for the paths? I need to find some time to test, everything was easier in summer

WotanubisReturned on Kykar in print

1 month ago

Bishop of Wings+Maskwood Nexus for infinite mana with Kykar

RambIe on Mass angel tokens 80% competitive

2 months ago

Bishop of Wings Goes Well With Divine Visitation This opens the doors to looping any sacrifice outlet Viscera Seer
Then if you get Teysa Karlov or Anointed Procession online every angle that dies is replaced with 2

ShieldOfHolyShadows on Orzhov Angels

2 months ago

This deck is a lot of fun! Just a few comments:

The average CMC of the deck is pretty high. Way too high to be running only 22 lands. Personally, I'd trim at least two of the Sorceries and add in two extra lands.

For your manabase, this is where it gets really tricky. Most of your cards require WW, with the hardest one to cast on curve being Bishop of Wings. I think the deck can get away with running Temple of Silence, but Fetid Heath is really clunky imo and the deck could desperately use some copies of Isolated Chapel. With Isolated Chapels in, you might be able to drop a swamp or two, depending on how scared you are of running no non-basic sources of a color.

Other than that, the core is really solid with a decent amount of flexibility.

darkmus on Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

2 months ago

FisterMantastic I don't know your build (I'll be happy to check it out if you want to share it), but this works quite well for me overall as long as I have good sideboarding plan. Is not like I am winning everything but overall I win more than I lose and I rarely get "completely destroyed".

I don't really know what to tell you about vial either, It makes God's work for me as long as I play it T1 or T2. Like in every deck, makes wonders against control, ensures I stay on curve, ramps, allows instant speed blocks etc. but also allowing some shenanigans like activating Resplendent Angel on opponents turns, explosive instant speed blocks and attacks with Righteous Valkyrie or Archangel of Thune, using Shalai, Voice of Plenty as some kind of counter spell... So there is not a chance in the world I am cutting that in my build, but if you don't feel like it works for you, cut it out.

Once again, I don't know your list and your local meta so I might be wrong, but assuming both are similar to mine, I've tried Soul Warden in the past and it adds very little value overall. I feel like both Giver of Runes and in a lesser extent Speaker of the Heavens add much more. We don't really go very wide to activate her multiple times per turn, and there aren't many meta decks that really go wide other than maybe affinity (which is not really strong anyway) ATM so you are not getting that much value from the opponents either. As a creature is too weak, she can't even block 1/1s. Having a T1 play to support your T5 play is not the best idea either if she's so weak, because she's rarely going to survive to that point, and adds barely nothing while in play meanwhile. She for sure will net activate Thune from time to time, but it is going to be rare and not as explosive as you might think. The most positive thing about her is not Thune activation but that she gives another extra play that leads to T3 Resplendent Angel activation (Soul Warden into Bishop of Wings into resplendent) and that she makes it quicker to reach 27 life for righteous. This decks makes really good use of Thunes ability but it's not build around maximizing it. If you want something to push in a big way Thune's ability you might want to check Linden, the Steadfast Queen but at that point you'll rather be playing souls sisters with thune as a wincon than Angel tribal.

I've never tried Windbrisk Heights because I never felt like it was really good enough here. First and most important, it might be a me thing, but tapped lands are a huge no no in modern IMO, don't ever let them get near me, xD. Also with my build I don't really attack with 3 creatures that often, many times I don't do it in the whole game (and not because I had a bad game, I might have easily won) so I feel that it will be very inconsistent. I think it's like Emeria's Call  Flip seems pretty good enough effect to take a small price to play the land, but in the end you get to use the "not land part" so rarely and of those times is so few of them decisive that any price on the land regardless of how small it is ends up not being worth it. Once again, it might not be true in your build, or even in mine because I haven't tried it and might be wrong, so if you try it let us know how it went!.

Good luck in the next FNM!

darkmus on Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

2 months ago

amicdeepThis deck already does all the thing you think it doesn't.

I have 23 angels in the deck. Is at least an angel each turn constant enough for you? because that's basically how it goes. With vial also during their turns actually. So yeah, both youthful and righteous get more than enough triggers. BTW righteous also triggers with clerics so all my creatures trigger her, if that not constant I don't know what it is, xD. Her passive is normally online by turn 3 or 4, so she is already a wincon. And Youthful is a powerhouse, she can grow to be a big trouble if let unchecked.

I do create tokens. Flicker effects are only good if you have cards with good ETB effects, but angels don't really have those (not the playable ones at least). So ephemeral isn't really good here, I've tried it and you end up using it more to save your stuff from kill spells than to trigger things. And to play flicker wisp I'll rather play another 3cmc angel that will also trigger my stuff, no need for flickering.

Thune has all the life gain she needs, there are 16 cards with repeatable free life gain triggers, she rarely enters and doesn't put at least 2 or 3 counters on all my creatures.

This is clearly going all tribal, and yeah, gaining life and putting flyers in play is what angel tribal does, xD. Going all life gain wouldn't be angel tribal, I already have in here all the free life gain effects for angel tribal of the game so I would have to branch out for that, and going all in mass flyers simply can't be done with angels, there is only one 1cmc angel and four 2cmc angels in the whole game. So I would also have to branch out for that. And for the record, I stomp flying go width decks with this, like is not even a match.

Bishop of Wings is a cleric but the text can't be more angel tribal and Giver of Runes well...Do you suggest I should play Segovian Angel instead? because is the only 1cmc angel option... Other than that all of them are angels. The best cards for this spot are Speaker of the Heavens and giver, and in modern she adds way more (even if admittedly speaker is a bit more "angel tribal"). I'll say it's as tribal as it can get. Believe me, I am the first one in line asking for a good 1cmc angel, xD.

I've tried Firja's retribution. Probably the best one of your suggestion. It doesn't either add or subtract much, it can be totally played in this deck. If I had more space I would totally add a couple, but for the moment ill rather have the 4cmc spells I have.

Kaalia zenith seeker is borderline unplayable in modern, in this deck totally unplayable. It dies to bolt and I would have to add a full 3rd color just to net 1 card from her? Not good at all. Legion ends up doing the same thing and nets me 2 cards.

Lyra is a worse Archangel of Thune in this deck, by far. I used to have 2 and 2 and gradually changed it. I rarely cared about life gain to every angel because I already gain a ton of life. And archangel's "anthem effect" is repeatable, stackable,it goes off for free in the deck and stays even if they kill the angel. Also archangel is not legendary, which matters.

I've used Nykthos in mono white and its tap for colorless substrated more than its devotion ability added many times. We don't play many 8cmc "you win the game" type angels here. We are more low to the ground, playing things every turn. By the time the devotion is online we already can play all our stuff normally. It helped Resplendent Angel trigger its second ability from time to time, but other than that not much. Archangel of tithes is another good card that doesn't add much either to this deck, with all the life gain we don't care about letting some damage through if we can't/don't want to block, and will almost all our stuff flying we don't care much about blockers.

Archangel Avacyn is also a pretty good card...if only she didn't transform (with us not being really able to control when she does it) and could potentially kill many of our own stuff...and we care a lot about our stuff living. In the other hand maybe killing their stuff doesn't help us really, if they can be killed by 3dmg we can handle them no problem on the block. There is no place for more 5cmc spells anyway so I'll rather have wincons in that slot.

darkmus on Orzhov Valkyries

2 months ago

janederscore. Resplendent is worth totally the price. If I were you I would pick 2 and later when I can afford it (and I see how good it is)I'll invest in another 2. Bear in mind that with your new build you can reliably activate it in turn 3 via few different plays:

-T1 white source + anything. T2 white source+ Bishop of Wings . T3 Seraph Sanctuary + Resplendent Angel . If you were lucky enough to play Speaker of the Heavens T1 you could trigger it T4 (maybe even T3 if Speaker attacked T2 and T3)which will trigger resplendent etc... -T1 white source+ Cleric Class .T2 white source+bishop. T3 any land +Resplendent.

And so many ways of activating Resplendent on T4 than I am not even going to give you examples, xD.

And all of those plays leave to scenarios where you would be triggering her for every angel that ETBs and you would have both Speaker of the Heavens and Righteous Valkyrie online T4. The best scenarios you can hope for in your deck. It's rare but you can even get T4 wins out of that.

I haven't tried Seraph of the Scales it can be good. You clearly care about letting things behind when things die, so it fits that quite well, xD. I was going to suggest you Archangel of Tithes but I am seeing that its like 20 bucks in USD (wtf, its about 5 in here...) so forget about it, haha.

I haven't played the great hall so I don't know, modern is very fast so tapped lands are a no no for my liking. In the other hand you play 24 lands so a land that like Emeria's Call  Flip is somewhat a "spell" is a good thing, I wish you could activate it not only as a sorcery though...maybe only 1 copy since it gives you only black mana, which only 1 card in your deck requires, so 90% its basically a colorless land? I don't know what to thing about the card, I suppose that's what playtesting is for, xD.

darkmus on Orzhov Valkyries

2 months ago

janederscore if you put in the deck Bishop of Wings , Righteous Valkyrie , Seraph Sanctuary , Cleric Class and Angel of Vitality I recommend you (unlesh money issues) to put at least a couple of resplendents in there. Thay are a great finisher and with so many life gain you will be activating it passively just by playing angels and doing your stuff. She's amazing. You have 12 different life gain triggers, I can't speak without trying it but I believe Cleric Class will end up neting you more +1/+1 than the other one, plus you can put them all in one creature and both the first and last modes of the class feel to me more useful to this deck. Legion Angel is a total overachiever, a must, she's been the MVP in my deck (which is my main that I use against tier1 decks and win with it) many matches. Yeah, first being bolt range sounds shitty but, well, it's not. It generates more value for your opponent than for you? Well... No, it doesn't, mor e like the total opposite. Are they going to have 3 bolts to stop the 3 straight turns of putting and angel and triggering all our stuff, even if it dies? No they are not going to, it overwhelmes opponents, they need to put a toon of resources to kill all of them while your angel replaces itself and nets you some triggers along the way. And she will be your most aggressive creature, the 4 power with evasion will matter and is a nice fast clock for the oponnent. Serra Avenger also dies to bolt, and you are rarely going to have 2 of them at the same time to play them together to make sure one survives. It's a dead card the whole early game, I wouldn't put more than 2 avengers in, you don't want to draw it until you can play it. I'll strongly suggest 2x Avengers and 2x Legion. But even if you want 4 avengers that's OK, is not a bad card, but at least give legion a try, you will be pleasently surprised (as I was, because I thought the same as you until I tried it). Yeah emeria's call doesn't ad much. No need for it. I told you just so you bear it in mind (I have to say anyway that I am from Europe and everything here is somewhere between 1/3rd and 2/3rds the price, so it's just like 2 bucks here) I've tried them, as sad as it is, I can assure you there is no black valkirye worth playing in modern. I do think that firgas retribution is slightly better than starnheim unleashed, but I don't think it's 60 bucks better if you know what I mean, specially if money is an issue. I'll rather spend that money in resplendent angels, they will win you more matches in the long run and is an easier card to sell if the moment arrives than mediocre lands. Plus it's price is growing lately, so maybe it's even a small investment.

The deck looks much better now than yesterday anyway, good luck fellow angel player, I am sure you will have a lot of fun with it!

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