Well of Lost Dreams

Well of Lost Dreams


Whenever you gain life, you may pay , where X is less than or equal to the amount of life you gained. If you do, draw X cards.

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Well of Lost Dreams Discussion

legendofa on Black Green Gain/Drain Midrange WIP

3 days ago

Keep pulling those foil mythics!

Another question about strategy: Are you trying to use life gain as a means to an end, or as an end in itself? Do you use the lifegain cards to fuel Well of Lost Dreams , Dina, Soul Steeper , Mortality Spear , and friends, or do you want to finish a round with 50+ life?

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Aikido of the Mirroring Fire

1 week ago

It's weird to not see Sunforger in here. Maybe add in Make a Stand , Unbreakable Formation and Akroma's Blessing for some protection. Well of Lost Dreams , Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip and Chain of Plasma on one of your creatures go infinite with your commander. If you target a Stuffy Doll or Brash Taunter with it, you can kill at least one player, even all of them with Taunter. Finally, Stormwild Capridor could become infinitely big in that combo.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Don't Call Me Angel

3 weeks ago

Maybe try Beacon of Immortality ? It can draw you lots of cards with Well of Lost Dreams , and it can potentially one-shot people with Sanguine Bond . Another great card here would be Alhammarret's Archive .

hejtmane on Oloro Ageless Ascetic Early Draw …

1 month ago

The only way to get more consistent is add more draw power to the deck Necropotence Rhystic Study are your top tier ones

Bolas's Citadel can be kind of like draw

other ones to look at Dark Confidant Phyrexian Arena Dawn of Hope Well of Lost Dreams

then add Alhammarret's Archive with the extra card draw and life gain

DevoMelvminster on Bounce and Ye Shall Be Healed

1 month ago

I could definitely try running both of those in place of the 3 cmc ones. It would probably help smooth out the early game.

I do go back and forth with whether or not to run Well of Lost Dreams or Dawn of Hope , and Mangara, the Diplomat for that matter. The card draw is needed, buy I’m just so unsure what to cut for it.

As for the +1 counter payoffs, I’d probably find a slot to add Heliod, Sun-Crowned back in if I find i want more of it.

Any suggestions? I will preemptively warn you that Azor's Gateway  Flip is a pet card that I won’t remove. The feeling of flipping it and tapping it for 100 mana or something is irreplaceable.

As always, thanks for the input!

Omniscience_is_life on Bounce and Ye Shall Be Healed

1 month ago

Hey! I'm back with some more food for thought:

I still would rather see some lower CMC (please don't @ me, I know it's MV now) ramp in place of the Relic or Sphere . Might I suggest Coldsteel Heart or Star Compass ?

I also feel like some more lifegain payoffs could be nice. You only need a few (payoffs suck without their respective enablers, ofc), but Well of Lost Dreams , Cradle of Vitality , or Serene Steward could be fun.

I love the direction the deck is going, keep it up ;)

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Patron of the Kitsune

2 months ago

Looks pretty good, heads up! Maybe add in Well of Lost Dreams ?

BrassLord on Firja's Dark Disciples

2 months ago

Looks like a fun starter commander! Black White lifegain is a definite fun archtype to build, maybe work up towards something like Karlov of the Ghost Council or Oloro, Ageless Ascetic ! I know starting out budget is important as you don't want to invest in cards you might not like, so I've made the recommendations with that in mind!

On the first look, your commander can filter through your deck fairly consistently, so some reanimation spells like Dread Return Unburial Rites Victimize might work out for you!

Revival / Revenge and Light of Promise are both fun cards that offer some utility and can get out of hand.

Spirit Loop seems like it could have a home in your deck, as it's a consistent 2cmc spell that you can keep casting and getting back to trigger your commander.

Well of Lost Dreams Dawn of Hope Cosmos Elixir Are all sources of card draw that synergize with your lifegain gameplan! Your commander's colors are notoriously known for lacking card draw and ramp, so these might help keep you in the game!

Soul Warden Soul's Attendant and Suture Priest are decent lifegain triggers, as they trigger on each creature entering the battlefield.

Blind Obedience seems perfect for your deck!

Vampire Nighthawk Indulging Patrician Basilica Bell-Haunt Angel of Vitality are creatures that seem to fit with your gameplan.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den offers consistent recursion and allows you to cast lower cmc permanents. Kami of False Hope could also pair with this really well, as it's basically a fog effect that you can cast for cheap over and over!

In your current list, it appears a little removal light (which to be fair is meta dependent). since you're playing white, you have access to cards like Darksteel Mutation and Reprobation , which can be a headache for your opponents to deal with if you enchant their commander. Also Victimize is a great catchall removal spell.

Colored mana seems at a premium in your deck, so I'd also look into getting some cheaper artifact ramp like Marble Diamond and Charcoal Diamond .

For cuts, I'd recommend evaluating your cards in terms of whether they actively win the game or help you do what you want. In your current list Fortified Rampart I've found to be underwhelming and doesn't further your gameplan. I'd also recommend replacing the following: Star-Crowned Stag Skeleton Archer Reaper of Night Kor Scythemaster Inspiring Captain Hailstorm Valkyrie Gargoyle Sentinel Fiend Binder Angel of the Dawn Courier Griffin Silverflame Ritual Chaplain's Blessing Splendid Agony Djeru's Renunciation Sinister Possession .

That being said, it can sometimes be fun just trying your best with whatever cards are lying around! Hopefully the suggestions can give your deck a little pep!

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