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EDH / Commander Staples : Red

Commander / EDH* Mono-Red


Interaction (30)

Exile-based Card Draw (18)

Recursion (15)

Rule of Law Bypass (12)

Spell Duplication / Redirection (10)

Eldrazi Magic (7)

Creature Duplication (Valuetown) (5)

Time Magic (4)

Card Filtration (21)

Card Draw (20)

Token/Token Manipulation (16)

Combat Steps (12)

Tutor spells (11)

Planeswalkers (8)

Evasion (6)

Sacrifice Outlets! (2)

Commander (1)

Commander: Zada, Hedron Grinder

Ramp (21)

Non-Basic Lands (20)

Land Destruction (14)

Field Wipe (12)

Haste (9)

Stax (7)

Utility Creatures (5)


Other (1)

This is not a list that says "You need this in your deck.",this is a list to encompass strategies you want to choose from. Need ramp? There's a list for it, need some weird evasion card? It's here. This is just a resource and not here to tell you how to play.

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Updates Add

Normally I just add cards to the list, but from now on I'll be including the reasoning as to why I think the card deserves to be here. Modern Horizons 3 adds a LOT to red, giving it more flexibility than we're used to. There's a few other cards from prior sets I'll talk about too.

Memory Vessel

Memory Jar has already proven itself as an incredible card for Red, so it makes sense I would want to include it here. Couple problems though : You can't recur it, and you give your opponents MORE of an opportunity to use the cards they draw. While this card is good in decks like Zada or Purphoros, it definitely has problems and is probably the first card I would cut if a better draw option came out.


There's next to no reason for a Mono red or even a dual color deck to not wanna run this. It's untapped, it gives card draw without affecting selection, it's just great. In a lot of ways this is better than the previous entry on this list, as it is very hard to counterspell.

Return the Favor

There's a few metas and play patterns where this card will be an absolute bop. You can copy your own degenerate effects, or an opponents, or use it as a counterspell to protect your win condition.

Embrace the Unknown

Retrace is the reason this cards showing up. We no longer have to run weird cards like Chandra's Regulator to disperse our flooded hands. It results in card advantage where filtration cards fall short.

Lamplight Phoenix

Normally, I'd say that I'm tired of seeing a dumb barely playable phoenix every spoiler season, but the ability to recur this card is effortless for many red decks outside of Daretti or Feldon. In Purphoros, this card can close out the game fast by using your graveyard.

Pyretic Charge

Filters while also allowing you to potentially finish a player off. The plot cost isn't bad either.

Pinnacle Monk  Flip + Sundering Eruption  Flip

No reason not to run this card in most decks. If the life matters, don't pay it or cast the spell. We get to run recursion in our land slots, and this is why this card is here along side Sundering Eruption.

Flare of Duplication

What a fucking great card. So many red decks will just sac their commander to this and obtain obscene value.

Wheel of Potential

Lets you actively draw instead of impulse draw. Most of the time, opponents wont exile their carefully sculpted hands, so this will just be an easy draw spell. If you run easy Energy generators its cool too!

Null Elemental Blast + Kozilek's Command + Eldritch Immunity + Warping Wail + Eldrazi Confluence + Selective Obliteration

Your mono deck will very often just have colorless mana in spades so that you can shore up your colors weaknesses. As a result, mono decks can often turn into a "Dual Color" deck with MH3's colorless cards. Warping Wail was always able to be included, but only if you accidentally could support it, as it wasn't powerful enough to just try and include on its own, but cards like Eldritch Immunity give red powers it literally isn't allowed to get normally. Eldrazi Confluence lets you protect your commander, ramp you, and remove cretures. Selective Obliteration lets you remove enchantments as well. Can't wait to include Eldrazi Magic in my red decks and see how it works out.

Siege Smash

Split second turns this normally awful mana value into some of the best interaction red has ever received. Isochron Scepter players are vomiting, defecating, and crying in the streets.

Great Train Heist

Another combat step at 4 mana and having upside with excess mana is pretty good.

Molten Duplication

Talon Gates of Madara

Unconditional removal that is very hard to counterspell really beefs up Reds interaction.

Lazotep Quarry Sac, colored mana, colorless mana for Eldrazi magic, and recursion, all in a land slot. We take those.

Horizon of Progress

Lot of utility, ramp, all in a land slot.


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