Ramunap Ruins

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Ramunap Ruins

Land — Desert

: Gain .

, Pay 1 life: Gain .

, , Sacrifice a Desert: This deals 2 damage to each opponent.

cyeRunner on Mono Red Sagas

1 week ago

Hey, are you still actively playing the deck ?
I picked it up 2 weeks ago and I'm myself not sure about the exact decklist. Do you mind giving me some input ?
Current decklist here with some links to youtube videos and a reddit thread.
I run more burn in the form of Shrapnel Blast and I also run Ramunap Ruins because it enters untapped.

ClockworkSwordfish on Red Rainbow

2 months ago

Unfortunately Shivan Gorge isn't legal in Modern... if you really want a land that does damage, you might prefer something like Keldon Megaliths or Ramunap Ruins in its place.

I'd also recommend Seething Song over Vessel of Volatility! You get more mana out of it for less of a total investment. They both result in the same net gain if you space out using the Vessel, but if you want to use it the same turn you draw it, it's no good. Either way, the Song is just as good for speeding you into a turn-three Demigod!

Speaking of which, Avatar of Discord is fun, but you might like to find room for Faithless Looting as another way to stock a Demigod or two into your graveyard. It might be preferable to Inside Out, which I'm not really sure what the intended use for is... most of your creatures have less power than toughness!

ClockworkSwordfish on Legacy Burn

10 months ago

Mountains are necessary to play Fireblast and they won't backfire under Price of Progress, but I think it might be worth considering a couple nonbasics for that extra little bit of reach. If fetchlands purely for the deck thinning feels too finicky, you might appreciate a pair of Barbarian Ring or Ramunap Ruins - you never know when you need those last two points!

Desmous on Pioneer RDW Hazoret

1 year ago

Really cool prowess build! I think it is pretty good by itself.

Some things to maybe think about?

  • Embercleave (I know, original) It gives a prowess trigger on the cast and usually hits for 6 when it comes in.

  • If you do put 2-4 Embercleave in the mainboard, you might want to consider Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Gets you an extra attacker to help lower the cost of the cleave, and is hard to kill being a 1/3 with First Strike. You might want to just replace Viashino Pyromancer with Kari Zev, as the extra "go wide" 2/1 Ragavan it makes helps a lot on turn 3 and 4 when you are swinging for the most damage

  • Lava Coil in the sideboard instead of Fry (if you are playing against a lot of Izzet Phoenix, if you are playing against a lot of teferi control, first off that is the best matchup so you shouldn't have to really use Fry) deals with Thing in the Ice  Flip and Arclight Phoenix, and a lot of the things Winota, Joiner of Forces deck likes to play.

  • Chandra, Torch of Defiance (for more midrange reach) also gives prowess trigger, card draw, and a little ramp / control for grindy midrange matchups. Sideboard and probably replaces the Experimental Frenzy on the games it comes in from the sideboard

  • Improve landbase, Castle Embereth is an easy add I think, it is pretty easy to come in untapped, so it is very beneficial up to 4 Ramunap Ruins as if you are the aggro deck, the 6 ish damage you probably average from tapping it for red should not matter against most control or midrange decks if you win.

  • Bomat Courier for card draw, although it will be going further away from the prowess game plan, but I'm just giving you cards and ideas you might want to try!

  • Glorybringer for midrange matchups, takes a defender out for your prowess creatures before blocks (this is sideboard ofc)

  • I would put the Goblin Chainwhirler in the sideboard and put a more versatile 3 drop in the deck. Chainwhirler could be amazing in your metagame, but in mine Ahn-Crop Crasher removing a blocker on a big attack turn is usually better for me

Again, you have to build your deck to your metagame, so just giving you some cards // ideas!

Kazierts on No Remorse

1 year ago

I think Magmaroth is a bit too slow for this deck. I'd recommend either a number of Spark Elemental and/or Hell's Thunder.

One thing I definitely would include is four copies of Ramunap Ruins. It's basically an upgraded Mountain that can help you finish a game when just a little bit is needed to cross the finish line.

lagotripha on A Very Budget Shadow

1 year ago

I can see a budget version of shadow being good, but the main engine for life loss in the expensive version is the manabase - fetches allow you to hold up 'pay 3 life' whenever you draw one without committing to it.

There are a few options to adjust for that - a grindier gameplan featuring cards like Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip Castle Locthwain or Murderous Betrayal, or more immolating souleater style outlets. I've been a big fan of Plunge into Darkness for a long while.

Budget pay life lands is basically just sulferous & Ifnir Deadlands/Ramunap Ruins

fatalzintomyum on Legacy Burn

1 year ago

Nixin72, you scared me when you started to act concerned about a burn deck "burning out quickly" or having to "maintain a board presence", but I see what you mean and I quite agree. Though I hope the burn deck is not trying to play any sort of long game both Monastery Swiftspear and Eidolon of the Great Revel are very powerful tools.

All that I am trying to say, purely mine own opinion on burn, is that sacrifices of raw power and damage for some sort of elusive long-game advantage are rather foolish most of the time. In the case of Monastery Swiftspear in particular however it is such an amazing card, it and eidelon can snap up those Spark Elemental and Keldon Marauders spots.

as for lands, one that you may want to consider is Barbarian Ring . a more freeroll card can never be found, and having such reach can be very good. The same logic sort of applies to Ramunap Ruins , though I would be careful with 5 mana Shock s.

Good luck and a +vote

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