Kuldotha Rebirth

Kuldotha Rebirth


As an additional cost to cast Kuldotha Rebirth, sacrifice an artifact.

Put three 1/1 red Goblin creature tokens onto the battlefield.

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Kuldotha Rebirth Discussion

InzHornet4 on Need help finding a focus …

1 day ago


I forgot about the Kuldotha Rebirth. That would work well with Saheeli. Then, if you would have Saheeli and Young Pyromancer, plus that and a lightning bolt or shock, you could play shock or bolt to start turn 4, getting you a token from saheeli and pyromancer. Then sack the token from Saheeli and play that, netting you 5 more tokens, dropping Junk Winder to 2 blue, and you could still play it turn 4.

lagotripha on Need help finding a focus …

1 day ago

There are a few really efficient token producers out there - with the advent of good investigate/treasure effects, Kuldotha Rebirth is a lot stronger.

I could see a Hard Evidence/Kuldotha Rebirth/The Underworld Cookbook/guy whose name I can't spell list being pretty good. It also should play nice with young pyro.

Something like this ;Junk Kitchen. Its a very rough outline but it feels managable. Could do with more card draw - thoughtcast or something, but I'll leave you to play with the idea.

SueMe on Not-Quite-Kobold Flood

1 month ago


Woah there, haha, looks like you're looking for an entirely different list!

If I cut Deadly Dispute and Mortician Beetle, then I may as well cut Village Rites, at which point, I'll be playing mono-red with some zero-drops that are only useful for Rites of Initiation; I may as well be playing burn and cut the kobold theme entirely.

Speaking of Rites, I've actually tried it out in an earlier version, and from what I've gathered (from my "Playtest" experience, to be sure), it seems to be a dead card a lot of the time, because it's all or nothing. If you use it in any situation other than for winning on the spot, then you just lose the game due to card disadvantage (remember, the turn after we cast Rites, all our Kobolds become useless). It get's worse if you add in cards like Faithless Looting, which, unlike Village Rites or Deadly Dispute, is also card disadvantage.

I'll also have you know that Springleaf Drum is what makes this deck; I love Springleaf Drum. Think of it as a zero-drop (it pays for itself after tapping a kobold), that gets your Gathan Raiders out on turn 2, filters for the mana you need at any time, and can be sacked to Deadly Dispute/Kuldotha Rebirth as soon as it isn't useful.

But hey, I always appreciate suggestions. Thanks for the upvote, and checking out my deck!

BruhYouFarted on Overlooked But Awesome Cards For …

2 months ago

Recently, I have been scrounging the Gatherer for new sweet Pauper cards, which has been successful. The catch is, these might not fit into decks in the mainstream or decks built around these would be pretty janky. If anyone could make a list out of any of these, I applaud you. Anyway:

Kobold Taskmaster : Sitting at a steep 30 cents, Kobold Taskmaster gives all Kobolds a boost. In case you haven't noticed, Kobold Tron is legal. ( Crookshank Kobolds , Kobolds of Kher Keep , and Crimson Kobolds ) Kobold Taskmaster can also just provide a boost to Changelings, like Universal Automaton and Changeling Outcast , or just give your board some bones on the meat with Shields of Velis Vel . A playable deck though; that is for you, the victim of my madness, to decide.

Glyph of Doom , Glyph of Destruction , and Glyph of Life : All of these are in here because of a combo with Wall of Glare . Either block all their guys and gain a ton of life, or wipe out all their attackers. If you combine Doom and Life, you can get a one-sided board wipe if you play your cards right.

Mob Justice : This 2 mana spell can absolutely wipe someone out. With the help of creatures from Kuldotha Rebirth , The Kobolds, and others like Hordeling Outburst , Nest Invader , Sprout Swarm , Triplicate Spirits , etc. You could then finish the game with Raid Bombardment , Massive Raid , or Impact Tremors .

Hopefully you enjoyed my list! I still have some cards down my sleeve, but I would like to hear your overlooked cards for Pauper as a comment. I really want to do a part 2, so one will surly coming. Cya.

zapyourtumor on Modern Sac Artifacts

4 months ago

Interesting deck built around Pia's Revolution , I didn't actually know that card existed.

Some suggestions:

Terrarion over Chromatic Sphere

Shrapnel Blast / Kuldotha Rebirth as extra sack outlets

Arktaurous on you're awful murray

10 months ago

Kuldotha Rebirth is kinda fun. Feldon of the Third Path can be pretty handy. Squealing Devil could be useful.Hell's Caretaker could be worthy of consideration.

Goblin_Guide on Aggressive Monarchy

10 months ago

Sooo what do you want for this deck? Do you need token producers? If that is the route you want to go down, there are some other cards you should look at:

Sacrifice outlets. I see you already have Viscera Seer, that's a really good one, but you might also consider Goblin Bombardment, Ashnod's Altar, and maybe Spawning Pit. Also Vampiric Rites.

More aristocrats. You are in the right colors for these, so this shouldn't be hard to fill out. Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, Falkenrath Noble; I think there might be some red ones that make the creature itself deal damage to any target? If so, those should be an auto include what with the assassins having deathtouch.

As far as actual tokens go, it seems you mostly have one-off effects; if you want more of these, you should look for cards that get you tokens with a high amount of efficiency. If you had enough mana rocks and stuff like that I would suggest Kuldotha Rebirth, but for now I don't think that is going to do it as often as you want. Probably you want stuff like Krenko's Command, Dragon Fodder, Hordeling Outburst, etc. for this category.

In terms of token producing that recursively gives you value, I would suggest Assemble the Legion for sure; also, maybe Ophiomancer (expensive but very good with a sacrifice outlet) and any of the Goonies would be good, though technically they aren't tokens, they just come back a lot (Reassembling Skeleton, Nether Traitor, Bloodsoaked Champion, Bloodghast, Tenacious Dead, either Squee would work). If you really do want tokens to come out and be there at the same time and start to build up a board state with them, you should probably use ... well, I dunno, you're in white. Figure it out.

Also, one last thing: Cathars' Crusade.

In terms of what to cut, I would look reaaally hard at the top of your curve. I would probably drop Gravewaker at least. I think Necrotic Hex is probably good in your deck, because you have so many creatures, but just in general I think it's better in a deck that actually cares about either the word "sacrifice" or the zombies for being zombies rather than the zombies being bodies. Lena seems bad here, I don't know how many nontoken creatures you'll have. I think Crush Contraband could get cut for more efficient removal, maybe Anguished Unmaking or Utter End if you want a budget version. Moan of the Unhallowed is ... straight up bad I think.

Let me know if these were helpful or if you need more cuts.

Topherito on Kaalia The Killer

11 months ago

Hey Bad_Dog, I had a question regarding a recent combo I stumbled upon with Sarcomancy and wanted to see your thoughts. Given if you are running Worldgorger Dragon in the decklist still and if you are limited on mana. I think you could use Sarcomancy with Razaketh, the Foulblooded to create an infinite tutor loop similar to the Rune-Scarred Demon and Worldgorger Dragon but in a quicker sense just using the Kuldotha Rebirth token sac loop, wherein you would only need the 3 tokens to set everything up, searching for Entomb, Dance of the Dead, and a mana outlet or Sarcomancy pending on having one of the other 3 in hand already, and flash in Bogardan Hellkite to finish things up, once the infinite loop starts.

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