Renegade Tactics

Renegade Tactics


Target creature can't block this turn.

Draw a card.

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Renegade Tactics Discussion

Gattison on Izzet Defender Idea (Pauper)

2 months ago

Cinder Wall is cheap if you want more defenders. As for support spells, you'd want mostly cantrips imo. Things like Crash Through, Opt, Renegade Tactics, Slip Through Space. Even stuff like Faithless Looting and Thrill of Possibility could be helpful if you want to include flashback/retrace stuff, like Flame Jab.

zapyourtumor on

2 months ago

20 creatures feels like too many, I'd cut the stormchaser mages and go down to 16. Also I think you can go down to 18 lands. You could consider replacing the blistercoils with Stormwing Entity.

For the instants and sorceries, you have a lot of draw a card effects, but I don't think Renegade Tactics + Slip Through Space + Expedite are worth it. I'd add some removal in Play with Fire and Wild Slash (I recommend 6-8 of these in total). Then some card filtering in Consider, card draw in Of One Mind (since you'd have 8 humans and 8 non-humans), and maybe a singleton Treasure Cruise for mid game.

Milesfuzz on Spell Harmonicon

3 months ago

Beamsplitter Mage acts as a mini Zada/Mirrorwing Dragon. Makes all of your targeted cantrips pretty good!

Also there's a few extra cantrips to consider. - Leap - Cloak of Feathers - Cerulean Wisps - Renegade Tactics - Thermal Flux

Bad cantrips that are just good for triggering Zada/Magecraft/Mirrorwing - Twisted Image - Chilling Trap - Fleeting Distraction - Stream of Unconsciousness

Guerric on Feather Burns down the Barn

4 months ago
Spawning Breath OUT Sudden Breakthrough IN

Spawning Breath doesn't do much in this build other than to store mana for a later time. If I were focused on tokens it would be better, but in my build Sudden Breakthrough is a strictly better upgrade in that it pumps Feather while also storing mana for another time.

Reckless Charge OUT Deflecting Palm IN

I'm generally underwhelmed with cards that only work at sorcery speed in this deck, and with the addition of Sudden Breakthrough I've already added one back in. Deflecting Palm has always been a great Boros card, and gives me the option to send direct or infect damage right back into my opponents' faces. Comeuppance creates some epic moments and commander, so why not have a few more of them!

Renegade Tactics OUT Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip IN

Tactics is sorcery speed, making it a pretty bad draw spell compared to my other cantrips, and otherwise useless. Birgi is a great ramp engine. My opponents tried in vain to remove her four times the other night because of the practically limitless mana refund she provides, though all those attempts were in vain!

Smothering Tithe OUT Storm-Kiln Artist IN

Tithe is an amazing card but as Control_Train has observed, it is really suited better to slower, grindier control decks. I've taken it out, and it will find a great new home in my upcoming Ranar the Ever-Watchful deck. Storm-Kiln Artist , on the other hand, can spew out treasure tokens in this deck like you've hit the jackpot on a slot machine, and is a great new addition from Strixhaven.

lagotripha on The zada's death touch Pezzent

5 months ago

I'll suggest Irresistible Prey & Renegade Tactics - they play nice with zada. Heat Shimmer / Twinflame can do silly turns, Otherworldly Outburst and Make Your Mark let you resist wraths. Beast Within is its usual versatile self with an added 'my board is now 3/3'.

nathanielhebert on 1792- The French Revolution

5 months ago

Loving the concept — always looking for new uses for the Unruly Mob ! In practise, I played through different options for card draws — Crash Through granted trample damage and brought about some victories, and Renegade Tactics is similar to the Topple the Statue .

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

6 months ago

I want to raise my card number to 65. What should I add? I took out a lot of Renegade Tactics

ClockworkSwordfish on Flying Purple Pauper Eater

6 months ago

Crash Through isn't bad per se, but I think it's kind of the wrong idea on how you want to go about things. Trampling over blockers helps get at your opponent, but when your deck is geared towards counting him from 20 life to 0 as fast as humanly possible, then really you'd be better off sidestepping those blockers and dumping all of the damage in your opponent's lap. I think that Slip Through Space is more the right idea, and another common that does virtually the same thing is Shadow Rift ! You could also run evasion-granting cards over the ones like Renegade Tactics or Send to Sleep , since you can't be sure how many blockers your opponent will have, but you really only need one attacker to get through for your plan to work. Distortion Strike is another solid option - it gets a second casting for free and even provides another point of power, meaning it can add 8 unblockable damage to a Kiln Fiend or Cyclops for only a single mana.

Another card I'd highly recommend is Assault Strobe - no surprise value, but it is the cheapest way to double your damage in such a deck. With an Assault Strobe, a Shadow Rift and any other one-mana spell, a Kiln Fiend can kill your opponent as early as turn three!

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