Ignite the Future

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Ignite the Future


Exile the top three cards of your library. Until the end of your next turn, you may play those cards. If this spell was cast from a graveyard, you may play cards this way without paying their mana costs.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Profet93 on Mines of Moria

7 months ago

I got a lot of ideas....

Solemn Simulacrum - Ramp and draw which you need both of

Magus of the Wheel/Wheel of Misfortune - Wheel

Inferno Titan/Flametongue Kavu - Damage

Humble Defector - Draw + Politics

Dualcaster Mage + Heat Shimmer = GG - Both are good on their own as well

Myriad Landscape - Ramp

Chaos Warp - Your only form of enchantment removal in mono red

Lightning Bolt - Damage

Vandalblast/Chain Reaction/Blasphemous Act/Pyrohemia - Wipe

Light Up the Stage/Ignite the Future - Draw, light up the stage works particularly well in your deck

Endless Atlas - Draw

Sol Ring - How is this not in here already?

Nevinyrral's Disk - Wipe for enchantments as well

Mind Stone - Ramp for commander when you need it, draw when you dont

Profet93 on Mono-Red

7 months ago

Two infinite combos of importance below: Do note that each piece is good on it's own outside of the combo

Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame/Heat Shimmer

Zealous Conscripts + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

You already run the managyser + reiterate combo for infinite mana.

Other cards to consider are....

Curse of Opulence - Draw and politics

Mind's Eye - Draw, works nice with wheels.

War Room/Wheel of Misfortune/ Skullclamp/Light Up the Stage/ - Draw

Ignite the Future - Draw, light up the stage older brother. While it works best in more higher cmc builds given the flashback, having a low cmc build allows you to more likely to be able to cast them this turn. That being said, both light up the stage and ignite allow you to play them on your following turn as well.

Jeska's Will - Draw and ramp

Chain Reaction/Blasphemous Act - For when This shit is bannana's

be sure to let me know what you think of each suggestion

Omniscience_is_life on Weakest Mono Color

9 months ago

The main issue with your argument about Red's removal, as I see it, is that you really only need a few ways to deal with enchantments/indestructible creatures anyways. I can run Chaos Warp, Introduction to Annihilation, and Liquimetal Torque and be pretty much set to deal with whatever comes at me. Even in a green or white deck, are you playing more than 3 sources of enchantment hate?

Past that, ritual-type mana and impulsive-style draws are actually very strong--the burst of mana I can get from a Dockside Extortionist, Storm-Kiln Artist, or Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip is generally all I'd need to pop off, and the access to cards from things like Jeska's Will, Light Up the Stage, or Ignite the Future is enough to hit land drops and answers.

White just can't draw enough cards to stay in the running with the value engines of the other colors, and usually has to pivot to control to keep things balanced. Control is certainly viable, but tends to get hated-targeted off the table or just outpaced. Plus, white has little access to strong mana acceleration, usually putting it just a turn behind the others. Again, its main technique for balancing this is control, but that comes with the above issues.

OnTheCurve on Norin Nonsense (Optimized)

10 months ago

Hi Profet93 and thank you so much for your valuable input on my Norin deck! He is by far one of my favorite commanders. I get t he impression you have been running Norin for some time considering all of the recommendations you have provided me.

I will do my best to address each item:

Yes the Hero's Blade was in there just for that reason but in recent play I have found that it has not provided me with enough value to warrant it remaining in the deck. I also was running equipment protection with Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots, but again the value was not there. Sure they would protect the extra creatures in the deck but did not provide a step forward in the game. I have since removed these and have added one of your recommendations. Heat Shimmer and Dualcaster Mage. These two plus Imperial Recruiter seemed like the right changes considering the Recruiter can fetch virtually half of the creatures in the deck . The additional win con is a nice touch as well.

I find with such a low mana curve I have not run into mana issues. I will also be removing Shadowspear as well adding in Smoke as well as Gauntlet of Power. the mana ramp will assist with the low mana rate as well.

So far out of 18 games I have played Norin as won a Whopping 14! This has come from a variety of ways with ETB Purphoros, God of the Forge, Genesis Chamber, Repercussion + Blasphemous Act or mass creature damage with Glacial Chasm on board. nominal creature damage and of course politics. Norin never really feels like a threat to anyone until he goes off. Evenly depleting everyone for damage without being the aggressor.

some of the items you recommended like Lightning Bolt / Outpost Siege do not tickle my fancy due to the singular damage. I prefer equal damage for political reasons and the simple fact that 1 damage per ETB is not enough for my liking.

Now Terror of the Peaks is on order for me already and Ruby Medallion and Sensei's Divining Top are both great suggestions that I will be scouting out additional copies to add to Norin. Very valuable recommendations!

I Prefer the Curse over the Sword due to the low CMC and lack of equip cost. The Wheel of Misfortune is also a quality suggestion and an extra wheel effect that could prove valuable mid to late game. Light Up the Stage and Ignite the Future do seem good. I did consider them during my initial build but leaned towards Stolen Strategy for the repeat effect. Most games I hold onto Warstorm Surge and Confusion in the Ranks for both their high CMC and lack of board utility. I might give your two suggestions another kick at the can!

I do have an extra Crucible of Worlds on tap that I could use and that coupled with fetches could trim down the deck thoughout the game. I like your idea on this.

I have no budget for this deck so i am also considering the better more powerful Gauntlet of Might but having trouble locating one! My playgroup is ULTRA aggressive hence the style of this build.

All in all I am having loads of fun with Norin. He is slowly becoming my most played deck and with some of these suggestions I am looking forward to seeing how they fair in battle!

I thank you for your beefy comment and time you took with the recommendations my friend. When I have some free time I will check out your profile and decks. Return the favor you gave me :) Cheers!

Profet93 on Norin Nonsense (Optimized)

10 months ago


  1. What is the point of Hero's Blade? Attach it to Norin while you have warstorm surge for extra damage?
  2. Extraplanar Lens doesn't seem too impactful in this build, with only 16 (15 after exile) mountains, I can't see how it's potential benefit outweighs it's vast cost of putting you down one land and benefiting your opponents
  3. You have such a low land count, even counting your artifact ramp, do you feel yourself struggling for lands if you can't get one of your draw engines such as skullclamp and tome of legends?
  4. How do you win, are your options either Insurrection hoping they have bombs on the field or MLD while hoping to have one of 3 enchantments that deal damage upon ETB, am I missing something? I also see the reiterate + mana gyser combo, what mana dump do you use, or do you just dump your hand?
  5. Terror of the Peaks - You're running warstorm surge which is more expensive, albeit, harder to remove. I feel the redundancy is needed in Norin.
  6. Sensei's Divining Top - Helpful to smooth out draws and overall utility.
  7. Ruby Medallion - Seems helpful in a build like this, even with 20% of your cards being artifacts
  8. Sword of the Animist - Potentially a bit slow for your tastes, but ensuring land drops is nice. Best part is, Norin exiles himself from combat after swinging (yes, he gets scared of his own shadow) so the only downside is the re-equip cost. Might be worth considering
  9. Curse of Opulence - Ramp and politics, what's not to like?
  10. Outpost Siege - Draw when you need or damage when your hand is full. I think this should take over dingus egg, but I suppose thats meta dependent as you do have a lot of wipes
  11. Light Up the Stage/Ignite the Future - Both are worth considering as the cards can be played on the following turn as opposed to the same turn. I think light up the stage is better in a build like yours
  12. Wheel of Misfortune - Draw and politics
  13. Lightning Bolt - Always bluff removal for cheap
  14. Deflecting Swat - While we will rarely have our commander on board, I find it's potential to be worth taking a look at ..... Counter counterspells, redirect targetted draw, extra turns, removal, etc... very versatile and potentially for free.
  15. Dualcaster Mage + Heat Shimmer - Classic combo, both pieces valuable on their own and provides another win condition.
  16. Not a serious suggestion at all, but myconsith lattice is really fun with your artifact removal, goblin welder, dockside, etc...
  17. Do you have enough basics to warrant ruination, or is that meta dependent?
  18. A note regarding confusion in the ranks, just wanna make sure you're aware that it triggers on itself, meaning, if an opponent has an enchantment, you switch control upon ETB. Many people miss that, it has saved me from many games (nice omniscience you got there)
  19. On it's best and worst days, how does this deck play? With such little lands, some of which don't produce mana (unless you have blood moon effects). With all of your MLD, I'm surprised you don't run Crucible of Worlds, given that it synergizes with buried ruin as well. Moreover, if you added fetchlands and sensei's top (not suggesting, just noting), you can use crucible for guaranteed land drops and top with fetches to manipulate your top deck.
  20. Meta? Budget per card?

I know it's a wall of text but I love Norin and enjoy playing him, albeit, differently than an optimized player like yourself. Please do let me know what you think of each suggestion as I would like to pick your brain about the most brave commander in all of MTG!

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Ragavan, Boatswain of the Dragon's Smile

1 year ago

So what is the goal of this deck? Is this sort of a chaos/token deck? I can see the skeleton of the strategy, but I also see theft, pirates, and burn. My main suggestion would be try to trim some of the out of place cards. Thoughts on things to include/remove regarding the token/chaos strategy:

Possible additions:

Trailblazer's Boots or Prowler's Helm - low mana investments that let Ragavan be nearly unblockable. I currently don't see that many ways that allow Ragavan to get through late game.

You run enough pirates that Breeches, Brazen Plunderer might be worth it

Ardent Elementalist is a new card that is the red version of Archaeomancer

Curse of Opulence - easy tokens and mana

There are a fair number of goblins that come with tokens so I would look into some of those

Rionya, Fire Dancer for temporary token copies for your best creatures

I see very little in the form of card advantage so you might consider things like Light Up the Stage, Ignite the Future, Faithless Looting, Mask of Memory, etc.

Some utility lands like: Treasure Vault, Geier Reach Sanitarium, Myriad Landscape, Kher Keep, Buried Ruin, Dormant Volcano, and Maze of Ith or Thaumatic Compass  Flip/Spires of Orazca

Possible cuts (most of these are odd fits or just inefficient cards that have better alternatives):

Pillardrop Warden, Cogwork Archivist, Witch's Oven, Tavern Scoundrel, Mishra's Self-Replicator, Delina, Wild Mage, Avarice Totem, Chandra's Ignition (great card, but not at it's best in this deck).

Overall I like the deck idea, I just feel it needs a little more focus. +1 from me.

Profet93 on The toughest man with no balls I've ever seen!

1 year ago


+1 Good avg CMC, nice damage build you have here. Overall, it seems pretty effective. I have a couple thoughts...

Light Up the Stage/Ignite the Future - "Draw." You can tap top to ensure you can always cast at least 1 card from the pile. Flashback on ignite has won me several games, although my avg cmc/build is a bit different than yours

Skullclamp - Draw

IMO, Cut Jaya, Venerated Firemage as it is too expensive to act as a piece of redundancy. You are better off mitigating red's weakness of card draw rather than doubling down on damage increasing effects.

Profet93 on Hyperbolic Genesis Chamber Norin

1 year ago


+1 nice control Norin build with a low AVG cmc. I'll try to suggest ideas that might work for your deck

War Room - Draw, albet expensive. You have room for flexibility in your mana base despite valakut

Mind Stone - Ramp/Draw

Chain Reaction - Wipe/Removal

Ignite the Future/Light Up the Stage - "Draw." While ignite's flashback is expensive and less of a payoff in a low CMC build, draw is crucial in red so you don't run out of gas. Especially without a wheel of fortune. Activating top to draw the top card prior to activation allows you a guaranteed card to cast.

Curse of Opulence - Ramp and politics. Dont overlook this

Outpost Siege - Draw or removal

Warstorm Surge - While expensive, puts in work. I like it more than pandemonium personally as pandamonium usually backfires due to the green or reanimator player

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - Draw/Removal/Ramp/Wincon all in one!

Should you wish, you can check out my deck Norin Naughty Nonsense copy for other ideas. My build is different than yours due to our meta and playstyles. I focus my build on ramp and draw rather than cheaper control cards. This helps ensure a powerful lategame. Mana doublers + Draw can get out of hand fast.

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