Destroy all artifacts. They can't be regenerated.

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Shatterstorm Discussion

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on unbanning

4 months ago

PitaGryphon definitely not. I wish, but that would definitely not be enough to revive affinity, especially now that Mox Opal is banned. Unfortunately, the deck is outclassed by everything else happening. Adding one decent synergy would not be enough. Besides, the blowout potential of cards like Vandalblast or Shatterstorm destroying all permanents is a real risk for an affinity deck.

I think Disciple of the Vault might be the scarier card alongside artifact lands. But I didn't play standard in those days and don't know how strong the deck actually is.

fabticus on Nonbasic Land Hate

4 months ago

why run Shatterstorm over Vandalblast??

Peoyogon on Temur Artifact Destruction (please help)

5 months ago

Vandalblast seems like it could be right up your alley. There also a ton of 'destroy all artifacts' effects like Creeping Corrosion, Austere Command, and Shatterstorm but they would also hit your own board.

SliverJedi on B&R March 9 2020

6 months ago

heres what i honestly think "should" happen, even though it likely won't.

modern: unban Mox Opal. ban something else from the decks that were problematic, but don't hurt the decks that weren't problematic that also depended on opal. wotc has even said before that they take this "splash damage" into account so their bans harm as few other decks as possible, yet affinity and hardened modular decks took a big hit here.

unban Umezawa's Jitte. modern has powered up quite a bit since kamigawa. we also have way more creature removal now to hit the equipped creature, and artifact removal to hit the jitte. or even cards like Assassin's Trophy that could hit both. the only current top deck i can think of that would even want to run it is bant snowblade. so we'd surely get more creature decks that aimed to use the jitte, resulting in a greater variety of decks.

unban Punishing Fire: to my knowledge, this card ONLY saw play when it was used in Jund in a loop with Liliana of the Veil and Grove of the Burnwillows. highly doubtful that loop would still get used in todays meta when theres so many better removal options Jund can utilize. theres just no need for this to be on the list anymore.

unban Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis AND ban Altar of Dementia. obviously we don't want hogaak decks at full power, but Hogaak himself is a fun card thats still relatively new and wasn't even the biggest problem in his deck. the bigger problem was altar as a sac outlet and secondary win condition.

unban Oko, Thief of Crowns: this is probably the one i'll get the most flak over, but thats ok. i really just don't see Oko himself as a problem. attack it or use a removal spell. honestly, i think the only reason it seemed so strong is because of the sultai shell it was in, which i personally have always thought could be a powerful midrange deck even before Oko. just like any other BGx midrange deck, they'll use discard spells and removal to eliminate your answers for Oko before playing him. at that point though, almost any planeswalker will feel like a huge threat when you've been stripped of answers. personally, i've never really had a problem playing against Oko.

pauper: unban Arcum's Astrolabe. wotc has no excuse for banning this card. they should have known WAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of time that a colorless card that draws cards and fixes mana would be used by everyone and their mother. banning cards based on power level i understand. banning a card because "everyone uses it" is absurd. especially when its a card that can literally slot into and benefit pretty much any deck.

also, i pulled exactly one full playset of Arcum's Astrolabe from my Modern Horizons box and was excited to use them, but then they got banned before i could build a deck to put them in.

pioneer: unban Oath of Nissa. the tutor effect by itself isn't great. its true power imo, comes from turning your lands into rainbow lands, IF you're heavy on planeswalkers. sure mono G used it and mono G was powerful, but i don't think mono G was powerful because of Oath of Nissa. it was because of the explosive mana ramp from mana dorks and the leyline. Oath might've "helped", but im certain the deck would still have strong showings if Oath had been the only banned card from the deck. but since the leyline also got banned, the Oath is overkill. bring Oath back and maybe someone will make a 4c or 5c superfriends deck.

unban Smuggler's Copter: literally the exact same argument here as was previously mentioned for Arcum's Astrolabe. i also own 3 Copter that i have not had a chance to use, because Modern seemed a little too fast for it.

unban Veil of Summer: imo, this is the best way to counter dimir inverter decks. why ban "more" cards to counteract inverter when you can unban them? but even without dimir inverter decks being prevalent, this is a card that should never have been banned in the first place. its a SIDEBOARD card. i literally cannot find any other sideboard card in any banned and restricted list for any format. some people (like a good personal friend of mine) will say " the card is F'd and needs to not exist" (his exact words. pretty sure he said the same of Oko too lol) but i disagree entirely to the point i'm not sure how people can say that. sideboard cards have been silver bullets for a long time, and black/blue are easily the colors green is weakest against anyway. do we ban Shatterstorm in modern where it can easily wreck affinity's whole board and win the game by itself? do we ban Rest in Peace for hosing over graveyards? these are just examples of silver bullets that potentially win the game all by themself by their very nature of shutting down an opponent completely, yet Veil can't do that. its powerful protection for only a single turn. it doesn't remove permanents from the field and it doesn't stick around afterwards like other silver bullets can. and yet somehow veil gets the hammer?

not interested in other formats so i won't speculate. basic theme here is to comb all the ban lists to see what can be taken off. wotc waits far too long to unban things.

Pheardemons on Mono Red Shenanigans

9 months ago

Ramunap Ruins I can understand I guess. Could get that last little bit of damage in but whether or not it is worth the life lost is the main question.

Hmmmm...have you tried Forgotten Cave at all before this? Not saying it is bad, I've just never tried it myself. Was wondering your thoughts.

Personally I've ways regretted not having board wipes in the main. Maybe space for some Sweltering Suns for the cycling when you don't need it and keep Anger in the side as backup. I know Ensnaring Bridge is great, but I've always felt like I needed some board wipes.

For the specific strategy this is going, I feel like Shenanigans should have one mainboard and Shattering Spree or Shatterstorm be the sideboard artifact hate. That is up to preference and playtesting though.

Do you think this is fast enough (or doesn't need) any rituals to speed up the turn one plays? Well...taking Goblin Rabblemaster limits the turn one plays. At this point it is really only Blood Moon that you could get with any kind of consistency. Maybe not. An idea to consider though.

Some things to think about.

Grubbernaut on UR Delver

9 months ago

Shattering Spree seems like a solid option, or maybe even Hurkyl's Recall . Shatterstorm is probably out of our wheelhouse, unfortunately.

Leftytaters on Pillage Coats Charm Calamity Boom! T1 LD Primer!

11 months ago

Wreak Havoc may be a card worth looking at also Shatterstorm

My question is you say you turn 1 ld spell. So opening hand has 2 spirit guides? Ponza decks can destroy land turn 2 which if your on the play its like the opponents first turn never happened. Turn 3 big threat... i just dont get how keeping them off mana with so many mana dorks or quick decks like storm and affinity lets this deck win. (Affinity may not be as bad because of all the artifact hate spells) like slow ramp to turn 6 to play something seems ineffective.

Few other finishers Glorybringer Combustible Gearhulk Carnage Tyrant and also Shattering Spree could be good. I like gearhulk with your graveyard package because if they take the damage you can grab it back.

dingusdingo on How to build better decks

11 months ago

The most important question for building any deck is the environment its going to play in. If you have a competitive deck, you almost always need a discrete infinite combo to finish out games. Especially in a format like EDH, where players gain life, pillowfort up, and generally stall out games, having a guaranteed A + B combo to win makes a huge difference. The combo you want will depend on your colors and commander, but once you know a handful of them you can simply plug and play.

Mana is especially important, as people have touched on. I like to run my decks around 33 mana, never more than 36 in fatty casual decks. I definitely recommend running extra cards to give you more mana, one of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your deck. Somewhere 8-11 rocks is usually excellent, and you can cut it smaller if you run mana producing creatures. Regardless of whether you choose creatures, artifacts, or enchantments to help ramp, I recommend at least one set. In EDH it is common for players to run wipe cards that will wipe out entire mana bases, such as Armageddon against lands, Wrath of God against creatures, and Shatterstorm against artifacts. Not having your entire mana base get destroyed by one of these is crucial.

Next, every deck needs removal and every deck needs draw or tutors. Removal is interaction for your opponents who are also trying to achieve their own game plan. Draw and tutor give you access to more resources, so there's a higher chance you get the resources you need at the correct time. Learn the cheap and efficient staples for each color in these regards, you will see them in deck after deck. You want to slot low cost spells, a strong rule of thumb is if it costs more than 3 mana, it better be able to handle two or more things.

As others have also mentioned, pare down your deck to focus in on your big themes. One way I like to do this when I'm building paper is to separate my potential cards into different piles based upon what they do. For example, if I have 120 cards I want to put into a Nekusar, the Mindrazer deck. I'm going to make piles for mana rocks, cards that make everyone draw, removal and wipes, creatures for value, etc. I can then see that my pile of sweet equipment for Nekusar to attack with only includes 3 parts, and it makes it easier to cut them where I would have otherwise kept them in. Piling them by effect helps give that distance.

My last piece of advice is to consider the way the format is set up. You run a 99 card deck of singletons, and you have a single card that you always have access to. Your commander is your bread and butter, and while its possible to build great decks that work independently of the commander, you shouldn't ignore the consistency of having 100% access to your commander. What do I mean by this? You need to choose the cards that go into the 99 based on how they perform with the commander before you add them based on how they perform with each other. Yeah casting Scheming Symmetry after ramming Aven Mindcensor is a pretty sweet play, but its going to be rare situations where you happen to draw both of them at the same time from a 99 card deck. Run cards that are strong in the slots at all times, not just when you get the Christmasland 1 2 or 3 cards in your deck that make it go. Focus your cards to work in tandem with the commander, and after you gain more experience in the format then consider how you can layer combos that work without your commander.

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