Destroy target artifact you don't control.

Overload (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. If you do, change the text by replacing all instances of "target" with "each.")

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Vandalblast Discussion

ObIviom on Your Favorite Plays

4 days ago

One of my favorite plays of all time, I was playing with my friends, I had this super sick Memnarch deck, Most games I would slam down double, triple mana, and use that to combo off, well this was one of those games. I landed Planar Bridge and Unwinding Clock, tutored out a Mycosynth Lattice, and Padeem, Consul of Innovation and was feeling really good, hard to stop me at this point. So then I tried to tutor out Darksteel Forge to really make it impossible to stop my reign of terror. My friend responded with a well timed Emergence Zone activation into Vandalblast. My heart sunk sooo hard. My mind was racing, how could I get out of this? Well, That game had tons of interaction, I think i spent all off my counterspells already. I had no clue, So I counted all of my cards in graveyard, and thankfully, Since i knew my deck really well, I knew I had one more counterspell left. I managed to dig really hard with instant speed cantrips, to find my last counterspell, Arcane Denial.

I had dug down to the last few cards in my deck, I had finite mana, finiite spells, and just a dream, and I managed to get it. It was absolutely beautiful, and my playgroup still talks about it years later.

More recently, I was playing cEDH and was against a Grolnok, the Omnivore deck, I landed a Dauthi Voidwalker to keep the frog from activating a Hermit Druid they had, that player managed to bounce the Dauthi next turn, and activated the Druid. Everybody thought we were dead to Thassa's Oracle, but I pulled out my secret weapon. Scout's Warning to flash in Dauthi Voidwalker, to steal the frog's entire deck, just to use a Command Tower with a void counter on it, as my last land needed to win with Aetherflux Reservoir + Bolas's Citadel + Sensei's Divining Top

SpammyV on Technically not infinite combos

1 week ago

It depends. Usually when I talk about two-card combos in decks I mean both infinites and things that decide the game then and there. Technically the game can continue after you resolve Mycosynth Lattice and Vandalblast but there's not really a point in sticking around. Same with Pact and Oracle.

But I'm a little looser when it comes to good battlecruiser cards ending the game. If you have enough lands that Avenger+Craterhoof is oppressively game ending I'd like to see the list, but otherwise the tokens need a turn to stick around. It's why I'm pretty high on Insurrection, if Insurrection wins a game because there's enough power on the board to kill everyone but it's all stalled, then the game is probably dragging and Insurrection just ends a game everyone is emotionally finished playing. The game does have to end but if it ends and people don't think they had enough impact that shuffling up was worth it, that's a problem.

It's probably fuzzy but for me it's about speed, consistency, and interaction points. The more things that have to stick around for a turn, are expensive, and/or can only be stopped with a counterspell the more I like them. I enjoy Commander games that are more battlecruiser Magic when people can all have a chance to feel like they had an impact.

enpc on Do You Prefer Artifact-Based or …

1 month ago

It entirely depends on the deck. Even for decks that can run land ramp (i.e. green decks), you needot look at the goals of the deck and how the ramp affects it. For example, I have a Kenrith, the Returned King deck that heavily leans into mana dorks and cheap mana rocks as it runs cards like Freed from the Real with Incubation Druid and Isochron Scepter with Dramatic Reversal. So it this situation, running lands has much less benefit than running stuff that can be untapped.

However in another deck, I lean much more heavily into land ramp because I run Avenger of Zendikar as one of my top end creatures and I want to enable as much token production as possible.

It's also important to mention that (where avialble), splitting ramp across multiple types (alnd, dorks, rocks) is important. If you're tuning your deck for pure speed that's one thing, however if you're going for a well rounded deck then splitting ramp means your deck is more resilient to different kinds of hate. For example, leaning heavily into mana rocks if fine but one Vandalblast can reset your entire ramp situation.

I would also say that while having a generic artifact ramp package is a good start for new players, you really should be tailoring your ramp package to your deck. Otherwise you're just runnung a bunch of generic and oftern overcosted ramp that could have easily been replaced by something much more effective (and for not much effort).

Brirro on Infection Horde Deck

1 month ago

Brawler_1337 Let me know how it goes when you get to try it out! I can see 1/1 tokens being a bit too small to make a significant impact... but it could work, just needs testing I suppose. In my horde deck, which uses primarily Golem Tokens, I run Vandalblast instead of Creeping Corrosion, which doesn't quite have the same flavor, but it hits less of the horde decks stuff, so idk. I love the concept for this horde deck, so let me know how it ends up playing!

Omniscience_is_life on Should I Put Circle of …

1 month ago

DemonDragonJ hence why I never said to cut Sol Ring, or Arcane Signet, or Thought Vessel. Only the 3+ CMC ramp cards, like Gilded Lotus, Thran Dynamo, and yes, Chromatic Lantern. Here's why you should cut Chromatic Lantern:

  1. Since you have to play it on turn 3, a turn later than say Three Visits or Nature's Lore, and 2 later than Birds of Paradise, Llanowar Elves, etc, you'll end up having 5 mana on turn 4 instead of 5 mana on turn four and also 4 on T3, or 3 on T2 as well with the one-drops.

  2. Artifact is a much more vulnerable card type than land, so as much land-ramp as you can fit means a stronger ramp-base. Many more people play cards such as Vandalblast, Austere Command, and Tragic Arrogance than do they Armageddon or Ruination after all.

  3. If you run more ramp in your deck, especially cards that help fix your mana instead of colorless-producing cards like Thran Dynamo and Thought Vessel (Sol Ring exempt, ofc), you won't need the rainbow ability that Chromatic Lantern gives. Remember that Three Visits, Nature's Lore, and Farseek can get shocklands, and Rampant Growth can get any basic--which should significantly reduce your need for said rainbow effect (another thing that would help with this is making sure the color distribution for your lands is actually accurate with what your deck needs, instead of just guessing).

Omniscience_is_life on Should I Put Circle of …

1 month ago

DemonDragonJ you do know that the land(s) fetched by the ramp spells bushido_man96 mentioned stay on the battlefield, right? A Forest is just as repeatably usable as a Chromatic Lantern--and it doesn't die to Vandalblast...

Omniscience_is_life on All Creatures Great and Small

1 month ago

Your artifacts are, indeed, insufficient. Here's why:

  1. Most are 3+ mana, which considerably stunts the amount which you'll be able to use them--and wastes a turn which you should be doing more than playing a rock.

  2. You're in green, which opens you to MANY more options for ramp than any other color. You should lean into the insanity that is land ramp/dork ramp.

  3. Rocks are susceptible to indirect removal, through the likes of wraths (Austere Command, Tragic Arrogance, Vandalblast, etc.); since artifacts are so fragile, it's better to stay safe with land-based ramp, with a touch of creature-based--purely because it's so overpowered in green.

Circle of Dreams Druid is a fine card, but it again sits too high on the curve. I would add it, but not consider it part of your ramp package: rather, think of it as a value card.

multimedia on Oliviiiaaaaa

1 month ago

Hey, good start and budget Vampire version of Olivia.

Consider getting the Crimson Vow Vampiric Bloodline Commander precon? The precon would be a fine start at upgrading your Vampires and has many staple cards for Commander such as Command Tower and Arcane Signet. What all precons lack however is a good basic casual Commander deck structure to start a deck with:

Not all areas of a deck are covered in this structure example just the basics and of course these numbers can change as you're deck building. Some cards can cover many areas which is what you really want with cards you choose to play especially in this case Vampires.

Vampire upgrades in Vampiric Bloodline: Patron of the Vein, Necropolis Regent, Anowon, the Ruin Sage, Champion of Dusk, Butcher of Malakir, Crossway Troublemakers, Stromkirk Captain, Sanctum Seeker, Cordial Vampire, Rakish Heir, Indulgent Aristocrat, Malakir Bloodwitch, Bloodtracker, Vampire Nighthawk, Falkenrath Noble, Blood Artist.

Other good nonVampire cards in Vampiric Bloodline: Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, Command Tower, Olivia's Wrath, Vandalblast, Stensia Masquerade, Swiftfoot Boots, Rakdos Signet, Blasphemous Act, Feed the Swarm, Rakdos Charm, Night's Whisper, Commander's Sphere, Tainted Peak, Unclaimed Territory, Exotic Orchard, Path of Ancestry, Smoldering Marsh, Foreboding Ruins, Shadowblood Ridge, Temple of Malice.

Of course you don't have to get the precon, but in doing so you get a lot of cards at one time. I listed many cards that would be upgrades to pick and choose from if you would rather do that, if at all. If interested I offer more advice in another comment.

Good luck with your deck.

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