Knollspine Dragon

Knollspine Dragon

Creature — Dragon


When Knollspine Dragon enters the battlefield, you may discard your hand and draw cards equal to the damage dealt to target opponent this turn.

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Knollspine Dragon Discussion

king-saproling on Carah Approaches with Pyromantic Intent

2 months ago

Hey CalebKT thanks for checking out the list and offering some ideas!

Yep Mana Geyser is great and has been on my radar. I decided against it since it doesn’t get Carah out faster and can be tricky to cast within a chain of Approaches due to its high cmc. It’s good for the turn following Carah’s entry or like you said, as part of a Past in Flames or similar replay effect, so it’s definitely worth considering.

For this deck, a copy of Approach is actually more useful than Double Vision. We just need one Approach + Carah to start chaining them, so I think the 5 mana investment into DV isn’t worth it. In playtesting I can usually close out the game the turn after Carah drops, or at worst the turn after that. That’s also the reason I don’t run much removal. It’s definitely a glass cannon strategy but I think that’s spiritually fitting for mono red haha.

The cool thing about Carah + Approach is we never need a draw spell. Carah is essentially +1 draw and every Approach is like +3 draw. Also you could always snag a Knollspine Dragon off a fifth Approach if you really need to pick up some some accelerant (e.g. Lotus Petal , Rite of Flame ) to continue the chain of Approaches.

Great recommendations though, thanks again for sharing!

Hydrax on Mizzix, Dragon Caller

3 months ago

+1 for a sweet deck!

Just one thing - Knollspine Dragon says "you may discard your hand and draw cards equal to the damage dealt to target opponent this turn". I don't believe a single Dragon's Approach will draw you 9 cards. Sure, each opponent takes 3 but you have to pick a single person and count their damage when triggering Knollspine's effect. Of course if there's a Fiery Emancipation then yeah everyone takes 9.

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