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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



As an additional cost to cast Raze, sacrifice a land.

Destroy target land.

CHL 27 / 3
Realms Uncharted feature for CTRL+ALT+DeLAND

Apollo_Paladin on This Land Was Your Land

1 year ago

Neat construction! +1

If you were to invest in 2 or 3 Crucible of Worlds then you could use 4x of your Raze and not worry about blowing up your own lands. Also Ghost Quarter and Field of Ruin become re-usable with the Crucible (Against non-basic heavy decks, you can even quickly run them out of basic land by re-using the Field)

Other possible picks along your lines:

  • Custody Battle gives you a form of Creature Control, but works best when you have a sacrifice outlet for them like Thud, Fiend Artisan, or Birthing Pod so that you don't have to give them back after attacking
  • Destructive Urge is a nice Land-related enchantment for one of your Trample creatures forcing your opponent to block every point of damage each turn
  • Shivan Wumpus is another nice Trample creature with great Power/Tough for his mana cost; opponents are very disinclined to pay his cost most of the time in a Land Destro build.

Epicurus on How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

1 year ago

I neglected to mention any land destruction suggestions, but if speed is essential I'll limit my choices to low-cost spells:



Crack the Earth

Impending Disaster

Also, Orcish Lumberjack may or may not be helpful. You don't have many Forests. I think it would be worth playtesting, at least.

And Elvish Reclaimer is repeatable land sac that replenishes while at it.

Okay, I'm done now.

DreadKhan on Balaam__

1 year ago

I had a reply explaining things, then I realized the issue, Political Trickery doesn't have giving your opponent a land worded as a cost to cast the spell, you just target one of yours and one of theirs on casting. It's not like Raze, if that helps. Anyways, I'll leave the rest up in case, but I'm sure you're aware how the stack works!

AFAIK, the plan is that you play Political Trickery and you announce the targets (both of them) upon casting, at which point it goes on the stack. Then, you retain priority and use the Wasteland you targeted to blow up a land you didn't target for theft, at which point Political Trickery will then resolve if they don't have any interaction, because it still has a legal target to affect, meaning you'll steal their land.

The way Ghost Town works with Vedalken Plotter is that I use Nephalia Smuggler to flicker my Plotter on my opponent's turn, at which point I put the Plotter's trigger on the stack, having targeted Ghost Town and another land. I then use Ghost Town's ability to return it to my hand, and the Plotter's trigger resolves because it still has a legal target to affect, netting me a land.

Epicurus on Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge land destruction

2 years ago

Love me some land destruction! Of course, the other players hate it, so I have to be picky about when/where I play it.

Have you considered cheap Group Slug cards? Stuff like Raze, Tremble, Impending Disaster, etc. I really like that sort of stuff. I have a lot of that in one of my land destruction decks. Here's a link for if you want to check it out for inspiration: Klothys Hates Your Lands. It's Gruul, but you could ignore the green part.


Gattison on U.S.S. Deathstar: NCC-1701-FU (Paunza)

2 years ago

taylorfisdboss: First of all, my bad for the kinda late response, but thanks for coming back!

Also thanks for telling me about Erosion. That's one of those cards that I didn't even know existed until now, which is awesome. As for the all-blue casting cost, I'm not as intimidated by that as I should be. The deck is already 50% blue as it is. However, for the other reasons you stated, it still may not be necessary.

I changed the decklist to reflect its "final form," at least temporarily for some playtesting. I took out Jhessian Thief and replaced it Faerie Miscreant... then took that out and replaced it with Wayfarer's Bauble. I also dropped 2x Raze and upped the land count.

It feels a little better now, but needs more testing to be sure.

Thanks for all your help, and you come up with anything else, even wacky, experimental ideas, feel free to let me know any time!

Epicurus on Lands are for Goblins

3 years ago

Land destruction has been a pet theme of mine for nearly 30 years now, and I'm still not an expert at it. The key is to destroy early and destroy often, because otherwise you're stuck casting spells that do little to no good (Stone Rain when someone has 6 lands out helps you as little as Armageddon when opponents have a better board state than you). However, if have too much land destruction, then you get into the situation of "yeah, but how does it win?"

I think that you could fit at least 3 or 4 of the suggestions I gave pretty easily, mostly by eliminating high mana cost spells. You don't want to be stuck deciding between casting Armageddon or saving up resources to drop something big. And you also don't want to be afraid to Raze or something similar on the first or second turn. You're running a lot of mana rocks, and that's good. You'll need those. Land destruction is not a win fast sort of structure. More like win on turn 30 after losing every friend you have, then making them want to quit as soon as they see which deck you're playing.

Kill Switch is a bit risky, because if the game is going well, you'll need your own rocks to keep going. Smokestack might serve the same purpose better. Or other stax cards (see [LIST] EDH STAX Cards copy).

And finally, I wanted to let you know that your deck here inspired me to build another land destruction deck myself, so here's a link to that if you'd like to check it out: BLRM (Bureau of Land and Resource Management)

Sorry for the incredibly long response. I would also add that I myself have a lot of decks, and there are a good number of similar cards in a lot of them. What I like to do is proxy cards that I own, so that I don't have to have additional real copies of them, or have to move cards from one deck to another constantly (for instance, I own one of each True Dual, all of which are in a 5-color deck I play, so when I add them to other decks I proxy them).

Epicurus on Lands are for Goblins

3 years ago

Land hate is awesome. Here's some suggestions you may or may not have considered...

Also, I've found that card advantage really helps in land destruction. With all of your equipment, you could try to include Sram, Senior Edificer, Danitha Capashen, Paragon and Puresteel Paladin. You could also get away with Howling Mine, for that matter, since your aim seems to be keeping your opponents from being able to cast anything they might draw from it.

And finally, you already have Vandalblast and Return to Dust, which are important because they eliminate opponents' mana rocks, but I think you could include more artifact hate. Demolish is good for that because it sticks with the theme.

These are suggestions only, not meant to redesign your deck. Happy gathering!

Apollo_Paladin on Land destruction V2.2

3 years ago

I had a Casual Mono-Red Land Destruction deck that used many of these same cards and combo'd them with Strip Mine.

I'm not sure if Strip Mine will fly in your playgroup as it's not legal in many formats at all, but it's a devastating combo with Boom / Bust since you can sac it in response after it's targeted but before it's destroyed. 2 mana for 2 destroyed lands. Pretty nice.

It's a bit pricey of a drop, but if you want to keep Raze and Tremble then I'd definitely invest in at least a couple Crucible of Worlds. You could get away with pretty cheap cards in Mono-Red Land destro. for the most part, but that's one that combos remarkably well with a lot of the cards which require you to destroy your own lands. Then you could also get away with running cards like Impending Disaster to keep the land pressure on.

Beyond that, I see no reason not to run 4x Molten Rain instead of 4x Stone Rain, just a little added potential benefit at no mana cost. Also, I think that 2x Invader Parasite (another card I ran in my Casual deck) instead of 2x Keldon Halberdier would be a solid call. Far better use of 5 mana in my opinion, and the Parasite keeps playing off the Land Destruction theme.

Crack the Earth can make for an annoying Turn 1 play, and Dingus Eggs can move the game along even when all you're doing is eating lands. Magnivore was on my Sideboard, but he pairs extremely well with all of the Land Destruction spells.

I hope at least one or two of these suggestions helps ya along!

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