Valakut Exploration

Valakut Exploration


Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, exile the top card of your library. You may play that card as long as it remains exiled.

At the beginning of your end step, if there are cards exiled with Valakut Exploration, put them into their owner's graveyard, then Valakut Exploration deals that much damage to each opponent.

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Rising (ZNR) Rare

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Format Legality
Limited Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Arena Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal

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Valakut Exploration Discussion

multimedia on Zagras EDH Deck

1 day ago

Hey, nice start on budget. Kyle_Winter gave you some good advice to help the party. My advice is to help the manabase, ramp and draw.

First, you don't need 42 lands, that's overkill for your deck. 36 lands should be fine. Consider cutting some lands for more ramp sources? Budget lands and ramp to consider adding:

Consider cutting some basic lands for these lands?

Ramp can be a problem with Rakdos because these colors lack lots of options, but one way to help to not miss land drops is to play low mana cost draw. Cards like these can replace ramp because for a low mana cost they can help to draw into lands or party members who then act like ramp to cast Zagras.

Repeatable draw sources are best in Commander because they can potentially give you value throughout the entire game. With Zagras cards that give you value who are party creatures or when you attack/do combat damage are options:

Oddsmaker and Mask are nice with Zagras because he has flying.

Some advice about game play. I would keep the mana curve very low because you want to assemble a party for Zagras as that's what makes Zagras a mana efficient and potentially good Commander. The lower the mana curve the easier it will be to have two or more party members on the battlefield to help to cast Zagras. In fact, for your deck I would end the curve at Dagger Caster and Drana, the Last Bloodchief as these are abilities and effects at the top that go well with Zagras. I would limit the four drops to very few.

Roving Keep is an example of a creature you don't need because it's high CMC and doesn't help the party or have interaction with Zagras. Zof Consumption is an example of a spell that you don't need even though if you want can play it as a tapped land. Consumption for six mana is not worth what it does.

I offer more advice about what cards to cut. Would you like more advice?

Good luck with your deck.

Beebles on Mina & Denn's Supermassive ZNR Update! | Primer

4 days ago

Thanks Profet93 :). I like your questions! They makes me reconsider card assessments formed long ago. Let’s dig into our new ones:

  • Yavimaya Hollow: a card I like and play in other decks. I also considered it for this deck several times. However, every time I do I feel it just does not belong in this deck. I think the reason why I feel that way is because it’s not the creatures that need protecting most of the time (or that I don’t want to focus on protecting them). Opponents could kill Mina and Denn, Wildborn sure. But they are just an enabler for the deck. Not a key piece, like in decks where I do run Hollow. The deck does not really have many vital pieces like that. On certain moments, yes, hollow will save that one creature you needed for the explosive play, so I do agree it would be a useful include. I just don’t think it is necessary or used very often. A bit like Kessig Wolf Run maybe. To be honest, the threshold of getting one in FOIL also contributes to a feeling of resistance nowadays. However, I can totally see anyone swapping out Spikefield Hazard for Yavimaya Hollow if they feel differently. It might be a good idea to test this one again just to see what happens.
  • If I’d cut Retreat to Kazandu now - which I won’t ;) - I’d probably go for another 2-mana ramp piece or put Krosan Tusker back in. I did just put in Rampant Growth in the last update, so I’m already up a ramp piece (5 now) to skip a turn for M&D. Sol Ring is a no go for me because of the total lack of synergy. Life from the Loam was cut in the last update for Ancient Greenwarden and the deck does not need a 4th effect like that I think. Eternal Witness is nice to have, especially with all the green creature tutors, so that is also a valid choice. Has creeped up on my maybe list rank recently because of Valakut Exploration. Depending on your meta, you can also consider something like Vexing Shusher for the spot.
  • Ancient Tomb: I have a similar opinion on this land compared to hollow and kessig wolf run. They all provide a little something for the deck, but creating a spot for them is just terrible. Apart from Spikefield Hazard there are no lands I am willing to cut atm. Blast Zone has been a strong answer on a land so far that’s easily found. Khalni Garden has a lot of applications and synergy, Radiant Fountain I like for the same reasons as Retreat to Kazandu. Cryptic Caves and Temple of Abandon get you out of dead situations, which I value more than the benefits of the competition. Most other lands feel like they are kind of set in stone now.

BenWin on [[Primer v3.5]] - OM_RATH!!! (M21 Update!!!)

5 days ago

VexenX, I love the new conversation sparked by Zendikar Rising! When deck-building or adding new cards, I think it's important to revisit our win-cons. As it stands, I believe your deck has two types of win cons: burn and creature overrun. Ever since the removal of Akroma's Memorial and addition of Fiery Emancipation, I've come around to the fact that Burn is a more competitive win con. Would you disagree?

Next, since Omrath runs little removal, I believe that we should be in the mindset of designing a deck that works towards its strengths more than patching its weaknesses. This way, our goal should be to put pressure on our opponents and win as quickly as possible. You can see where I'm going with all this, as I am suggesting cuts to creature overrun enhancing cards and keeping/adding burn enhancing cards.

A few comments on your new card update post:

1) I 100% agree with Valakut Exploration. Although card draw is neat, you and everyone else on this page may be underestimating just how good the burn value can be! Because the damage is dealt to "each" opponent, we have a mini Purphoros, God of the Forge on our hands. Since Valakut Exploration burn is triggered by landfall, it works especially well with - you guessed it - Burgeoning + Ghost Town! And the more creature overrun enhancing cards like Doubling Season we slot out for cheaper draw-into-hand cards, the more smoothly Burgeoning works in the deck just by itself. And the more cheap draw-into-hand cards we have in the deck, the more likely we are to cast the cards we draw off of Valakut Exploration. Ahh!!! Okay rant done.

2) I feel like slotting out Perilous Forays is crazy talk. Other sac outlets need Omnath, Locus of Rage AND creatures to sac to take effect. Perilous Forays only needs Omnath, Locus of Rage in play - plus an upside of comboing off - plus an upside of working towards the burn win con.

3) I can see slotting out Force of Vigor. It is a flex card after all. Personally, I think 0 mana removal is too broken to cut through.

4) Ancient Greenwarden may be a godlike card, but I'd like to play devil's advocate and remind you that it is both expensive and plays towards a creature overrun win con just like Doubling Season. I respect and even back your choice to add this card, but I think it's just a little clunky and on the for-fun side.

5) Isn't Roiling Regrowth a strictly worse Springbloom Druid? Not that I'm against adding more cheap mana ramp, but I would personally add Springbloom Druid back first. For the record, I do agree with Ranger's Path being on the chopping block. Same goes for Migration Path. On paper they look just fine. In testing, I'd be happy to see one or both go.

6) I'm worried that Nahiri's Lithoforming may de-ramp us in some games resulting in an autoloss. The risk is too high for this card in too many hand states in my opinion.

7) I think Moraug, Fury of Akoum is a great reason to be back IN for the creature overrun win con. However, it benefits greatly from Doubling Season effects and doesn't synergize at all with Where Ancients Tread or sacrificing effects. This once again comes down to priority of win cons. If we're more in burn, which I personally believe us to be, than I would recommend against this.

Next, I'd like your thoughts on a few cards as additions to the deck if you wouldn't mind!

1) Full credits to _Arra_ and Rasaru (at least): Add Sekki, Seasons' Guide + Tooth and Nail. As explained by Rasaru, the combo goes as follows:

1) Play Tooth and Nail, paying it's entwine cost (9 cmc total - which is nothing for this deck)

2) Search for Sekki, Seasons' Guide and Terror of the Peaks

3) When they both hit the battlefield, Terror will see Sekki and trigger causing 8 dmg to a target. In this case, point that damage right back at Sekki.

4) Sekki will lose all of it's counters, creating 8x 1/1 faeries and going to the graveyard.

5) Terror sees these 8 faeries coming in, pointing this 8 damage at a player's face.

6) Then sac all 8 faeries to bring Sekki back. (Sekki's last ability is played from the grave)

7) Rinse and repeat for an infinite damage combo.

In my opinion, adding 1 card to the deck, Sekki, Seasons' Guide, isn't a tall ask for an extra infinite combo in the deck. We already have creature tutors, so Tooth and Nail isn't even required. But after the addition of Sekki, Seasons' Guide, adding 1 more card, Tooth and Nail, instantly wins us many games when we draw it for just 9 mana. Not only do I think you could cut Craterhoof Behemoth for this combo but Craterhoof Behemoth works towards a creature overrun win con, so I'd argue it's on the chopping block anyways! You could use Avenger of Zendikar and Purphoros, God of the Forge as backup Tooth and Nail targets for the burn win con. To take this one step further, with the addition of a card that can win us the game if resolved, why not run Gamble? Twice the chance to draw into a quick and easy win con with added upside of 1 cmc and flexibility.

2) Thoughts on Skullclamp? I think it's a disgustingly good card for draw and we already have sac outlets to trigger it.

3) Thoughts on re-adding Sylvan Scrying? Ever since the removal of Tempt with Discovery, I've been missing nonbasic land tutors. Lets compare Sylvan Scrying to Rampant Growth. Rampant Growth gives us 1 mana ramp for 2 mana to use as early as turn 3. Sylvan Scrying at the very least does the same if we search up Ancient Tomb. And I think it has so much more upside if we draw it mid or late game too.

4) Thoughts on Sensei's Divining Top? I think it feels great to draw in opening hand and makes early game even more consistent.

Thanks for your time in answering my posts. I know they can be a little long!

GeminiSpartanX on [[Primer v3.5]] - OM_RATH!!! (M21 Update!!!)

5 days ago

My opinion of the new cards: The only auto-includes are Ancient Greenwarden and Valakut Exploration for the reasons already discussed. Card draw and damage in one is great for this deck, and Greenwarden is possibly the most synergistic card printed for this deck since Omnath itself.

Nahiri's Lithoforming likely will also make the cut, but I'm curious to see how effective it is if we don't have too many lands in play. It also seems less good if we don't have Amulet out.

Moraug, Fury of Akoum might be a combo kill with multiple land-drop effects in play at once, but it could also be win-more as you'd need Omnath and some amount of boardstate out beforehand. It's a solid maybe.

As far as Roiling Regrowth, did some people already cut Springbloom Druid a while back? If your version of the deck is all about creature tutors, I'd be running the Druid before Regrowth since it leaves behind a body after the effect at least. It's not like this deck is trying to hold up a ton of instants anyway right? However with the 3rd Crucible effect in Ancient Greenwarden and with World Shaper, you may want both.

Phylath, World Sculptor doesn't interest me much since you only get plants for your basic lands (which we will have plenty of, but still....) and the plant-growing effect is too slow imo. It's good with Craterhoof, but you'd never choose it over Avenger in any case. I'll pass.

no_leaf_clover on BR Scourge

5 days ago

Found this deck looking for someone else who had the idea to put Wayward Guide-Beast and Scourge of the Skyclaves in the same deck.

Some other ideas, the red tapped DFMC - Kazuul's Fury, to "Fling" Scourge of the Skyclaves. Also I have Shock and Bonecrusher Giant for that extra early face damage, also gives you the option to hit yourself to grow the Scourge if you need to. Roiling Vortex for sideboard tech against decks that want to gain life and deals one damage to each player every turn.

Also going to test Skyclave Shade and Valakut Exploration

Something else when considering the sideboard is that Agonizing Remorse deals 1 damage to yourself.

Wayward Guide-Beast/Scourge of the Skyclaves in Historic could be nuts where you have Phyrexian Tower + Shocklands and Thoughtseize.

VexenX on [[Primer v3.5]] - OM_RATH!!! (M21 Update!!!)

1 week ago

As much as I want to like the the flip lands I just don't think any of them are good enough to make the cut. I expect to see them floating around other Om_rath builds, I just don't think bad lands with bad effects are worth the utility. My opinion of course.

Out of all the great offerings from Zendikar Rising I think there are four cards for sure going in the deck, 1 that I will most likely add, and 2 that I want to add, but won't.

The four cards that for sure make the cut are:

Ancient Greenwarden - Best "Auto Include" for this deck in a while! Both effects are amazing for us, and being on a body that can block most flyers is great!

Valakut Exploration - Conditional card draw, but still powerful. The damage on the back end is more cute then game changing, but it might kill some low life totals in a pinch.

Nahiri's Lithoforming - I see this as a flexible Scapeshift that also draws you cards. I'm really hoping it plays out as well as it does in my head.

Roiling Regrowth - Two landfall for 3 cmc is to good not to include. Yes, its a bad Harrow, but that still makes it a good card.

That card that I want to add but might not:

Moraug, Fury of Akoum - I love the power and fun behind this effect. The problem is that this build does not focus to much on swinging in, but Moraug might just be a flap. I can see this still being good when you can get 3 combats with even just 4 5/5s swining!

The two cards that I like but arn't good enough to make the list:

Phylath, World Sculptor - Although this card is screaming for Om_rath's attention, I just don't think it is good enough to take up a 6 cmc slot in this deck.

Ashaya, Soul of the Wild - This protects from SOME removal, but not nearly enough to be worth including. Throw it in your Omnath, Locus of the Roil tribal deck, but I don't think it is good enough for us here.

The struggle now is finding 4-5 cards to cut... This is what I came up with:

Force of Vigor OUT FOR Ancient Greenwarden - I shouldn't cut removal, but this card has sat in my hand way more games then I care to admit. I know for a fact that would be happening with Greenwarden.

Perilous Forays OUT FOR Moraug, Fury of Akoum - Perilous is one of our OG cards, but it has been under-performing lately. With all the creature tutors in the deck now I think I am relying way more on pulling out answers that way.

Return of the Wildspeaker OUT FOR Valakut Exploration - Seems like a clean card draw upgrade.

Genesis Wave OUT FOR Nahiri's Lithoforming - The change I'm least sure about. I LOVE throwing a bunch of mana into Genesis Wave but I've noticed it was overkill most of the times I've cast it. Regardless, it sure is cool!...

Ranger's Path OUT FOR Roiling Regrowth - I can already hear people saying I should cut Migration Path instead, but I like the ability to cycle more then the marginally better mana fixing. I have never struggled to hit the colors I needed with this deck.

What do you guys think about my changes? Is there anything you can come up with to save Genesis Wave? I look forward to hearing back from all of you!

Liquidbeaver on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER]

1 week ago

There are a several cards in Zendikar Rising that will probably make it into the deck! Just a really, really solid set all around. Here are the all the auto-includes for me.

Nahiri's Lithoforming: This card has so much potential! Not only is it decent draw when you only sacrifice a land or two to it, but if you have Crucible of Worlds out this becomes downright ridiculous. Also another rare land sacrifice effect that sets us up for Acidic Soil and Price of Progress.

Valakut Exploration: Just a very strong draw engine, and also the cheapest repeatable effect we have access to that isn't symmetrical. Adding damage to each opponent on top of that is just icing on the cake.

Valakut Awakening  Flip: Card filtering (to the bottom of your deck mind you!) with a bonus draw and backside land is very strong.

Lithoform Engine: I'm on the fence about whether this is too costly of an effect, but there is no doubt it is strong, and fun too. We have many, many things of each category that can take advantage of this.

Are there any others you think I should consider?

Massacar on Did you like zendikar?

1 week ago

I don't like it more than previous Zendikars, but I do like some of the cards that have been introduced.

Flip spell/lands is HUGE for efficiency in deck composition.

More landfall tech is cool and appreciated.

Ruin Crab, Valakut Exploration, and Valakut Awakening  Flip are nice.

Party is going to be very niche for now (entertaining for EDH at least), but will probably explode next year when they add the D&D themed set.

I'm meh on most of kicker generally, but there's some decent/broken tech in there too.

(Hail to the Crab king)

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