Why Muldrotha?

For a long time I'd been looking for a commander to suit the role of a creature based control deck that thrives in large casual games, and ideally in the sultai colours coz they've been my favourite for years. I'd tried a number of different decks but nothing was quite right.

  • Jenara, Asura of War An agro/control ETB creature based deck that got me started on trying to find a sultai version to fit my style better
  • Ghave, Guru of Spores Full of sacrificing and Grave Pact type effects with a few combos thrown in, this did well to control the board
  • Damia, Sage of Stone The draw from Damia is amazing so i filled the deck with ramp to get her out faster, but at 7cmc she's such a threat and always got targeted
  • The Mimeoplasm A standard reanimator style deck with some self mill, copying Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon and exiling a 6 power + creature to bring it upto 10 power was fun
  • Marath, Will of the Wild For a non deck this was very controlling, putting death touch on Marath and passing with open mana proved a great way to stop opponents playing creatures (I may make this deck again)
  • Tasigur, the Golden Fang This is what I was playing as a cEDH control deck at the time Muldrotha was spoiled, it was a lot of fun but I ended up changing to Kess Storm for cEDH and tried changing Tasigur to a casual deck but found it plays a lot better based around instants rather than permanents
  • Karador, Ghost Chieftain Haven't played the deck myself, but watching a friend play Karador made me want to find another commander that can generate so much value over the long game
  • Thrasios, Triton Hero & Ravos, Soultender This was my attempt at a Karador style deck with , tbh I didn't put a huge amount of effort into the deck, but ultimately I really only wanted to be playing 3 or less colours so I could keep enough basic lands in the deck.

My Pride and Joy This is a cEDH Grixis Storm list

Kess High tide Storm


Mid Range Reanimator/ Flash Hulk



For Those who wana just Ramp and Smash Face

This is an incredibly resilient and powerful deck that constantly ramps and still manages to have an answer for every situation you come across. Its one of my best built decks.

Karametra, Goddess of Ramp


Wheel Tribal This is as close to group hug as I'll ever play

Wheely fun with Nekusar


Wizard Tribal Wizard etbs just got twice as good

Inalla Wizardball


Lands Matter Commanded by Lord Windgrace and filled with land ramp and destruction


  • Value
  • Fun

All I want is to ramp and draw cards (my 2 favourite things to do in edh) and over the game generate more value than anyone else. Simply put this is achieved by recasting permanents from the Graveyard, however the deck also functions well without Muldrotha or a GY because my meta has a lot of GY hate at times.

: Counters, Draw, Theft, Clones, Extra Turns, Artifact Tutors

: Best tutors, Sacrifice, Recursion, Draw, Boardwipes, Creature Removal

: Ramp, Noncreature removal, Draw, Creature tutors

: Ramp, Removal, Draw, The Swords!

Muldrotha, the Gravetide : Extra value getting to reuse all the permanents you've already cast

  • You enjoy having playing a deck that isn’t solely reliant on casting its commander
  • You agree that Sultai is one of the best colour combinations and have been longing for a commander that fills the goodstuff role
  • You prefer to play permanents over instants and sorceries
  • You like having a second hand available in the graveyard
  • You need a break from fast combo and stax and want to embrace the slow grind of value over time in a battlecruiser style deck. This deck truly out values most other decks, assuming someone doesn’t have a Leyline of the Void on the field
  • You want fast combo. Yes Muldrotha can be built in a way that this works, but if you are taking that line then I think you’d be better off playing it in the 99 of Breakfast Hulk
  • You prefer to fill your deck with instants and sorceries. Have a look through my Kess list in this case
  • You prefer a deck that heavily builds around the commander.

Individual Card Breakdown

  • River Kelpie Just haven't need the draw from this and theres's other cards i prefer like Underrealm Lich
  • Mindslaver Had this for a while and got sick of it
  • Mystic Remora Amazing card draw when versing the right decks, but this deck is geared more for a casual meta
  • Dream Halls Too much value for other players! So many players think this is a must add for a Muldrotha deck, but playing this card and not winning on the spot can quite often just hand someone else the game (for example, if this card hits the field with my Nekusar deck I almost always win). This is a fun battle cruiser deck and doesn't fully optimise the benefit of a card like that.
  • Lion's Eye Diamond + Animate Dead I've got others decks that aim to win through fast combo, and they do it better than this deck ever could!

Different ways to build the deck

Muldrotha is such a flexible commander as is arguably the strongest shard in mtg and although Muldrotha benefits from abusing the GY as a second hand it can so easily be used to just create card advantage by getting extra uses out of your cards.

Below are some various packages that can be considered when putting together your own deck

Dumping creatures into your graveyard from your library can be abused in two ways with this deck 1) Choosing lower cost creatures to be able to easily cast with Muldrotha 2) Choosing the big threats and cheating them into play with reanimation effects Deck to GY Tutors.

Reanimator Cards (can be recast from GY)

Reanimator Cards (can’t be cast with Muldrotha)

With the availability to keep recasting cards from the graveyard and having access to token doubling effects this deck could easily be brewed as a token deck

Doubling Effects

Creating Tokens

Flash Hulk

  1. Flash in Protean Hulk so it immediately dies finding Body Double / Phyrexian Delver and Viscera Seer
  2. Copy/reanimate Protean Hulk
  3. Sac Hulk with viscera seer to find Walking Ballista and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
  4. Sac the ballista with viscera seer so it comes back with a +1/+1 counter which you then remove to deal one damage to an opponent
  5. Keep repeating step 4

Infinite GY casts 1

Needed: Muldrotha, the Gravetide in play + Deadeye Navigator + Lion's Eye Diamond

  1. Cast Deadeye and pair with Muldrotha
  2. Cast and crack LED for
  3. Use to flicker Muldrotha with Deadeye so you can recast LED
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have infinite then repeat to get other colours
  5. You can then cast any permanent from your GY as many times as you like

Infinite GY casts 2

Needed: Muldrotha, the Gravetide in play + Lion's Eye Diamond + Animate Dead

(NB: Dance of the Dead or Necromancy also work)

  1. Cast & crack LED for
  2. Cast phantasmal image cloning muldrotha, letting the original die
  3. Cast & crack LED crack for
  4. Animate dead on the original letting clone die
  5. Repeat 1-5 for infinite &
  6. Crack LED for off colors on steps 2 or 4
  7. Cast any non-creatures off the original
  8. Cast any non-enchantments off the clone
  9. (extra step with Eternal Witness in bin + a sac outlet) cast any non-permanent off of Eternal Witness

Infinite Turns

When on 5 or less life Second Chance can give you infinite turns for only each turn. A very easy way to get there would be to burn yourself down with Necropotence the end step before your turn. NB: Second Chance is a reserved list card so if you like this combo then buy it now while its still cheap because you won't get a... bad pun incoming... SECOND CHANCE

Life from the Loam Package

Cast Intuition to find Life from the Loam and 2 cycle lands/ a cycle and fetch land. Now every turn start dredging then casting Life from the Loam and cycling lands and re playing your fetch land. This is a great way to dump cards in the GY while consistently hitting land drops and drawing cards

Mike 'N' Trike

  1. Tooth and Nail entwined and search for Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Triskelion .
  2. Remove 1 counter to deal damage to a creature or player and then the other 2 counters to kill Triskelion (as it gets +1/+1 from Mikaeus, the Unhallowed . It will die and come back with an additional +1/+1 counter
  3. Keep removing counters to kill everyone

Buried Alive combo

  1. Cast Buried Alive searching for Necrotic Ooze , Phyrexian Devourer and Triskelion .
  2. Cast Necrotic Ooze from the GY and then start exiling cards from your library with Devourer's ability and removing the counters to burn your opponents down with Triskelion's ability

Mindslaver Lock

Needed: Muldrotha, the Gravetide on the field + 1. Cast Mindslaver and activate every turn to lock down one opponent indefinitely.

NB:With Academy Ruins and an extra you can control 2 players. Do note though that without extra card draw all you will be drawing each turn is Mindslaver. I know this sounds like a stupid amount of mana to pull off, but late game or with Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth its quite feasible.

Get Rekt Levi

Kederekt Leviathan + Necromancy lets you bounce the field at instant speed for as when Kederekt comes in it will return Necromancy back to your hand and then Kederekt will go back to the GY.

NB: This can also be done at sorcery speed for with Animate Dead or Dance of the Dead

for me naturally encourages a control style... who am I kidding, I find a way to play control in every colour. But is good regardless Initially I plan to minimize the number of counter spells as I want as many permanents as possible.

Creatures Show

Artifacts/Enchantments/Planeswalkers Show

Instant/Sorceries Show

Lands Show


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